my personal favorite of the franchise

Reasons why Rohan is my favourite character in JoJo

- He’s one of few characters in the entire franchise who actually changes his outfits frequently

- Highly successful manga artist at the age of TWENTY. His Stand, Heaven’s Door makes him so efficient at this that he is able to draw an entire manga page in two minutes, and an entire chapter (19 pages) in a single night.

- Uses his Stand to LITERALLY read people like a book, and use their memories and personality traits that he reads as either information he can use against them in combat, or as inspiration for his work (or both).

- Is given the opportunity to have his life spared by sacrificing Josuke, who had just cheated him in gambling and is someone who he has always hated. His response is so dramatic that it has become a meme and has been referenced in other animes such as No Game No Life.

- He is one of few characters who actively investigates Yoshikage Kira, so much so that he takes hundreds of pictures of people in Morioh to try and find any clues.

- When his house is set on fire, he is not even remotely concerned with it and is rather still preoccupied with figuring out how Josuke is cheating him at Cee-lo.

 After the fact, his main concern is not the insane amount of furniture that had been lost (that’s a lotta money) but rather that he no longer has a desk to draw manga on.

- This line:

- Uses his Stand ability to decide what afterlife his defeated opponent will go to 

- Later on in the series, he fails to notice the literal end of the universe because he was too busy drawing manga. That is dedication.

Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart


“Why exactly are you here?” Louis asked, feigning annoyance and failing pathetically at it.
“My publicist told me I can’t go anywhere near you.” Harry said, eyes still smudged with last night’s eye liner. “That makes you my favorite person in the world.”

Or the one where Louis has everything: a lead role in a giant Hollywood franchise, a glittering new house with an entertaining Irish neighbor, and a steady, normal boyfriend who he probably loves. Louis never expected to become a household name among young Hollywood overnight. He also never expected to find something endearing about the enigmatic rockstar who keeps showing up on his back porch.

Actor Louis/Rockstar Harry. This is a massive fic: 291.555 words. It’s seriously so good! I’m not even half way through the story, but I’m totally hooked. Read the tags please! Photoset by me.



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A quick experiment to redesign Sonic the Hedgehog.  Like many I think the franchise is getting cluttered and confused, so this is basically what you’d get from me if you told me to reset everything back to zero and remake Sonic.

The old Classic design is my favorite, particularly in CD.  I think the most important thing in terms of personality is for him to look both cocky and cute, while physically communicating both his speed and his spikiness.  The newer designs strayed away from cute and made him much more like a laid-back teenager, but I think he has more appeal as a hot-tempered but lovable hero.

I do think the Modern and Boom designs have some nice qualities, and I tried to keep ALL incarnations in mind when coming up with this design.  I think Modern’s body shape that streamlines his torso into his legs makes more sense to convey his speed, rather than the original Classic design, in which is legs are basically noodles jutting out of a sphere.  The green eyes (an ever controversial subject) work for Sonic’s less vulnerable personality, but since I’m aiming for a cuter design I think the plain dark eyes work best.

I’m not a fan of Boom’s design overall, and I completely eschewed his overly lanky frame, sports tape, and blue arms, but I did try and think about what the designers had in mind when giving Sonic a scarf and extra spines.  I think the scarf has nice potential for adding some more balance to his color scheme, but Boom opted for a dull brown color which just sort of muddied the design, so I opted for red to match his shoes.  Giving him extra, smaller spines was an interesting idea, but in Boom they just look like a few awkward little hairs that distract from his iconic silhouette.  Here I just made his spines a bit more uneven in size and placement, but I think it’s important to keep his iconic 3-spine shape when viewed from the side.

Many folks have offered their ideas for giving Sonic a revamp, and the series has been a big part of my life since I was a kid, so I wanted to throw my ideas in there as well.  The fact of the matter is Sonic is such a huge and varied franchise that it’s difficult for anyone to agree on what direction he should be taken.  For me though, the Genesis titles are what made me love the series in the first place, and they did so with a uniquely geometric environmental design, and a character whose attitude was brash and overconfident, but nevertheless was one I’d always be willing to go on an adventure with.

