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John and Paul on set during a break from recording a TV special, ‘The Music of Lennon and McCartney’ at Granada Studios, Manchester, 1st November, 1965. 

“[Paul] provided a lightness, an optimism, while I would always go for the sadness, the discords, the bluesy notes. There was a period when I thought I didn’t write melodies, that Paul wrote those and I just wrote straight, shouting rock ‘n’ roll. But, of course, when I think of some of my own songs –In My Life, or some of the early stuff, This Boy – I was writing melody with the best of them.”

[John, Playboy Interviews, 1980]

“We would normally be rung a couple of weeks before the recording session and they’d say, 'We’re recording in a month’s time and you’ve got a week off before the recordings to write some stuff.’ … So I’d go out to John’s every day for the week, and the rest of the time was just time off. We always wrote a song a day, whatever happened we always wrote a song a day… Mostly it was me getting out of London, to John’s rather nice, comfortable Weybridge house near the golf course… So John and I would sit down, and by then it might be one or two o'clock, and by four or five o'clock we’d be done.”

[Paul, 1994]

I Want to Hold Your Hand, From Me To You, She Loves You – I’d have to have the list, there’s so many, trillions of ‘em. Those are the ones. In a rock band you have to make singles, you have to keep writing them. Plenty more. We both had our fingers in each others pies.”

[John, in response to the question: What songs really stick in your mind as being Lennon-McCartney songs? Rolling Stone Interviews, Dec 8, 1970]

“John and Paul’s standard of writing has bettered over the years, so it’s very hard for me to come straight to the top, on par with them. They gave me an awful lot of encouragement. Their reaction has been very good. If it hadn’t, I think I would have just crawled away.”

[George, 1966]

“I said that [playing down how much he and Paul collaborated], but I was lying… We wrote a lot of stuff together, one on one, eyeball to eyeball… In those days we absolutely used to write like that — both playing into each other’s noses.”

[John, Playboy Interview]

Pics: by Robert Whitaker / Hulton Archive / Getty Images.

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So...Hi Again.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Firstly I would like to apologize for my incredibly long absence from blogging. it can mostly be put down to big changes in my life including getting a new apartment with a lack of a stable, existing internet connection that will let me sit down and write anything let alone blog. That also compounded with a lack of motivation to do just about anything, but he it’s a new year so here we are, with a not daily fandom blog but instead a weekly blog, you know when everything comes back of course, and what a week to comment on!

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So this week in the fandom, the super early Steven Bomb! Isn’t it just like Cartoon Network to immediately drop the ball. First of all I know I haven’t comment on the Summer of Steven at all so very quickly, my whole viewpoint is it was a great growth period for our favorite little shtoo-ball. In fact that growth Steven experienced directly ties into this arc so here we go.

After everything that’s happened and all that Steven had learned, his feelings about his mother are incredibly confused. All those expectations, accusations and perceptions slammed down on top of him by his loved ones and enemies alike are weighing heavily on his mind and as far as I can tell things are just going to become even more complicated as this season continues. I mean I don’t doubt that Rose was a great person but the revelations of this Bomb have me really, really confused.

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These two. Good gods these two. All we’ve been told is that the Diamonds are evil, cruel domineering, their want to destroy earth looked like petty anger over a loss that they turned into a cruel victory anyway with the corruption. BUT they are so much more then that, the Cluster while incredibly cruel is not their for a petty reason it’s revenge for the death of what has been theorized by many to have been the youngest of the Diamonds. Extreme oh hell yes, but just put yourself in this mind set for a second. Imagine your youngest sibling was murdered, wouldn’t you go to the ends of the earth to avenge their death, or grip to whatever scraps of them were left with a clenched fist. But the Diamonds these feelings are magnified by a least a thousand, because after all they ar the incredibly powerful, rulers of a basically immortal race. How would they handle the death of one of their own? That shock would utterly consume them, I mean look at Blue(who I am harboring a major crush on) she went from that mysterious deft leader we knew to a grieving emotional wreck, who is desperately clutching at Pink’s subjects, Zoo and hell even the Earth. Yellow Diamond however is not the analytical leader that Peridot heard she had been but is instead barely containing her anger at her youngest sister’s death and wants to get rid of every remnant of her so she no longer has to feel this pain. And if you think about their reactions kind of match the placement of their gems, which lies directly over the heart, the area we feel anger and sadness most clearly. It could of course be figured that White Diamond, whose gem is placed on her forehead and through cursory evidence is the eldest of the sisters has as of yet been DETACHED from the narrative, using logic instead of feeling to explain away Pink’s death.

