my phone backgrounds

the most popular story in my class at high school was this: this kid asked to go to the bathroom in class and instead of going to the bathroom he left campus and got a dozen donuts and as he was walking back to class campus security saw him and asked him to stop and like where he got the donuts. and this kid instead of stopping, decides to fucking sprint and like runs around campus in like jesus sandals and makes it back to the building where his class is and starts shoving kids out of the way and this entire time, he is still carrying the box of donuts, and then once he gets back to class he grabs a coat and hides underneath the table (but its a science classroom so the tables are like waist high) and the campus security like followed him in and is like “ok son you have to come with us” and he starts SCREAMING about how he wants a lawyer and how this is a violation of his rights and how he wants his miranda rights read to him, and then he got suspended (obviously) and when people asked later he said he was sick and that none of that story happened


So @lyriumrebel tagged me to show my phone backgrounds, but alas, my phone is the very opposite of smart. So here is the dumb phone with a poster of a smart elf in the background, does that count?

Alternately, in the top row we have my laptop background (Metis and family, or so I claim, see this post for explanation) and my desktop background (Lisbet Hawke, Fenris, and baby Malcolm the intrepid infant adventurer - art by @ruby-rust, a giveaway prize). If I had a smart phone it would probably feature similar backgrounds, so this totally counts, right?

heyyy I was tagged by @jasontadd to post my phone background (nice backgrounds friend!!!). I’m lame and I don’t have a comics one, I should probably get on that. Anyway this is a drawing a child did of an elephant that I relate to. It was hung up in my school last year.

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the fabulous @enantiomers tagged me so here are my answers:

1. a song you discovered recently that you really like
Not so much a song I recently discovered as one I recently re-discovered: You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon, off Graceland. I’d never paid any attention to it until a few weeks ago. Hearbreaking and uplifting at once, like many of his songs are. A masterpiece.

2. place(s) on your travel wish list that you really want to see
I’ve just booked my first holiday in Sicily!!! I’ve never been and I’m so excited *-* but I would loooooooove to visit Morocco, Iran and New Zealand.

3. favorite item of clothing
Jeans and my vans slip-ons, can’t live without those

4. early riser or nah
I sleep trying to combine my and my partner’s schedule/waking hours

5. opinion on fruit?
Essential, couldn’t take it out of my diet

6. phone background?
My love *-*

7. quick, look to your right! what’s the first thing you see?
A cool af lamp

8. “space”. discuss.
I know very little but I am fascinated and need to know more

9. favorite fairy tale?
Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm

10. best place to relax?
Give me any beach any day (unless it’s too crowded)

11. au you’d like to live in
One where I’m Harry’s best friend and we discuss music and have a cuddle at least once a week

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