my phone takes shitty photos


Really excited about my new gray paper sketchbook and white pen! So here’s Inktober Day 4: “Underwater” with Fisher the Voidfish! Honestly, I think this is just a regular jelly with the TAZ quote next to it, but I’ll work on a design for Fisher soon.

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Starting the process of making merch out of my designs. :3 

Still taking baby steps, so this isn’t really the finished product (pins need to be treated and give a dimensional cover) and my phone camera takes shitty quality photos… but excited to see how the first test runs look.

Remember, once the store opens there will be a giveaway!!! Who doesn’t like free X Files merch???!!! ( ^ 3^)

This is probably like the worst picture in the history of mankind but Idrc because I haven’t drawn Cas in a while and I wanted to do my fav version of him again (the only one I ever draw) from @riseofthefallenone ’s fic Out of the Deep or Beneath the Surface, it doesn’t really matter.