my personal birthday present

So @nyiro sent me for my b-day a set of Jack Morrison full HD screenshots to use as references (plus other characters) and I’m like doing such a proper good use of them, I bet. (aka istant new desktop image AND screensaver! Ahaha!) Just joking, I will use them a lot in the future!!! I’m so grateful!!! Thanks again, Pat <3

this is the only year i haven’t cared about my birthday at all and it’s all the fault of those pancakes i decided to get at whedoncon

lmao remember that poll i made to see what color i should dye my hair? well it turns out my hair is already significantly damaged and bleaching+dyeing it would ruin it permanently. im gonna get it healthy and then maybe someday i can? (._.)

Holy fudge buckets. I had a green tea shot and a candy bar matini and now the floor is moving and a housemate felt the need to grab me by the backpack handle to direct me to her car.

I’m ~☆~floaty~☆~

The martini was like 5 different alcohols in it and I have literally no idea what was in the shot.

I’m going to sleep now. The bed is swaying.