Their is so much more I could talk about the Zoo itself, Greg charming everyone, the fact they might be rescuing the Rubies, the FAMYTHEST! But something else is really nagging at me.

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Pink Diamond. She was obviously adored by her sisters and as of yet her actions don’t ring with any of the cruelty that we have seen from the other Diamonds. I mean look at the Zoo, creepy as hell, oh yes, carefully controlled in all manners possible, yes again! But cruel, harsh, not at all hell it’s about as one millions times as nice then most Zoo’s I’ve visited in real life! Like there is no evidence that their are any other Zoo’s like this of other races the Diamonds might have destroyed in their conquest, which is over all 64 planetoids turned to colonies. Likewise their is her apparent creation of the Rose Quartz Gems themselves. The way Blue makes it sound is that before Pink, Rose Quartz didn’t exist. Also look at a Rose Quartz’s abilities, empathy, healing tears, chlorokinesis, those aren’t the abilities of a front line soldier or conqueror like the other Quartz Gems are built for. They’re healers, nurturers, the actually care about the world around them and that is so oddly unique amongst Gems. I mean what purpose does growing organic life serve a race of nonorganic beings that plan on basically killing the planet anyway? It just doesn’t fit the Homeworld mold…so what does this say about Pink Diamond? What does this say about Rose?

This will be the final Island!Prianna update.

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The game came to a complete end.
After a TPK, the other players rage quit, called me some pretty awful names, and the DM is finally able to be at peace and not have to deal with these jerkoffs anymore. 
This summary is going to be a little different than the others. 

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If it had to be anyone, I was glad it was him, but I also really would have preferred to never spend my morning on the bathroom floor while my boyfriend scrambled to help my ungrateful, naked ass.

Hello! Quick A/N - I couldn’t come up with a title for this one. So I did the snippet instead! Maybe that works better? Who knows? Anyway, this took me forever and a half years to write, so I hope a few people like it!

Hello! Quick A/N no. 2 (almost a year later)… This is a repost b/c I made this piece private a few months ago and now I can’t figure out how to undo that… but people have come looking for it so! here you go! (the 1st person is killing me- i am so so sorry)

I jolted awake at 4:30, feverish and with cramps that shot through my lower abdomen. My period. A week early. Fantastic. The sheets were damp with sweat, as were my night clothes. When I sat up the room spun and I had to rest my head on the backboard of the bed to avoid passing out. After a few seconds of deep breathing the fuzziness faded and I was able to slowly roll out of the bed. There was no fear of waking Harry; he was such a deep sleeper and this was his first night of good sleep in over a month, so he was really out of it.

In a general haze I shuffled to the bathroom, put in a tampon then stripped down, tossing the ruined underwear into the trashcan, and wrapped myself in a towel. I headed back to the bedroom and collapsed on the unused bed, curling up in an attempt to ease the pain in my gut. I was afraid to take an Advil at this point- I hadn’t eaten for at least twelve hours, and I didn’t think I was capable of keeping anything down. Every few minutes I’d roll myself over when the pain got to be too much. I hadn’t had an episode this bad in over a year and I wasn’t entirely sure of what to do. I didn’t want to wake Harry- I was far too embarrassed to elicit his help. After an hour of rotating uncomfortably, things got worse. My stomach churned and I stumbled to the bathroom as quickly as I could before the dry heaving started in earnest.

I slammed the door shut then dropped to my knees at the toilet and wretched until the spell passed. Lovely. This is just great… I’m so fucked. Once the heaving stopped I leaned back against the cabinet and closed my eyes, trying to level out my breathing.

“Jinx?” Harry rapped a hesitant knuckle on the door. “You in there? Plane leaves in an hour.”

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do you have any songs that you personally relate to being trans? not songs explicitly by trans artists but songs that remind you of the experience and stuff. i do this a lot and wonder if you do too. anyways stay awesome man

i don’t do this too often, if at all? but i might start doing this more now that you’ve sent me this ask, honestly. since i’m a person who listens to music by leaving one song on repeat for days/weeks at a time, i tend to relate songs more to periods in my life than anything else. so instead of gender songs, i’m gonna give you a list of songs that i was listening to in the time during/early after i came to terms with my gender identity, which will be exactly two years ago in two days, come to think of it! oh man now i’m getting sentimental. anyway, here’s the list:

  • anberlin - stranger ways
  • vampire weekend - ya hey
  • neon trees - girls and boys in school
  • one direction - fireproof
  • les enfants - celeste
  • explosions in the sky - trembling hands
  • beirut - elephant gun
  • willow smith - easy easy (king krule cover)
  • bad suns - rearview
  • keaton henson - small hands

Another brisk four mile walk early this morning. It’s about a 15:45 pace…I have so much work to do!