Resident Milla

In honor of the Final Chapter and my post about the Resident Evil franchise I wanted to highlight the very best thing about the movies. Milla’s outfits

Resident Evil (2002): The pic that launched a million message board posts! Still breath taking in my book.

Apocalypse (2004): My most hated entry has my most favorite outfit! Double holster, bells with midriff and her bulked up sexy shoulders. 

Extinction (2007): The only person who can pull off a duster, of course, the garters help.

Afterlife (2010) Were I ever to be leather belt straps, I’d be these

Retribution (2012): I love boots but these are a tad overboard still, I’d never tell Milla that whilst wearing this pseudo catsuit 

Final Chapter (2017): This movie is so gritty, I never noticed her outfit. It’s just ok

Just because…

my favorite part about speed runners tackling sonic heroes is they still have to play the stage… like actually play it. it has me laughing while simultaneously impressed. ya know game design is good when the quickest method isn’t a glitch and when refined character mechanics become your best friend.

I’m just… sonic heroes is so astoundingly solid, it makes many games of the franchise look like a joke. it’s a game that has me saying amen it’s so good. the developers of sonic heroes knew every angle of their stages. practical one second shortcuts are the most you can do then after that it’s just knowing and admiring clean mechanics.

and goddamn sonic is SO. RIGHT. in heroes. it’s how he should play, how his mechanics should’ve stayed. 

  • his boost is success. it feels like a “thank you” from sonic team and a handshake to the player bc it’s a skill, not a button ! (I mean, it is a button but it takes a skill to use it actively rather than being a speed meter on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.)
  • his parkour is so gracefully simple that it’s satisfying every time you use it bc it isn’t a chore. parkour is just there. it just is. there’s no showboating it bc it’s such an obvious sonic thing. just do it ™ !
  • …give me a moment…
  • if you told me there was another game sonic felt genuinely light on his feet and was naturally implemented in his levels instead of feeling like an occasional afterthought, I wouldn’t believe you
  • knuckles can glide, sonic can fucking jump is what I’m getting at w/ the previous point
  • blue tornado
  • upgraded blue tornado… makes you feel accomplished
  • upgraded homing attack… makes you feel powerful
  • upgrades from player performance rather than an item box make you feel special
  • sonic team didn’t call ‘em team sonic for nothin’ (when you’re proud of your work, to hell w/ it, name the super team after yourself)

all I’m saying is sonic heroes is an incredible game (especially in terms of modern level design) and it’s a shame people actively ignore it, even fans who love to praise that early era of modern sonic. please understand how much sonic team loves sonic heroes and love it w/ them. sonic adventure was a step into a new age and sonic adventure 2 set a goal by becoming a fan favorite but sonic heroes is a developer favorite. heroes is a love letter to sonic, the characters that grew w/ him, and the players that built him. it was a game sonic team really wanted to make and a game they really believed in. it’s impossible not to feel the amount of heart that went into it.

play sonic heroes, y’all. have fun and remember the game that loved it’s hedgehog and cheered him on more than any other modern sonic game has been able to do.

anyway so since everyones talkin about part five anime im gonna talk about why leone abbacchio is my favorite character in the entire franchise listen
it’s very rare that people with ugly symptoms of mental illness are portrayed as redeemable. abbacchio is violent and angry and does do things that can be categorized as abusive. but the narrative gives him a reason to be that way without excusing it, and still writes him as a redeemable person in the end. his character arc is concluded as him being seen as a good person despite his many flaws, but it also doesn’t excuse his previous actions. he’s written as explicitly mentally ill. there’s no canon diagnosis, but there’s heavy implications that he’s formerly suicidal, that he’s gone though problems with addiction, and that it’s all caused by a severe mental illness. and yet in the end, he’s still a good person.
it’s so rare to see this, and it’s what disheartens me most when people oversimplify his character. honestly, as a person who shares a lot of the same traits when it comes to coping and behavior and the reason for it, it means a lot to me. and when/if part five gets animated, i’m sure there’s going to be discourse. but please remember that the majority of people who identify with this character share traits with him, and the eventual discourse is going to disregard them entirely, but i beg you to all think of that community when that discourse happens.

my favorite thing about the beauty and the beast franchise is how the feather duster’s name keeps changing for some inexplicable reason. in the original movie her name appears in the credits as babette, but in belle’s enchanted christmas lumiere calls her fifi, and now in the remake apparently her name is plumette?

