my perfect music taste

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

oH golly oh gosh, thank you for sending this into me! ♥️️

Ok here begins the struggle:

1. I can say the most ridiculous things and then make them the most amazing things

2. I have a big heart

3. The way I describe things is a perfect 5/7

4. My taste in music 

5. My sense of humour

I made a mix!! We got to thinking about what sort of music Napstablook would produce for their band and I quickly realized that my absurd taste in robot music is a perfect match. I think Alphys would approve too.

|| Singing Robots ||

Sick by yksb
Princess Syndrome by kagomeP
Bluff Liar by EZFG
It’s a Festival, Hey Come On! by PinocchioP
Blue Low Light by CheetahgirlP
Gimme Love, Gimme Kiss by samfree
Human by PowaPowaP
Killer Machine by hachi-oujiP
BurNing HeaRt by U-ji
Chip Tears MineK Remix original by U-ji

|| Listen @ 8tracks ||

INFJ Confession #471

My taste in music is all over the place; I have a favorite song in almost every genre. This isn’t because I just love all kinds of music. Someone can talk to me about their favorite songs and I’ll think they’re crazy. But inevitably when I listen to it again I hear it through their ears instead of mine and all of a sudden, the song makes perfect sense. So my music taste is literally a combination of everyone else’s because it isn’t hard for me to view things through other people’s eyes.