I refuse to rush this process; slow and steady means progress. I hope. At least that’s the idea! I’m treating the first few weeks as a period of training to be ready for the C210K training.

Weight is slowly ticking down, daily steps and miles are above my target goals, and I’m still not shoveling food down my throat.



hi guys! :-) this is a biggie(at least compared to my normal fics) the timeline is probably early-ish season 3 of chicago fire. Hope you enjoy!!! as always i don’t own anything
She was looking around for a better apartment, but until then, she was still at her shady place. Ever since the burglary incident, she was trying to be more aware and cautious. But what she was doing right now wasn’t probably the greatest choice.

She was on her period, and she wasn’t expecting it for another week. She managed to find a lone tampon, but nothing else. So she had to make a night run to the convenient store down the street. Her car was on E, barely enough to get her to a gas station. She figured she should save it for the morning.

She made it to the store successfully, but still had to make the trek back home. The cashier even commented on her coming to the store this late at night. “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be out alone right now.”

“I know, I know.” She grumbled, throwing the pack of tampons on the counter. She knew that she shouldn’t be taking out her frustration on the cashier, but lately she has been constantly told what she should and shouldn’t do.

She paid and bid the cashier farewell. The last thing she heard was “I hope I don’t see you on the news in the morning” causing Sylvie to scowl.

At least Chicago’s weather was being kind to her, she only had to wear a light jacket. She started to walk quickly down the sidewalk, keeping her head down to remain as small as possible.

Halfway to her apartment however, Sylvie noticed a man walking towards her. She became half tempted to turn around and go back to the convenient store and call Gabby, but she told herself to keep going.

Her heart begun to pump faster the closer she got to the man, and for a brief second, she believed that everything was going to be okay, that she was worrying for no reason. Right as they passed each other, the man’s hand grabbed her shoulder, whirling her back around.

“Hey—” She yelled, instinctively pulling herself back. This caused the man to dig his fingers deeper into her skin, making Sylvie let out a painful yelp.

Sylvie rose a hand to try to attack him, but he used his other hand to take ahold of her wrist. She then attempted to use her legs as defense, but he didn’t even flinch.

Offering her belongings was her next tactic. “You can have my purse!” She gasped out, trying to ignore the crazed look in his eyes. “I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”

To her horror, he reached for her t-shirt, gripping it tightly into his fist. “That’s not what I want.” He sneered, shoving his face right in front of hers. She could barely manage not to gag when he breathed directly into her mouth. He had terrible breath.

Sylvie spit on him, satisfied when the salvia hit him directly in the eye. She was hoping that in the surprise he would have let go of his hold on her, but instead she received a harsh slap against her cheek. It echoed through the dark alley he had pulled her down, along with the scream that followed.

“Shut up, bitch!” The man growled, his hands now reaching towards her sweatpants. Sylvie begun hitting his chest, his face, even tried pulling his hair. However it was to no avail, he was simply too strong.

Her persistence was beginning to annoy him. “You need to stop fighting and let me—”

Footsteps. Sylvie tried to listen harder. She swore that she heard footsteps. In the process she had turned her head, and the man had grabbed her chin with his rough hands to force her attention back on him. “You—” She let out a moan of pain. “Bastard!” To her disgust, that only seemed to please him more.

“What’s going on?” A voice yelled out, from the other side of the alleyway. “Chicago PD!” They began to run towards them, realizing something was seriously wrong.

The man released her from his grip, finding saving his own ass to be more important than not letting Sylvie get away. He ran away without even a glance back.

Sylvie was frozen, she didn’t know what to do. Next thing she knew was she was on the ground, arms tightly wrapped over her chest, as an attempt of comforting herself. That would not be an easy task, that she knew. She was just almost raped, after all.

She had forgotten about the person who had frightened her potential rapist away, and, ultimately, potentially saving her life. She dimly remembered why the man had ran off, because the person had yelled out about being with the police. Relief began to fill her body. The person who found her was a policeman. They were here to help.

Sylvie finally lifted her head, noticing the person, a man, slowly approaching him. Her heart pounded with fear when she noticed that he was not in the traditional police uniform, but then she felt relief when she saw the gleam of the police badge attached to his belt loop.

“Miss?” He softly called out, now only feet in front of her. “My name is Antonio Dawson, I’m a detective with the Chicago police department—”

Dawson. Like Gabby Dawson. Now that she was thinking about it, she could recall Gabby telling her that her brother was a detective. “You’re Gabby’s brother?” She said, but it came out as a question.