Pikmin 2

HOHO! If you know me, you know that Pikmin is my favorite game franchise! 

Pikmin 2 happens to be my least favorite of the trilogy, (Not a fan of caves!) but that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy the heck out of it!

I depicted exploring a new world in my thumbnail for Pikmin 1, and the return to said world for Pikmin 3, both of which are tied closely to my personal experiences with those games!  For Pikmin 2 I wanted to capture the maddeningly chaotic side of Pikmin with one of its fantastic boss battles! 

I chose to Man-At-Legs as it scarred me for life as a kid, but others I considered were the Waterwraith, the Empress Bulblax and the Giant Breadbug!

You can watch our ongoing playthrough of Pikmin 2 on SkyJam starting here!

Helpless (PART 1/2) - Rafe Adler/Reader

Title: Helpless (PART ½)

Pairing: Rafe Adler/Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 2630

PROMPT: Hey, I love your blog and your Rafe Adler x Reader fics are genius :) I adore the Uncharted franchise and one of my favorites characters is Rafe! I would love having a spin off game just about him! Can I ask you to write a smutty, fluffy fic where Rafe falls for the reader, maybe his neighbor and a totally normal person :) Thanks ^^ (sorry english is not my native language) - missymysa

Originally posted by marcusfeniix

A/N: I totally ran away with this. Apologies. I’ve seen a few Sam/Reader!Piracy fics, and never any with Rafe in them. So here it is! Part 2 will be with us shortly. I have to recover from a maybe chest infection/pneumonia (?)

I look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit. I’m helpless…down for the count and I’m drowning in ’em.

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Funny how people are all ready to die for season 3 defending  the cute etch etch, but when it comes to drops of BD sales,quality of subs taking a nose dive, animation fails that remained unfixed cough *episode 11* cough, and the SIMPLE  FACT THAT SOME COUNTRIES CAN’T WATCH THE SHOW FOR FREE ANYMORE crickets.

This isn’t random bitching btw I’m just pointing this stuff out cause people who preferred the first two arcs visually or the manga/Crystal storyline are supposed to be mature and quiet about the season 3 fails while some people still roast the first two arcs, or other people who don’t even give a damn about the franchise have OPINIONS ™ that feel the need to share over and over again.

Infinity was my favorite manga arc I was not remotely satisfied with it personally, and I am the minority here because most fans prefer Dreams and Stars, so if they wanna voice their concerns show some respect.

Considering the fact we weren’t even allowed to celebrate the very first Crystal promo least you can do.

Or you know you can just do something crazy and stay in your lane.

Kovu and Zuko similarities

When I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time, I noticed how Zuko reminded me a lot of Kovu from The Lion King 2. They are very similar in many aspects:

- They have a scar on their left eye that was given to them by their parent (Ozai burning Zuko vs. Zira slashing Kovu)

- They both have experienced being exiled

- They want to escape the destiny that’s placed upon them by someone else (Zuko capturing Aang vs. Kovu killing Simba) and become a better person towards the end after switching sides (Zuko joining Team Avatar vs. Kovu joining Simba’s Pride)

- They have a psychotic/abusive parent that would go as far as harming their own children and use them for their desires

- Zuko and Kovu were never bad as little kids. They always had that good inside of them, but their parents ended up making them suffer for what they had to deal with when they got older.

-They both get advice from whimsical old men (Iroh and Rafiki)

- These two have siblings (Azula and Nuka) who are psychotic pyromaniacs who hate their sibling and constantly crave their parents’ attention

- They have a difficult time being trusted by one of the main characters that comes from the other side of where they’re from (Katara and Zuko vs. Simba and Kovu)

The characters that Zuko and Kovu are trying to be trusted by are dealing with a personal issue, which is the loss of one of their parents. Katara’s mother was captured and murdered by the Fire Nation and Simba’s father was murdered by Scar in the first film. Both Katara and Simba place their anger on Zuko and Kovu due to their relation of where the murderers come from as well as how their physical appearances reminds them of their enemies. 

