my phanart

@amazingphil playing shelter, requested by @rosecoloredsboy

(i didnt want to try and draw the actual game so i drew a part of the video where the camera was just on phil, i hope thats okay!)

~ send me a request of any dan and phil video and i will draw a screenshot like this ~

(click picture for better quality)


A Cover for the story, Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too)~

@snowbunnylester and @ineverhadmyinternetphase have written (another) amazing story, Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) that I have had the privileged to get lost in every Sunday!

I am really going to miss these characters, but I want to say hundreds of congratulations on finishing! 

The Final chapter goes up tomorrow, but until then, read the story here.

My other Art!