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when I was fourteen I had dan howell as my phone background (because why the fuck not) and I was texting in class so this one girl stole my phone and took it to the teacher and told him that the guy in the picture was my boyfriend and I was texting him in class and I was like "nonononono" inside but when the teacher asked me was this true I was like "I wish" and he kinda just shrugged and gave me back my phone like "no texting in class" I'm pretty sure he understood the level of my fangirling

what a chill teacher though nice B))


Haha I just changed my phone background a day ago actually (I change it a LOT) to detox from Jungkook (jk who am I kidding OTL im such jungkook trash) (also yes, i took the screenshots ~12 hours ago but i got REALLY distracted ok?! blame bts/jungkook)

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