my personal jeweler

[Image Description: A black Bingo card with white writing. The card is titled “Nonblack Kpop Fan Bingo”. The squares contain things that nonblack kpop fans say and/or do to protect their favourite groups and idols that have said and done antiblack things. The card reads as follows:

“Square 1: Someone uses the term “the race card”

Square 2: “Educate! Don’t hate!”

Square 3: “Stop sending [insert idol here] death threats!”

Square 4: “They didn’t mean it!”

Square 5: FREE SPACE

Square 6: “#[insert idol here] protection squad!”

Square 7: Accusing black fans of being too angry

Square 8: “You’re overreacting! It’s not that bad!”

Square 9: Expecting black fans to accept a half assed apology”]

I did a thing! 

Sexiness is not about how naked you can get. My eyes are the epitome of sexiness. My body is the crown of many jewels. My personality is priceless. My soul is a maze of dazzling diamonds, oh how it shines! For these reasons, i am Queen!


The light streams down

It hits upon my skin

It kisses me

It leaves jewels resting on my skin

It makes me beautiful

Only such beauty can last a short while

It soon disappears

Into a deep blackness

Into a midst of magical air