If he was surprised that she knew Gabby, he didn’t show it. “Yes, I’m Gabby’s brother.” He was now crouched down right in front of her. “Can I help you up?” He reached out a hand.

Sylvie took his offer, letting him pull her up. “Thank you.” She hated how weak and pitiful her voice was sounding right now. Even though the man hadn’t gotten far, she felt completely naked right now, at least emotionally.

“No problem.” He placed a hand on her back. With this contact, Sylvie immediately flinched back. She then shivered, the feeling of another human being, even though it had no bad intentions, made her feel sick.

“Sorry! I’m sorry!” Antonio retracted his hand back. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“It’s fine.” She told him, as they began their walk down the alley. He did not reach out to physically touch her again, but kept a close distance. That she did appreciate.

“Why are you out here at this time of night?” He asked, but didn’t sound accusatory, only curious.

“Um, I needed to get some tampons.” She held up her plastic bag. “Kind of an emergency.” She really should have held off until morning, it was stupid of her to think that she could walk through a bad Chicago neighborhood without consequences.

Thankfully, Antonio did not comment on her stupidity. “Sounds like one.” Was all he said.

They walked in silence for a few more steps. Until Antonio opened his mouth again to speak. “How do you know Gabby?”

“I’m the new paramedic at 51.” She explained. When she revealed this information, a smile appeared on his face. He was even more attractive than before, Sylvie made the quiet realization. She quickly stuffed that thought away, however. It was not appropriate, at all.

“Really? That’s great. You have an awesome bunch of people over there.” He now directed his smile right at her. Her heart started pounding. She was being absolutely ridiculous.

“Yeah, everyone is lovely. I’m enjoying myself over there.”

“I guess I will be seeing you around more then.”

With that, Sylvie couldn’t help but smile as well. “Yes, I guess so.”

Sylvie was so distracted that they almost passed her apartment. She reached out to grab Antonio’s sleeve to stop him. “I live here.” She told him. Realizing she was still holding onto his jacket, she let go of it quickly, like if she had been burned.

His eyes widened at the sight of her apartment building. “This is not a safe place to live.”

Sylvie ignored the annoyance she was now feeling. He was just making an obvious statement, out of concern for her. He had just saved her from getting raped after all. “I know, I’m looking for a new place. I have been ever since the burglar.”

His eyes bulged out even more. But Sylvie continued speaking, not even bothering to hide the pride in her voice while telling the story. “I chased him out though, with a baseball bat.”

“Badass.” He complimented her, but still eyed the building with a frown. “But I’m glad that you are looking for a new place. You might not be so lucky next time.”

She sighed, knowing what he was saying was the truth. But she couldn’t help but gaze at her apartment building with fondness. “Yeah, you’re right. But this place is kind of special to me, showed that I could live on my own in the city.” She explained.

“Where did you live before?” He questioned, now leaning against the building’s brick wall.

“Indiana. A small town, no one has ever heard of it.” She shrugged, playing with a loose string on the end of her shirt. But she was immediately met with a flashback of the man gripping her shirt tightly, yelling in her face…. Sylvie dropped her shirt, instead finding the brick wall to place her hands on. She refocused her attention back on the conversation, a good distraction from what just happened.

“Why did you leave?”

It was weird discussing about her life with someone she just met, but everything about this day was turning out weird, so she was just going to let it happen.

“My fiancé left me at the alter.” She ignored the shock on his face, continuing on with her story. “Er, so yeah. Came here to escape. I really do like Chicago, though. A lot more intense calls as a paramedic here compared to back home.” She babbled.

He didn’t press for more information, which she was grateful for. “So you live here alone? Are you okay with that tonight, you know, with what just happened?”

That she did not think about. All she was focused on was getting home, but didn’t consider how she would feel once she would get there. Fear began to fill her body. She clutched her purse and grocery bag close to her chest. “Uh, I think that wouldn’t be a good idea….” She trailed off, but was now faced with another dilemma. Where would she go?

“You want me to call Gabby?” Antonio asked her, beginning to pull out his phone. “I’m sure she would be more than happy to let you stay at her place—”

“I don’t want to intrude…” Sylvie considered Gabby to be a friend, but was she enough of a friend to be able to call her at 11pm and ask to stay at her house? She didn’t know that.

“Nonsense.” Antonio shook his head, putting his phone up to his ear.

Sylvie opened her mouth to protest again, but Antonio was already speaking.