“You’re the Fire Lord’s son!”

“Kovu is one of them…Scar’s heir…How can I accept him?" 

When they started gaining the trust from them after having a conversation, they ended up going back to mistrusting them due to feeling betrayed by them based off an attack that occurred later on.

In the end, Zuko and Kovu are forgiven by Katara and Simba and they no longer have issues with them.

anonymous asked:

1 and 16?

1. the meaning behind my url

I was listening to a song of the same name.

(It’s here if you wanna listen lmao it’s okay to cringe)

16. favorite movie

I’m not much of a movie person tbh, and I guarantee I’ll never have a favorite movie cuz I’m so DANG picky. I really like the Aliens franchise as well as the Predator movies??

Not studyblr related but I just finished watching the playthrough for the New Danganronpa V3 and the mindfuck is real (if you happen to be as obsessed with the franchise, please come scream into the void with me). Also why Kodaka what do you have against my favorite characters dude why must they die horrible deaths Every. Single. Time.

so my friends know I’m really excited for ME:A tomorrow, but in the same breath they keep sending me links to all the bad reviews and just ripping into the game– even if it isn’t out yet. Like.. what do you want from me? Want me to go “Oh yeah ur right u have saved me from looking forward to my favorite franchise’s next installment” like… what do you fucking want? Let me enjoy my shit. 

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1. favorite anime?
I dont really have an altime favorite. I know the last one that had my hyperventilating was Yuri On Ice but thats died down. Right now its probably Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid !

2. your worst anime?
Tokyo Ghoul becasue it’s just so lacking in detail and the whole franchise is just wrecking my life…

3. do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch?
Not usually, I like to read the manga first because theres usually a lot of things they leave out of the anime (looking at you TG…)

4. most favorite genre?
Supernatural, romance, bromance, action, mystery

5. least favorite genres?
Ecchi, i need a plot people… not just boobs…

6. favorite character?
No such thing as a favorite. I have sons, daughters, wives and husbands all over the place you CAN’T make me choose! 

7. least favorite character?
Cant think of one at the moment… 

8. qualities you like in a character?
I like it when their independant and confidant but still kind and take care of everyone in the group. The Mom Friend.

9. short or long anime?
Both becasue with short ones i can binge but the long ones i cant watch the arcs and come back to watch another later ya know?

10. anime or manga?
Manga that are about 50 to 70 chapters long. Anything longer than that and it’s just a long anime and ill just watch it….

11. how do you choose the anime you watch?
Many whatever peeks my interest on tumblr. Ill see a post or gif and look it up right there if it looks interesting.

12. skip or listen to intros/outros?

13. how do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime?
Um, i only have one friend in my life who like s anime and every so often she’ll spend the night and we’ll binge watch something. Other then that i just watch by myself.

14. do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?
Um it it dont got me by the second ep i dont bother

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mmm watchu say

So I was tagged by the ever-amazing @it-is-a-sapphic-mystery to write my favorites for each. Oh yeah this has nothing to do with the title I was just bored. Here goes!

One video game: fuck ave you ever met me? okay yeah you havent but basically either skyrim or minecraft or the entire pokemon franchise except for the fourth generation because im really not a fan of those. there is that close enough

Two bands/artists: twenty one pilots and NateWantsToBattle

Three shows: Yuri!!! on Ice, Doctor Who, and idk Sherlock I guess I don’t really watch that much TV

Four people: anyone??? in that case @fortunechaos <3 (do I need to say more?),  TamashiiHiroka because she’s amazing, Waglington? Can I just put the whole Mianite crew? and uhhh… Idk Rick Riordan is pretty cool

Five songs: Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park, Forest by twenty one pilots, Find the Pieces by TryHardNinja, House of Memories by Panic! At the Disco, and Novocaine by Fall Out Boy

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