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David Tennant’s Crowley Is...

Probably going to be a mixture of these three in the looks department not so much in the attitude department. Okay maybe a little in the attitude department. I mean according to the book Crowley isn’t your typical demon; he has a bit of a conscious.  Anyway he will have:

The Attitude of Peter Vincent- That “I don’t give a fuck at what you say or do as long as I don’t have to do anything” attitude. But deep down he really does want to help out.

The Fashion Sense of the Ghost of Christmas Present- Crowley likes to be up with the times, especially when it comes to the 21st Century. But he does have a bit of heart for nostalgia when it comes to certain things. 

The Hairstyle of Kilgrave-Crowley isn’t as evil as Kilgrave, although he is a demon, get that. But his hair will probably be styled similarly with the added fact that he is a ginger too.