“Hey, Gabby? Sorry to bother you, but I have Sylvie….” Antonio turned towards Sylvie, asking her what her last name was, and she then mouthed “Brett” to him.

“Brett. Sylvie Brett here, and I don’t want to get into details, but something happened and she needs a place to stay.” Antonio became quiet, listening to what his sister had to say. “That’s great, Gabby. I’ll have her there in about 15. Yeah, love you too. See you.” He hung up his phone, shoving it back into his pocket.

“So she’s fine with me staying with her?” Sylvie hesitantly asked, her heart thudding rapidly. “Cause I really could tough it out for the night….”

“She’s one hundred percent fine with you staying with her.” Antonio reassured Sylvie. “Now, do you want to get a few of your things?”

Sylvie nodded, deciding that getting a few toiletries and a change of clothes would be a good idea. “Yeah, I’ll do that.” Sylvie dug into her purse for keys, trying to ignore the fact that Antonio was watching her intently.

Sylvie led Antonio up the stairs, wondering if she should have offered for him to wait in the car or something. He seemed to not have minded.

She unlocked her apartment door, cringing when she noticed the mess. She had rushed out today for work, not able to clean up from yesterday. “Sorry about this.” She apologized.

Antonio laughed, seeming not even the slightest bothered. “This is nothing compared to my kids’ rooms. They can get pretty bad.”

Sylvie was heading to her bedroom, but whirled around at the mention of his kids. “You have kids?” She blurted out, and flushed when she realized how embarrassing her outburst was.

Thankfully he didn’t mention her reaction. “Eva and Diego, they are 13 and 8.” He sat down on her couch, leaning back to relax while he waited for her. “Best part of my life.”

“That’s awesome.” She sincerely told him. “Bet they are great kids.”

Antonio nodded, his feet now resting on her coffee table. “They absolutely are.” He then gestured to the hallway. “Do you want any help? I’m sorry that I didn’t offer—”

Her face turned red with embarrassment. She was probably creeping him out. She backed up, accidentally running into the wall. “Ow.” She muttered to herself, before quickly turning around to dash down to her room. “I’ll be quick!” She called.

She grabbed some undergarments and clothes, throwing them into a spare bag she had in the corner of her room. She then went into her bathroom and got the necessary toiletries. After zipping up her bag, she reappeared back to the front of her apartment, apparently surprising Antonio, who wasn’t expecting her to be so quick.

“That was fast.” He commented, getting up off of her couch.

“I didn’t want to keep you waiting,” She admitted, heading towards the door. She could feel his presence right behind her. She opened the door, letting him go in front of her, so she could lock the door.

“My car is on the other side of the alley.” He hesitantly told her, this time holding the door open for her to go through first. “So we have to go through it again.”

Sylvie hoped fear wasn’t clearly obvious on her face when she nodded. It was unfortunately, as a guilty look appeared on Antonio’s face.

“I’ll be fine.” She tried to convince him, even beginning to walk down the street herself. “It’s just a alley way. Plus I won’t be alone.” She gestured towards him with a tiny smile.

“Okay, if you’re fine with it.” Antonio gave her a wary look, increasing his pace to catch up to her.

Sylvie desperately tried to ignore the feelings from the earlier haunting encounter start to come back to her. Unconsciously she grabbed onto Antonio’s arm. He didn’t say anything, so she assumed that he didn’t mind.

They had made it past the alleyway, and Sylvie couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. She finally let go of Antonio’s arm, which she did not realize how tight of a grip she had on him.

“Sorry.” She apologized, stepping further away from him. There was now a little more than a foot distance between them. Sylvie would have increased the space even more if this was a normal circumstance, but she believed that Antonio would understand why she was sticking close to him.

They continued their walk down the streets of Chicago. They were practically empty. Sylvie began to wonder exactly why Antonio was out at this time of night. She decided to voice this curiosity out loud to him.

“Just some investigation work, but then, well you know what happened.” Antonio trailed off, letting silence take over.

“Yeah.” Sylvie didn’t want to go that road again.

He suddenly grabbed her arm, but his hold was not tight and forced, it was more like he was handling a porcelain doll. It was so different from how the man from earlier, that she did not feel an ounce of fear.

“This is my car.” He told her, using his keys to unlock the passenger side. She reached out to grab the door, but he opened it for her.

“Thanks.” She smiled at him, stacking her bags on top of her.

“I can put those in the back—”

“No need.” She cut him off, feeling that he has already done too much. “I’m perfectly fine holding them.”

“Okay.” He shut the door for her, and reappeared on the driver’s side. He got into the car, putting the keys in the ignition.

