i went to November Project this morning for the first time since he left town ~3 weeks ago.

i woke up at 4:45am. and i went because i wanted to. he didn’t even cross my mind until i was already there, bouncing and yelling and hugging strangers before starting the workout. i wasn’t hoping, deep down, to run into him if he was there, since i know he’s 1000 miles away and he isn’t going to be there anymore. 

and i’m so, so glad i went. i love this tribe. they’re such good people. “this shit is so good.” i’m going to get stronger and faster and fitter and be more involved with the social aspects of this tribe. it’s mine. waking up and hugging strangers at Harvard stadium at 6:30am and hearing “you good?” and yelling “fuck yeah!” at the top of our lungs in response is so so so good.

today, i went for me. it’s a baby step. but it’s something that feels just a bit like moving on. something that feels a bit like freedom.


Why is trying to photograph fish so hard????

Cleaned the tank today, but honestly I see more I can do now -_- but they seem happy enough. Tank residents are two Dalmatian Mollies and one Golden Mystery Snail. The snail’s name is Princeps and the mollies are Cookies n’ Cream (larger, more white) and Fancy Pantsy (Smaller, darker, has a slight hump to back)