my phone made them look more yellow

《Tracing the Stars》Saeyoung X MC

Okay, so for starters, I’ve had this headcannon where I imagine Saeyoung with freckles and omg okay let me just get started.

After a long day out, laying down was definitely something you were down for. Saeyoung and you had spent almost all day out and about, running from store to store, and walking around. It had really been a tiring day. The hot sun definitely didn’t help, either.
You stared up at the plastic glow-in-the-dark stars that adorned the ceiling. You gazed carelessly at the neon blues, greens, pinks and yellows that dotted the ceiling. You noticed that some of them were fading and losing their glow, and made a mental note to pick up some more at the store next time you went. It was always good to have back-ups.
You looked over to Saeyoung, who was fidgeting with his phone, but what else was new. You laughed a bit and flipped over to fully face him.
“What’s up?” He asked.
You feigned shock, “Why, do I need to have a reason to look at my wonderful boyfriend? Can I not admire you?”
He took a moment to think, “Hmmm… Nope.” He said with a joking tone.
“Fine. Well… Then I’ll just do this!” You said with a laugh as you scooted as close as physically possible to him until he had to scoot back. Then you noticed something. Something that you had never noticed before. It was a small tan-looking dot peeking out from under the bridge of his glasses. It was tiny, actually. You would’ve never noticed it had you not been so close.
“What is it?” He questioned, “Is there something on my face?” As you continued to examine every millimetre of his face, you noticed that more small dots were peppering it.
“Seriously, (MC), what is it?”
“You have freckles!” You announced triumphantly.
“What? Oh. Yeah. I do.” He mumbled.
“What’s wrong?” You asked, sensing his change in mood.
“It’s nothing. I never really liked them much. You used to be able to see them all the time when I was younger because I was always the one who ran the errands and so I was out in the sun. That’s the only way you could see them,” He explained, “ but now you don’t because I’m always in here. I guess since I left the house earlier and spent most of the day in the sun, you can still see them.” He finished.
You were shocked, “You don’t like them? Do you know what I would do to have freckles? They’re so adorable!”
“Not really,” He interjected, “they’re kinda annoying and if I get tanned or something they just get darker.”
“Aww, c'mon. It can’t be that bad. I think you look super cute with them!” You admitted.
“Are you saying I wasn’t cute before?”
“Not at all! I’m just saying that you’re even cuter now.” You answered passively as you began to examine his skin again.
“What are you doing now?” He asked. You couldn’t tell if he was starting to get annoyed by your fervent searching or if he was just tired from all the walking you did. It definitely wasn’t easy when all the both of you did was sit around most of the time on any other day.
You talked as you lifted up the sleeves of his shirt, “Looking for more.”
“Why?” He questioned, utterly confused.
“Because they remind me of little stars. I’m trying to find constellations. Like here. Look! It’s the big dipper!” You exclaimed with a laugh.
“Where?” He lifted his arm and began to look, but just glanced confusedly up and down.
“Hold on.” You said as you got up and walked to his desk before you snatched a marker from it. “Let me just do this…” You marked from freckle to freckle as you finally drew out the whole constellation. “Right here.” You let out as you admired your handiwork. You couldn’t really call it that, though. All you did was trace the makeshift stars across his body.
“Woah!” He said in amazement, “Good eye.” He breathed out as he laid his head back down on the pillow.
You crawled back over to him as you draped one leg over his waist as you sat on his stomach. He looked at you quizzically as you looked back at him with a mischievous smile on your face.
“What are you up to..?” He trailed off.
You smiled at him, “Oh nothing.” You answered as you lifted up his shirt.
His expression did even take a second to change, “H-hey! Seriously, what’s up?”
You let out a small laugh, “I already told you.” You paused, but when he didn’t reply, you continued, “I’m tracing the stars.”
He laughed and pulled you down towards him, “You’re so cute” He muttered before he began to kiss you. You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. Times like this weren’t necessarily rare, but since Saeyoung was always so busy, you came to treasure the times when you were together like this. Whether it was just being silly, sitting in the same room and just enjoying each other’s company in comfortable silence, or times like this when it’s a little more intimate, you always enjoyed it.
As you pulled away, he pulled you in once more and pecked your nose. “What was that for?” You questioned.
He gave you a grin, “Because I love you.” He replied.
You sat up and clutched your chest, “My heart.” You said as you rested your hand on his shoulder, holding yourself up, “It’s too much.” You continued as you dramatically flopped over onto the bed.
“Oh, come on, (MC). You act like I’ve never said that to you before.”
“No, I know you have,” You replied as you sat up, “but I just love hearing you say it.”
“Fine. Then, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.” He shot back at you.
“And I love you too, I love you too, I love you too, I love you too!” You replied before you both unravelled into a fit of giggles.
As you lied down in his arms, you quickly fell asleep. Little did you know, in your deep sleep, that your boyfriend was rummaging through your makeup bag.
The next morning, you woke up because the blankets had fallen from your side of the bed. As you got up, yawning, and stretched, you heard Saeyoung call you from the kitchen.
When you saw him, you noted that his freckles were long gone. When you got to work on breakfast, you noticed that Saeyoung couldn’t stop smiling on you. Every time you asked why he just answered that you were beautiful and that was all. Frankly, you just decided to stop asking.
However, the next time you caught your face in a mirror, you noticed that you had small dots drawn over your nose and cheeks in brown eyeliner. In your mind, it’s not like it was a secret.