my pets are my kids.. i celebrate their birthdays

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  • <p> <b></b> 1. Full name<p/><b></b> 2. Childhood nickname(s)<p/><b></b> 3. 3 fears I have<p/><b></b> 4. 3 things I love<p/><b></b> 5. 10 favorite Tumblr blogs<p/><b></b> 6. Favorite animal(s)<p/><b></b> 7. Last song I listened to<p/><b></b> 8. One of my regrets that occurred during childhood<p/><b></b> 9. 4 turn ons<p/><b></b> 10. 4 turn offs<p/><b></b> 11. What color underwear I'm wearing<p/><b></b> 12. Tumblr wives/husbands<p/><b></b> 13. Tumblr "family"<p/><b></b> 14. Do I have any RL friends/family on Tumblr?<p/><b></b> 15. Natural hair and eye colors<p/><b></b> 16. Top 5 OTPs<p/><b></b> 17. 2 things I would change about myself if I could<p/><b></b> 18. 2 things I would change about the world if I coould<p/><b></b> 19. Something I really want<p/><b></b> 20. My favorite color<p/><b></b> 21. Who do I want to meet<p/><b></b> 22. Someone I miss<p/><b></b> 23. My favorite holiday<p/><b></b> 24. 3 goals for the near future<p/><b></b> 25. 3 things that annoy me easily<p/><b></b> 26. One lie I tell consistently<p/><b></b> 27. An embarrassing moment I still hate<p/><b></b> 28. Something I fantasize about<p/><b></b> 29. 3 things I love to do<p/><b></b> 30. My celebrity crushes, maximum of 5<p/><b></b> 31. Number of kids I want<p/><b></b> 32. Any unhealthy habits/addictions I have<p/><b></b> 33. Height<p/><b></b> 34. Strange obsessions<p/><b></b> 35. Relationship status<p/><b>36. I'll love you if:</b> <p/><b></b> 37. What my last text message said<p/><b></b> 38. Favorite ice cream<p/><b></b> 39. Last sexual encounter<p/><b></b> 40. The reason for my last break up<p/><b></b> 41. Allof the pets I've had<p/><b></b> 42. What I'm doing tomorrow<p/><b></b> 43. What I want to be when I grow up<p/><b></b> 44. Birthday<p/><b></b> 45. Two of my insecurities<p/><b></b> 46. What bands I've seen live<p/><b></b> 47. 6 places I'd like to visit<p/><b></b> 48. The nicest thing someone said to me<p/><b></b> 49. What I think is my best physical feature<p/><b></b> 50. Something I should have said a long time ago<p/><b></b> 51. 3 words that upset me most<p/><b></b> 52. What I would do if I won the lottery<p/><b></b> 53. My favorite quote<p/><b></b> 54. What I find attractive in "boys"<p/><b></b> 55. What I find attractive in "girls"<p/><b></b> 56. What I find attractive in everyone<p/><b></b> 57. Top 3 favorite accents<p/><b></b> 58. A good deed someone surprised me with<p/><b></b> 59. Last time I shaved<p/><b></b> 60. Something I wish I was better at<p/></p>
Get to Know Me

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Birthday: For legal purposes, July 7. For sentimental purposes, July 4. 
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Becoming far too fond of posting cat videos. 

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Favourite color: Purple
Pets: I have children, does that count? 
Wake up time: Depends on how much my job hates me that week. Sometimes - usually - it’s as early as 4 AM. At the very latest, it’s 6 AM, even on my days off. 

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Love or lust?: Money. 
Favourite food: Lasagne. And cream gravy. Because, fat kid problems. 
Met a celebrity?: Kind of a long story, but when I was a newborn, my parents partied with Johnny Cash and June Carter, both of whom (plus their band) took turns passing me around and playing with me. I wish I could remember that, but I was like a month old at the time. Somewhere, we have pictures of that, plus a $5 bill that he autographed for me. 
Last song I listened to: “Come Out and Play (Keep Em Separated)” by the Offspring
First kiss: I remember the who, but I don’t remember the circumstances. Probably our first date, I dunno. I’m terrible. 
Tall or short: 5′8″ so tall for a girl. My coworkers all treat me like the human stepladder :p  

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well hECC i don’t usually do this kind of thing but jesus came down and tagged me (just kidding it was @castiel-s thank you my friendo dude)

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birthday: um it was somewhere on earth, several years from the beginning i think

gender: f-fe.. male? man? uuhhh.

relationship status: hELP

favorite color: void

pets: my son (mush flopper) and my queen (squish beaner)

wake-up time:

weekdays - i don’t sleep.

weekends - ever.

love or lust: what does this even mean

favorite food: lemon?

met a celebrity?: i am a celebrity

last song i listened to: highway to hell

first kiss: in all seriousness, does my cat count?

tall or short: are those my only options…? i’m not like extremely tall or short

i don’t want to curse 10 people with this tag but @bowlofsoup11 i guess and maybe whoever else.. fuck idk what i am doing just do what you want

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Birthday: march 14th 2002
Gender: girl I guess
Relationship status: got a pretty sweet bf
Favourite colour: pastel blue
Pets: one gerbil (the other died :/ )
Wake up time: like 12 pm usually
Love or lust?: love… but also both
Favourite food: I love ramen and sushi, pizzas pretty great too
Met a celebrity?: one time the girl who played Carmen Cortez from spy kids was at my sisters work
Last song listened to: Wonderland round three - Griffin McElroy
Tall or short: I’m 5′4 which is average but a lot of my friends are giants and they make fun of me

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