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Hiccstrid Appreciation Post

Okay so like many of you know now, Hiccstrid became official in RTTE S4.

I just would like to say some words about my ship I followed since 2015 now. 

Since the premiere of S1 all we had in mind during the serie was “When will we get this Hiccstrid kiss?”. Don’t lie, lot of us were like that and me too. Now that we finally get this Hiccstrid kiss, I would like to send a big thank you to the producters and especially John Telleguen who had to endure us during all those time during we were complaining.

I want to thank them too for not put Hiccstrid official since the beginning because if we think about it, it would have been a little strange and we certainly will not be able to appreciate this two as much as we do know.

So thank you to make this incredible evolution of Hiccup and Astrid becoming a couple cause this is this evolution that I enjoyed the most as many of you I think.

Hiccup and Astrid are such a beautiful couple cause they were best friends firstly and they became more than that. It’s an healthy relationship because of that. They’re acting like friends and not as a stupid couple when they had difficulties to deal with protecting each other during the last episodes of S4 for example. They speak about how they feel and don’t stay in their own and I really appreciate that cause as Hiccup said: “It’s what makes us, well, us.”

Also, I noticed, since I watch the serie, that the physical contact were really a good indicator of their relationship’s evolution. And I adore it. 

So I will let you with those images from S1 to S4.

S1 : “But I still have you.”

S2 : “What took you so long?”

S3 : “I can’t imagine a world whitout you in it.”

S4 : “There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid, always.”



After some issues with customs (ughh), a couple of days ago I finally received these June magazines (and a May one I had missed!).

I’m already in love with the posters, the first two especially, the art is just amazing. And with the covers too of course!

In case anyone is interested in getting them too, here’s what SnK stuff comes with each one:

  • Newtype May 2017: Eren Cover + Levi, Rogue Titan, Armin & Mikasa Poster.
  • Newtype June 2017: Eren Poster.
  • Animedia June 2017: Eren & Levi Poster.
  • Animage June 2017: Levi Cover + Levi Poster.

(Also all of them contain articles about SnK Season 2, but I haven’t checked those in detail yet!).