The bust of Marie Antoinette on the terrace at Linderhof Palace. Ludwig II was very much fascinated by the palace of Versailles and its history, which influenced the palace of Linderhof and some of Ludwig’s particular behaviours.

There is no doubt that Ludwig was now living more and more in a world of total fantasy. Sometimes he would dress up as Louis XIV, sometimes he would don his Lohengrin costume and float around the Venus Grotto in his cockleshell-shaped boat. On occasions his servants would pass the door of his dining-room and hear him carrying on a conversation with imaginary dinner guests of the French court. His veneration for Queen Marie Antoinette was so great that whenever he passed a statue of her on the terrace at Linderhof he always took off his hat and stroked the cheeks of the statue. It was in imitation of Louis XIV that he cultivated his extraordinary manner of walking. Among the many people who commented on this was Gottfried von Böhm, who described it as follows: ‘This walk was a total mockery of nature. Taking great strides he threw his long legs out in front of him as if he wanted to hurl them away from him, then he brought the front foot down as though with each step he was trying to crush a scorpion.’

Christopher McIntosh, The Swan King: Ludwig II of Bavaria


I love it when I find cosplayers from more obscure and less popular anime series because it makes me so happy to find other who love them as much as I do! Wanted to put together a little photoset of hallway cosplay photos I took of some cosplayers from series that might not be as popular as others, but are very close to my heart! If you know the cosplayers, feel free to tag them! Hanon from Mermaid Melody is emlyn.saga.cosplay on Instagram! I’ll be periodically putting some of my favourite hallway shots I took of cosplayers up on my Flickr!

I’ve noticed my senior dog, Morgan, is a bit chilly these days. So he got some new jammies! These are his silly cartoony dinosaur jammies (one of them has head pompoms). He also got a yellow and black plaid one!

They’re from WaggleWear. They fit perfectly, and were made and shipped so quickly.


Wanted to share a few more photos of some really rad Pokémon cosplay photos on here from Katsucon this past weekend with you all. It’s always so hard to take a decent hallway shot at Katsu bc of the crowds, but I hope you enjoy these! Feel free to tag the cosplayers if you know their pages! The Bunny Bulma and Mega Manectric DBZ Crossover cosplayers are Schmidt House Cosplay on Instagram! (Flickr)