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I'm a Pisces and I hate myself tbh.. I've gone through such evil traumatic things.. my friends and family have.. the world has. I see all the evil and I know it so deeply and yet I still am naive like a new born child.. I still trust foolishly and I literally haven't learned yet how to not. And then I'm just mean and hard to compensate. I'm really sad tonight sorry if this is annoying. Do Pisces ever learn? All the older ones I know are so sad... since I was a baby I've felt too weak for life

Nah…. you aren’t annoying and I can empathize with you quite well. And I think Pisceans do learn a lot from life, they endure the most pain out of all the signs, they are each of the signs combined into one, you should feel good to be a Pisces. Being ruled by Jupiter and Neptune (which is the higher octave of Venus) is such a unique combination. Pisceans are too forgiving because they are kind, they want to believe that goodness exists, they want to believe that people are wholeheartedly caring. But then the world comes crashing down on them like a ton of bricks. Not everything is a walk through the park, and I think that is the harshest lesson that Pisces will learn about life. They are highly idealistic and want essentially a perfect world, one that is free of anything harmful or unpleasant. Of course, such desires are unattainable. And that may pain Pisceans greatly, as well as their realizations that human beings can be so cruel.

The older Pisceans I know are by far some of the wisest people I’ve met. I had a Ceramics teacher last year in high school who is a Pisces, and she was the sweetest person ever. Seriously, she spoke to EVERYONE in the class and was genuinely interested in what we had to say. When the students would be working on their ceramic projects, she would sit next to them and ask them how they’ve been, and students would give her recommendations for films/music and she would grab her notebook to write it down, she was so interested, it was so real. She had a soothing presence and could never be mean even if she tried. She loved me a lot because she knew my sister from previous years and liked her too, and so she would always engage in conversation with me, and even told me that I remind her of a deer (lmao). I don’t know though, she had such fascinating things to say and she was so open-minded, almost like a hippie, she was accepting of all kinds of people. And had a care-free approach to life, while still remaining kind. She might be my favorite Pisces that I know personally. She photographed me at my graduation as well, I didn’t ask her to or anything, she did it herself. One of my favorite Pisceans, Lou Reed, singer/songwriter of The Velvet Underground, is super wise too. He’s sarcastically wise though. He is both serious and not serious at the same time. But that is where his genius stems from. I like Lou Reed’s views of the world, you should check him out if you ever have the chance. Pisceans have the ability to become compassionate individuals with an understanding of life that is refreshing and relaxing.

The pictures of us

Well, there you go. This is somewhat inspired by something that happened to me. I went through the photos of my high school years recently and noticed something that made me write this. Please tell me what you think and I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

”I can’t believe that Emma is making us do this,” Erik says and scratches his head. Charles smiles and pats his friend on the shoulder, while waiting the computer to start.

“It’s not Emma’s fault that I have all the pictures from high school. You don’t have to help me but it would be highly appreciated, my friend.” Charles answers and laughs when Erik just grumbles something about getting water and leaves the room.

Their ten year high school reunion is approaching and Charles promised to take care of the slideshow of old pictures that they are going to show at the midnight. When they were in high school, Charles used to carry a small pocket camera around all the time, so the lion share of the pictures that exist of their classmates in high school is buried somewhere in Charles’ old computer.

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Tomorrow in Los Angeles. This is the second time I’ll be showcasing my photography work in a public setting and I’m very excited / nervous. This event is 100% free, so PLEASE do your best to make the trek out and support a chunk of my personal favorite photographers / artists.

PS: All my photos will be for sale at the event. So if you attend and see something you like, please reach out to me and we’ll work something out. Will be wallet friendly prices as always & will accept cash, Paypal, or $cash.


Another great find I found in my dad’s photo collection in Aba, Nigeria this week- old studio photographs from many of the photo studios that were active in Aba during the mid 20th century. These include Paragon, Glamour and Elias studios. Of those I can confirm that Elias studios is still active (at least in some capacity, even if not in name) as some of the descendants of the founding Elias are still shooting as professional photographers in Aba. One of them shot an event for my dad just a few years ago.

It was really great finding this collection and also seeing just how many different studios there were in Aba in the mid 20th century (at least 3)- something I wouldn’t have expected personally despite Aba’s position as a big historical trading center for that part of Igbo land. And not only were there multiple studios in Aba- they were all cranking out incredible work. The competition was clearly stiff and the artistic quality was absolutely spectacular too.

In the last few months I’ve been awed by the mid 20th century work of Malian photographers including Seydou Keita (my personal favorite photographer of all time) and Malick Sidibe. But Nigerian photographers were also active at the same time producing incredible work.

A few weeks ago I went to the National African Art Museum’s exhibit of Chief S. O. Alonge’s work as the court photographer for the Royal house of Benin. His work was stunning and I would highly recommend people go see it if they haven’t already. Besides him though I did not know of any other early-mid 20th century work by Nigerian photographers. “Most of the action in African photography at the time couldn’t have been limited to Mali, though, right?” I wondered. Then I came across this treasure trove of amazing work just sitting in my dad’s library from studios active in Aba around the same time as Keita and Sidibe in Mali. Simply amazing and these are just a small sample of the photos I saw from these Aba studios which I quickly snapped with a low res photos from my iPhone.

There is so much amazing African photography that inspires me as a Nigerian American photographer today. And I hope that despite the lack of coverage of our art and predecessors in many Western circles, that we can continue to document and record the amazing work of the African artists who came before us.

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