my personal birthday present

So @nyiro sent me for my b-day a set of Jack Morrison full HD screenshots to use as references (plus other characters) and I’m like doing such a proper good use of them, I bet. (aka istant new desktop image AND screensaver! Ahaha!) Just joking, I will use them a lot in the future!!! I’m so grateful!!! Thanks again, Pat <3

Birthday Journal

It was hilarious.
I spent this “special day” with some person that I love.
It was wearisome but very very nice.
During this time, which is proving difficult, at moments like yestrday (august 9th) I see the motives for getting up.

And I did even receive beautiful presents:

“colour of yo lips”

it’s a friend’s (real) birthday today :’) not just any friend, the friend that introduced me to anime back in our grade 6 classroom. I wouldn’t be drawing seriously today if it weren’t for her amazing drawings that inspired me in grade 6 <3



I don’t normally make personal posts on this blog, but I’ve just opened my early birthday present from @ohvegeta and I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I was literally shaking and crying when I saw what was inside…

This beauty is a genuine signed collaboration between Kubo, Hiramatsu and Yamamoto, done at the AnimeFest event in Dallas last month, and sent my way across the Atlantic!!! I can’t even begin to tell you just how much trouble my friend (and her real life friend) went through to get this, nor can I find the words to express how grateful and deeply touched I am by this gift ♥___♥

She also got me this super cute little Otayuri keychain (among other neat stuff) from the same con, and this is officially the first Yuri on Ice merchandise I’ve ever owned :3

Thank you so much for this unique and special gift, boo!

“He isn’t invincible, you know. All he needs is a little fire to break that ice.
Then … he’s mine.”

The Skynet AU is my absolute guilty pleasure, despite my platonic view on Prideshipping. And constantly listening to Britney Spears - Break The Ice got those creative juices flowing.

So here ya go, @mooguriklaine! A little way to say thank you for dragging me into this hell of an AU. :) (I still haven’t found a way out yet and probably never will)