my personal birthday present

So @nyiro sent me for my b-day a set of Jack Morrison full HD screenshots to use as references (plus other characters) and I’m like doing such a proper good use of them, I bet. (aka istant new desktop image AND screensaver! Ahaha!) Just joking, I will use them a lot in the future!!! I’m so grateful!!! Thanks again, Pat <3

My birthday present to myself was this side by side. I’m so fascinated by my transformation that I can’t stop looking. Which makes me want to push further, get more weight off, so that I can see even more transformations. @motiveweight

I finished my dads birthday present! Cute eh? Its a picture of me and my brother (and my sisters leg). When we were little kids we used to stuff up the gate of my papa’s truck with towels, and then when my parents weren’t looking we would grab the hose and fill up the back of it. Then my father would come outside to see the four of us sitting in our little pool making a ruckus. My dad said it was always one of his favorite memories of us as kids, so for his birthday he wanted me to draw it. 

Love you dad <3

when you read the same sentence over and over because you’re too tired to think amirite

enchantedunicornhideout  asked:

Hello again *waves* uhm, I ran out of characters on my previous unicorn ask. Asks are really very limited when it comes to words. Blergh! Anyway, I was wondering if you have any more unicorns than previously mentioned, anything will do, I am not picky. My main male sim is OBSESSED, and I just struggle so hard finding uni's for Sims 3. So weather it's plushies, decor or even patterns or something for walls, I know it's a lot to ask, so only if you have energy/time. I would really truly appreciate

So, the case unicorn you can download here. it’s available as accessory and decor.
For unicorn bear you can ask here. Just contact the creator, she gave it in one of her giveaways.
Unfortunately, talking about other unicorns (white unicorn and unicorn cake) I can’t share, because it’s personal birthday presents for my Brittany from my friend. I really hope, that you understand!
Wish you best :)