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Things that the B.A.P Fandom Has Made Jokes About

- Himchan’s pronounciation of the word roof (to the point where he had to re-record his part of Hurricane and someone sold t-shirts of it!); this is still an ongoing joke, unfortunately

- Himchan’s pronounciation of the word cheeseburger– this is also ongoing

- Himchan’s misspelling of the word ready (he later fixed the mistake with a self deprecating caption) 

- Himchan’s weight (a lot of you seem to think it’s fine for the other members to joke about, so I put it on this list)

(When I said that nearly all of the fandom jokes are at Himchan’s expense, I wasn’t kidding!)


today is marina lambrini diamandis (aka the love of my life)’s 30th birthday. over the years we have put up with her many weird ass phases and every single one has been better than the last. her music is amazing and her absolutely genius lyrics change people’s views of the world everyday. never change, marina! and happy birthday ♡♡♡

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