my photography skill


Look at these! I made the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, plus the cat and a rice ball (which is a reference to my favorite series). Please forgive my terrible photography skills and dog hair. I call them plops, all but the snake and the rice ball anyways. I thought it was a cute and fitting name for them. It’s hard to see in this picture, but they have tails too! I think I’m going to make some safari themed ones next.


01.09.17 - the first week of the year! i had a lot of fun doing this, but i’m still trying to figure it how to make it all a bit less messy. hopefully i’ll stay this motivated when school starts tomorrow. there is also a page for january before this spread, but that is apparently not compatible with my abysmal photography+editing skills so that will have to wait for now. (help me im so bad at editing photos how do people do it)

Not an aesthetic, but I had to show you-

I don’t normally make posts like these, but I just had to show you these wonderful drawings by my rl friend, @isaidilldecideitlater! Plus, this blog has more followers than my primary one, and I wanted more people to see them!

Today happens to be my birthday, and lo and behold, look at this amazing fanart she gifted me!!

If y’all follow my main blog (@littlemissno-name), you’ll know I’m obsessed with Francis, so I was fangirling like crazy.



Can you sense the fancy Frenchiness sparkling around them

‘Cause I can

Thank you so much for the beautiful art! I love it!! OuO

YOI - Barcelona

I know this has been done before, but I wanted to do it too. So here’s my pilgrimage to Barcelona. The trip was not without its hiccups, as you will see, but for the most part, I think I covered the hot spots: 

1. The hotel. By now, I think we all know which hotel they stayed at. Let’s start at the top. The pool had nice views at night, but was very cold.❄️☃️ I can only imagine what it was like in December. What were Viktor and Chris thinking???

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So I’m doing the Up Close and Personal Tour with Prompto and he’s apparently trying to get Noct killed all for a photograph of a Catoblepas.

That laugh though…lol

Noctis: Should be safe here

*Prompto busts out laughing*

Noctis: Hey, what are you laughing at? I could’ve died!

Prompto: But we got the perfect shot and had ourselves some crazy fun! Oh man, you should’ve seen your face. Wish I’d snapped that too!

Noctis: Prompto…

Prompto: C’mon, you know you had a blast! And I totally leveled up my photography skill!