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If you make fun of addicts online, you are a piece of shit. It’s not funny to make fun of people who are struggling with addiction. I’m sick and tired of seeing videos on YouTube of people who are “visibly” addicts getting publicly humiliated and ridiculed. I see the comment sections of videos like that and am sickened. Some people truly forget that the people they are ridiculing in the “smackhead nodding out on bus” or “crack whore in Walmart” videos are real people. Addicts are human beings. We deserve to be treated with respect. We deserve basic human rights.

Addiction is a disease. Being an addict doesn’t make you a bad person. You are not a good person because you don’t do drugs. You’re definitely not a good person if you make fun of sick people who are struggling with a disease.

To anyone fighting addiction and suffering from withdrawals:

Remember why you’re doing this. What you’re doing is great for your body and so much better for your health. I’m proud of you for taking the right steps forward. Your friends and family are proud. I’m proud of you for trying, for fighting, for wanting this for yourself and you should be proud of yourself too! Please don’t give up, even if today you end up breaking your promise, tomorrow is a new day

my closest friend is alcohol
a drink that’s always true
because the minute i take a shot
i feel warm and a lot less cold

and even after a while
when i realize i have no one
and a screaming migraine starts
i still rely on the drink because it’s all that i know

and now that i’ve gotten bored with that
i find a new guilty pleasure
mixing drinks with random drugs
i’m sure it’s a good idea

a bit of LSD
or a bar of Xanax
Molly or even weed
some sort of high to melt my mindset

and with the drugs and alcohol
i still have no one
because the last thing a person wants
is a drunken OD’d mess

It will pass! Find something you love and surround yourself with it
—  Alex Gaskgarth -2nd June 2017

Do you remember the summer I always sat on your lap
Nodding out on my porch, we fell in love way too fast
You lit a cigarette and I saw your eyes flicker in the heat
When your pupils were pins they were most beautiful to me 
When your eyes got big, the world stood still 
We stopped chasing dragons and September brought chills
I only knew how to love you when we were running and hiding  
If our lips were moving it meant we were lying 
Except all the times you put your lips on me
You weren’t lying then because those lies were my dreams.
I gave you a needle and put you to sleep
But before it could kill us, we killed off the dream
That’s when we decided to say we were clean
But then I woke up all alone and that killed me.

I remember missing summer when it was still in full swing
It felt gone as it happened cause we were slowly dying 
Thats why I held you tight with my arms around your neck 
I could feel a rhythm dead like winter that was beating through your chest 
Our love was built off of travelling time
Every flick and sizzle was our speed of light
When the fire stopped burning, we were empty inside
We planted a garden in ashes, it couldn’t grow at the time 
We loved in illusions and expected to survive
Our love was built off of ways to die.
I gave you a needle and put you to sleep
You believed in dope and you believed in me 
Dreams were reality when you were there with me
So since I’ve been awake I don’t know what I should believe

I gave you a needle and I put you to sleep
Nothing is a lie if the lies are your dreams
Nothing’s an illusion if you’re always asleep
So since I’ve been clean i don’t know what to believe
I wouldn’t have gone crazy if you just stayed with me
I wouldn’t have gone crazy if I still lived in a dream

—  My summer of love and heroin and how codependency ruined me as much as the drug

☆06/11/17 ☆

Had a productive day today; I had two lectures today, then I went to the library to get some stuff done and when I got home I did some reading.
Hope you had a wonderful Monday ✨✨

man where are those friends that’ll flush all your pills down the toilet?? where are those friends that’ll tell you “hey, you don’t need to be lit every night”?? where are those friends that won’t split bars with you?? or watch you self destruct and ruin themselves with you?? start lookin out for yourself and your fuckin friends