World, meet Wild! 

Wild/Wildling is an upper content Wolfdog that I’ve been waiting on for quite some time. While obviously it’s impossible to predict, he was bred, selected, and will be raised to hopefully become an ambassador animal and do some media work. I’m super excited to start on this journey and will be posting periodic updates here, with primary updates happening on his instagram account (@wildlingwanders). 

kogasaurus  asked:

6. Interesting story :D

I guess when we brought Toby home was pretty interesting xD We were looking for an older cat to be a companion for our old cat Felix, but we got Toby who was only 8 months old. He only had three legs though, he was a stray and when they found him they had to amputate his leg. The put him in a box carrier when we took him home, but he was stronger than the box and popped out and spent the car ride roaming around XD I forgot to mention he loves car rides. Then when we brought him home, before we could do anything, he’d already found Felix…. and slapped him. Great start. Then when he was exploring the house, we used to have a piano and he got on top of it… and then rolled off of it. He was ok thankfully but yeah that was our first day with toby.

Oh i guess ill add jaspers coming home story too: she hid inside the couch for a week xD

We, uhhhhh, might need to postpone Easter this year until some better bunnies become available.