“Gabby lives about 15 minutes away.” He started driving down the street, turning on the radio to softly play some tunes. “But it never seems like a long drive.”

“So I am really not being an inconvenience to her?” Sylvie couldn’t help but ask again.

“I don’t think Matt and Gabby would mind—”

Sylvie couldn’t contain a noise of surprise, her mouth also dropping open. “Oh gosh, I didn’t realize they were together!” Antonio laughed, finding her reaction to be amusing. “Wow. Makes a lot of sense, actually.” She mused.

“Sorry, thought you knew.” He apologized. “It doesn’t make you uncomfortable, right?” He asked.

Sylvie hadn’t even considered that. But the thought of Matt Casey did not make her feel weird or antsy at all, he was one of the more welcoming members of 51 when she first started. “Oh no, it’s fine. Does he know that I’m coming over?”

“I’m sure Gabby let him know.” He turned the corner. “And I know for sure that Matt wouldn’t mind at all, he’s one of the best guys I know.”

Sylvie nodded in agreement. “He’s been one of the most welcoming. I know it’s been hard for everyone to adjust to me because the previous paramedic who died.” She wondered if she made it sound like everyone has been rude to her, and made sure to address that that was not the case. “They haven’t been rude, at all!” She added. “I just feel bad that I remind them of her. Especially we both of us having blond hair.”

“Leslie was a great person.” Antonio said, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. “The wound is still fresh though. But everyone there is treated like family, and I’m sure you are already part of it even if it doesn’t feel like it.”

His words were extremely reassuring, Sylvie thought. “Did anyone ever tell you that you have a way of words?” She voiced aloud, secretly satisfied by the blush that appeared on his face. She had caught him off guard.

“Not really.” Antonio replied, running a hand through his hair, obviously flustered. “But if it made you feel better, I’m glad.”

They finally turned down a Chicago side street lined with houses and apartments. Antonio parked in an open slot on the street. He stopped the engine, getting out of the car. Sylvie got out as well, and as she shut the door, Antonio appeared right by her side.

“Want me to carry anything?” He questioned. Sylvie shook her head. She only had her purse and another bag, carrying the two was easily manageable.

“I’m good.” She assured him, throwing both of them over her shoulder.

Antonio put his hand on her back, encouraging her to go up the stairs to what apparently was Gabby and Matt’s house.

Sylvie rose her hand to knock, but the door flew open, revealing Gabby. The woman practically lunged into Sylvie’s arms, and the only thing preventing Sylvie from falling down the stairs was Antonio’s arm keeping her steady.

“Whoops! Sorry, Sylvie.” She apologized, now dragging her inside. “Antonio had updated me with the whole story about what happened, I am just so glad that you are okay.” She grabbed Sylvie’s things out of her hands, placing them on a couch that already had a sheet and comforter on it, perfectly made.

Matt appeared, probably hearing the commotion that was going on. “Hey Sylvie,” He greeted her, about to reach in to hug her but then thought better of it. “We were both so glad that you are okay, you can stay as long as you want.” He told her, sounding completely serious.

Needless to say, Sylvie was floored with the kindness that was displayed by Gabby and Matt, and also Antonio for that matter. “Thank you.” She sincerely told them. “This means so much to me, really.”

“No problem, not at all.” Gabby promised. “Do you want anything to eat? Drink?” She questioned.

Sylvie didn’t want to be a terrible guest, but truly all she wanted to do was sleep. “I’m actually pretty tired…” She admitted.

Gabby practically dragged her towards the couch, even fluffing the pillow. “Of course! Definitely, go to sleep if you want to.”

Normally Sylvie would be weirded out about falling asleep immediately at a house she has never been to, but she was honestly looking forward to sleeping and knew when she hit the pillow she would be out.

Placing her stuff on the floor, Sylvie curled up under the blankets, ignoring how all three pairs of eyes were staring at her. She was about to flip over to her side and go to sleep, but wanted to express her gratitude to the man who saved her one final time.

“Antonio?” She softly called his name. Once she got his attention, she continued to speak. “Thank you, so much. For everything. You have went above and beyond.”

“Always here to help.” He told her, before opening the front door to leave. “I’ll see you around.” Then turned to his sister and her boyfriend to say his goodbyes. “I’ll see you two later.” And then he was gone.

Sylvie’s head was now on the pillow, but just before she closed her eyes, Gabby’s voice called out for her again.

“We’re here if you need anything.” She whispered. And the creaking of the wooden floor and soft footsteps told Sylvie that she was now alone. But this solitary she welcomed with open arms as she fell into a deep slumber.


