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I’m supposed to be getting ready for work but bruh

This ship is going to be THE death of me. To me this is one of the biggest Orihime–>Ichigo moments since the FLOL confession. In one fell swoop she protected him with her body, protected Chad, saved his life and held him during his pain. (kool-aid says he’s holding her too lol) She is legit in tears at not only Ishida leaving, but how it’s hurting Ichigo. Classic case of ‘You Hurt, I Hurt’ that Kubo keeps bringing to this relationship again and again and again. And afterwards she tries to lighten the mood but knows just by the look on his face that he is torn up over what he just saw. And when Chad gets him back together, she is happy that he is back to normal and ready to move forward. Again, the love is not conditional; she didn’t throw in his face what she just did to save his life, all that matters to her is that he lives, and he’s okay. I’m all too ready for next week because i know this isn’t the end of their moments. This seriously made my whole week.