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AU where alexander actually takes a break and none of the act ii stuff (you know which one i mean) happen :)))))) 

@minky-for-short suggested i draw some fluffy hamliza cuz we dont have enough, so this came out!


As I got into Haikyuu!!, I went back to traditional art and I tried to draw some of the boys… Which clearly turned up to be mostly Asanoya ❤I found out I can’t draw Daichi and Suga (I love them but I still can’t do them justice ;3;)

The last AsaNoya, I call it “Noya the Pup”, inspired by Maple the Pup obvs :3

PS: I don’t like feet so I draw everyone with socks. Not sorry

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Headcanons of rfa with a mc that is really healthy but always get really really sick once every year

Hi! I hope this is what you wanted. I’m getting sick myself, but I did my best! - Michelle Xx. PS: the format is weird because it was done on my phone, srry

- He’d wake up in the morning to the sound of you vomitting
- Goes to check on you
- “MC, are you okay? Should I call the doctor?”
- He didn’t have to call a doctor
- But he did have to make you soup
- “But you’re as healthy as me, how did you get sick?”
- The you’d explain that when the seasons change, your can’t handle it very well
- Has a whole cabinet of meds for you now

- You tried to keep her from finding out
- She was already working so hard and shouldn’t have you take care of you
- But she found out when you sneezed out your tea
- You’d tell her that it ain’t so bad
- You’d be better within a week
- You bet your ass she’s gonna stay home for you

- He’d freak out when you fainted in the middle of the grocery store
- Someone save this man
- Once he gets you to the doctor and back home again
- He’ll call his mom on what to do
- Still freaking out when you don’t get better the next day (no patience)
- Guess who’s gonna pay you two a visit?
- Yup, Yoosung’s momma

- When he hears you coughing during a phone call, he’s on his way back home
- Gets his doctor to pay him a house visit
- Diagnoses: Mr. Han overreacts over a cold
- Will make sure you have everything you need
- “Jumin, it’s just a cold, I don’t need-“
- “Yes you do, my princess is sick”
- Just accept the treatment, there’s no point in arguing with him

- Drops his work immediately
- He thinks you’re dying
- “You never get sick, so you can’t get sick now, MC!”
- “Saeyoung, my precious husband, I just have a pollen allergy”
- Dresses up as a nurse to lighten the mood

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Hi! Sorry to disturb you. I was wondering if I'm the only one with this problem: whenever I go to oldxian's Weibo to download a chapter (and then make some edits in PS if that matters haha), the image is very pixelated & I don't know why is that... I tried to do that in different browsers but nothing changes. May it be because I'm not registered at Weibo? (BTW I can't register there because it says my phone number is incorrect... Weird.)

Hey lovely – haha, it’s not a bother!

Yeah, I’m afraid the reason is because you don’t have an account. There’s an option to click ‘View larger image’ here:

But it prompts you to log in when you click that, so I guess this is only a privilege for registered users.

I had the same issue with my phone and then used my sister’s mobile number instead to register; not quite sure what the difference was since we’re both in the UK? I wonder perhaps if it’s because she has a mobile contract whereas I top my phone up with credit so it’s not, idk, ‘on the radar’ so much?

I’d suggest trying to use a different mobile if you could – you only need the phone to send a verification text so it’s not like you’ll need it in the future.

Or, if you’d like, whenever there’s an update, the users in the 19 Days Discord server post the full raw image almost immediately after it’s uploaded on Weibo, and you can download it from there? I usually post up the raw as well on my blog but I’m less reliable for that if I’m not awake/have a device.

I hope some of this helps you, and good luck~! <3