✨Weekend Haul 💖

Y'all school is stressing me out I started breaking out and I got my period two weeks early. I’m taking three AP classes and the rest are honors 😓 so I decided to treat myself to a nice ass bag that I bought for lifting🤑 but I won’t be posting it for privacy reasons. But YOU GUYS. THIS BAG IS EVERYTHING. HOLY SHIT. THE AMOUNT OF CRAP I CAN SHOVE IN IT WITHOUT MAKING A DENT IS AMAZING 😩😩 I’m in love 😍. And yesterday I decided to tell my best friend about lifting and I think she wants in too 😂 we’re going to lifting besties❤️ she’s the best I swear.

✨Stores💖: Ulta (my main bitch), Lush, The Body Shop, Vans, American Eagle

You guys the SAs in Lush and The body shop were so nice and didn’t even suspect me lol they gave me so many samples so I felt bad (not really) 😂

✨ Total: $438.53 ✨

Rant time
I woke up today
Planning on cleaning and cleansing my home
Setting up good vibes
Trying to get back in the swing of life
But instead my got my period full on 2 weeks early
I spilled coconut milk literally everywhere making my coffee and ifs all in the drawers etc
My bf has been vomiting for hours because he ate too much food and Im dying listening to it.. cant handle vomiting. I feel bad for him but o m f g.
Made more coffee and spilled more coconut milk everywhere wtf is with me
Cats pissed all over a plastic bag that fell on the kitchen floor and had to clean that

I was just trying to have a good day

The crave of an apple

Merry (ver very late) Christmas @early-sunsets! I am you cs secret santa! I’m so very sorry about my delay! I went to a beach house where there was no internet making me unable to post! I am really sorry! It was really awesome talking to you and it definitely opened my doors too more gg tumblrs. 

Word count:776

Without further delay, here it is:

She didn’t think about it the first few weeks. So her period was late, big deal! It happened all the time. Then she started to feel nauseous at the site of practically every food. She turned down grilled cheese and hot chocolate with cinnamon for an apple. An apple. That’s where she realized what was happening. The last time she craved an apple she was in jail, abandoned by the guy she loved and pregnant.

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My night has been productive! 

10 stock pieces made. Actually feeling like I’m ontop of my first shoot for Daisy Jean in 2017. Still Valentines day stock and other limited edition stock, but I’m halfway through my ‘to make’ list and its only Monday. I’ve still got 5 more days to go. All the pain killers and positivity!

Keeping in mind I have over 80 stock pieces to make between now and Saturday, which battling a body that is going through a hell bad period that is in near constant pain and epic fatigue while also working full time, I’ve put my workout week 2 on hold til next week. Wearing myself out is hardly productive and since my boss has broken her foot I can’t afford to burn out. So self care this week and playing it smart, by getting stock done early and not leaving it all til the last minute.

But for now, bed!

ricewithfries Oh no! I hope your bed rest isn’t super strict and prescribed only for a very short period :/

It’s not super restrictive, and while I suppose things could be getting worse if I was up and about doing stuff, bed rest also isn’t stopping what’s happening, which has me really worried I’m going to have this little guy 8 weeks early. Which… yeah, not what I want.

Hey guys, I know this has nothing to do with The Outsiders, but I have been seeing some posts regarding this issue and I would just like to touch on it for a moment. This is regarding miscarriages. 

Let me just say, they are one of the hardest things you will go through as a woman, losing a child is hard whether they were inside of you for a week or for 6 months, it’s going to be hard. I miscarried very early, I was three weeks and I didn’t even know I was pregnant, I had suspicions and I took tests, one came back positive and the rest came back negative so I was quite sure I wasn’t. 

I was at work when it happened. I had the worst cramping of my life and I was sure I was getting my period. I couldn’t do anything about the pain because I was busy serving people and helping out and I didn’t have time to do anything else. By the time I got to the toilet, I had an urge to push and when I did there was a whole lot of grey tissue on my toilet paper and there was blood. 

Please, PLEASE, go to the doctor. I didn’t. I bled for twelve days straight. I went to the doctor and he told me to take a pregnancy test, it came back negative and he sent me home telling me it was just a period. It wasn’t, if that happens get a second opinion, don’t wait until you’re bleeding out. Your life is important. 

Also, it’s okay to have mixed feelings about this, I was kind of relieved because I was so young and I couldn’t of raised a child. But then months done the line I got other emotions, I felt sad and I felt depressed and I thought that there was something wrong with. I knew that I could’ve loved the child if I did manage to go through the pregnancy. 

The guy I had slept with wasn’t a boyfriend, it was just a one time thing… I never told him, I still haven’t and that is selfish of me. I kind of feel like that this is my personal loss and that it has to be private. If you have these feelings, as selfish as you may feel, that’s okay too. The most important thing is to take care of yourself. 

After all of this time I still feel a bit unhinged and jaded from it, I don’t think I have been the same since it happened. It’s okay to feel this way too, as long as you are taking care of yourself and not letting it take over your life in the long run. It hasn’t been all that long but I am slowly overcoming it.

Also, if you do happen to be reading this and you are pro life- do not be using my words to someone who is pro-choice or pro-abortion into making them feel bad about getting an abortion, because this is not what this is about. This is to offer comfort and understanding to someone who has been in this situation. I am and always will be pro choice.

Create and use a revision timetable. Using a timetable will help you prioritise your tasks and work out where you need to focus your revision. If you set up a timetable early enough, you won’t have to cram in the weeks before your exams.

Use your free periods. It’s tempting to sit around doing nothing, but take advantage of this free time.

Practice. Use past exam papers, or practice questions in study guides. These will help you become familiar with the exam format, the question style, and working with time pressures.

Read the examiner reports. This is a report written by the people who are going to be marking your exams. They tell you what they like to read, and what they don’t like to read.

Work together. Other students are feeling the same pressures as you. Talk to each other, share tips, and useful links. You’ll find that there are lots of websites with forums for students, including getrevising.

Exercise. If you’re feeling stressed about your exams and coursework, exercising will help you get rid of tension. 

Look for resources. There are so many interactive resources, videos, quizzes, articles, etc. online that cover so many topics. Use them to aid your revision. Some good websites to begin with are getrevising, thestudentroom, and examtime.

Test yourself. This is how you’ll know which areas need more revision, and which you understand well.

Use mind-maps. These help you see the connections between ideas. I’ve made a guide to mind-maps here.

Use flashcards. Flashcards are great for learning definitions, and key terms/ideas quickly and easily. I’ve made a guide to flashcards here.

Be prepared. The night before your exam, make sure that you have everything you need. CHeck that you have your stationery, and the correct pencil case. ut a bottle of water in the fridge and remember to take it with you. Get a good night’s rest.

Be confident. Go into your exam positive. 


I was on holiday in Dublin, got rejected by Oxford and read in the bath twice. It felt good to forget who I was, even if briefly.

I had an interview with Cambridge a few days ago and it went surprisingly well. She said I’d be “ a very good fit for their programme”, which is an MPhil in Chinese Studies, in which I’d probably focus on literature.

I should find out this week if I get into Cambridge or not. Life has been really stressful for the past year, my depression has reached lower points than I had frankly known were even possible, but I could be about do something amazing.

And while I’m here, my dissertation is research masculinity through the early works of Yu Dafu. I’m hoping to continue research on masculinity in the Republican period in China and the Taisho period in Japan.

I hope you’re doing well.

Uggggh Tumblr just ate an entire post

Cliffs Notes version: I know how to dress nice, hair and makeup are a mystery to me, I have mad crazy impostor syndrome, I wore jeans and flips at work for the last 4 years, my hormones are on the fritz and I think I may be entering early menopause because the 5 pregnancy tests I’ve taken in the last 1.5 weeks proved negative and yet, no period. Cool story bro.

(This was in reference to @luanneclatterbuck post about getting over being a “guys guy”).

conversation with my period
  • Period: you made plans tonight? BAM I'm two weeks early.
  • Period: brand new sexy underwear? BAM not anymore bitch.
  • Period: lol what diet you're gonna eat everything on that shelf and you know you will.
  • Period: your face looks pretty good tonight so BAM pimple BAM pimple BAM pimple.
  • Period: school? Bitch mode activated.
  • Period: I know I left two days ago but guESS WHO'S BACK?

Sharlene said to me that I look so lost almost everyday, matter-of-fact-way. She pointed out that I wasn’t focus, always late to wake up unlike before that I’m 30 minutes early before class, always forget almost everything like yesterday I forgot to bring my massage kit, and earlier my clinical kit beside my patient when it’s our time to go home, I, again, run back and my CI just shook her head and just said, “Hay nako, Rose.” and even my friend, Sharlene. I don’t know what’s happening to me… now that she pointed that out I’m starting to get worried. I don’t know if maybe I’m just stress because I have my period (one week na ito and one month kasi nawala so bumabawi siya) or maybe just overthinking and I don’t even have something to think about at the moment!