my perfect little princess


my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?

i was cute today✨

@ all anti-kallus people. You say that Kallus is irredeemable, you say that he is a completely evil Nazi, and that he’s redemption arc is the worst thing swr has ever done. Well, I have a counter argument.

Isn’t star wars all about seeing the good in everyone? I mean, all through out the prequals Obi-wan (and qui-gon) saw the best in Anakin. Padme tried to see the best in Anakin after his turn. Obi-wan didn’t want to kill Anakin, even after he murdered those younglings, he wanted to bring him back to the light. 

Luke always tried to see the best in Vader, even after he watched him kill his mentor. He wanted to bring Vader back to the light. And he did. I mean, the only reason the Emperor died is because Luke saw the good in Vader, brought him back to the light, and then brought down the whole empire.

And no one ever argues about Vader’s redemption arc. Besides the emporer he was the biggest Nazi in star wars. He participated in order 66, he killed younglings, he cut off Luke’s hand, he killed Obi-wan, he blew up alderaan, he tortured Leia, he tortured Han, he froze Han in carbonate, and yet no one ever argues about that.

Is Kallus really THAT irredeemable? I mean, there are so many others who have done much worse things. 

Perfect Daddy Things #1 💜💜💜
  • Princess: Daddddddyyyyy
  • Daddy: why're you up so late princess? Do I need to punish you? *stern look*
  • Princess: *starts to cry*
  • Daddy: what's wrong princess baby? Daddy won't punish you if you tell me what's wrong
  • Princess: I had bad dreams dada *grabby hands*
  • Daddy: *picks me up* oh my poor princess baby
  • 😍😍😍
Whatever You Call Me (Mob AU! Kai)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Jongin’s lips curled around a smoke as he took in a breath. His eyes stared at the phone “this girl is an escort” he was told by one if his men named Sehun Says. He watched as Jongin put his cigarette out. “I know that’s why I want her to be hired” he said as he picked up his drink. “From what I understand she’s not a cheap woman-” “good I don’t want a cheap whore” he stopped him. “I want a play thing and I want it to be her” he told his younger as he took a sip from his drink with a large smile.


You wore one of your best dresses as because the person who requested you for the night was giving you much much more than you normally got paid. ‘This man is Kim Jong in. His dad is a mob boss’ your friend’s voice played in your head. There was a knock on the door and you headed to it. You picked up your purse and heels and as you opened your door you were greeted by a tall male. “You must be Y/N” he said as you used his arm to put your heels on. “Is Mr. Kim as bad as news makes him?” you ask as he makes a sound. “I shouldn’t talk about my boss like that” he spoke as you nodded.


You sat down on the couch as you were poured a drink from another male. Soon smoke filled your nose as you turned to see Jongin there. He smiled as he looked at you. He looked at the men in the room as they nodded leaving the room and closed the heavy door behind them.

He walked over to the bar and got himself a drink before he took a seat beside you. He pulled out his back ready to get another before you took it from him. “Smoking is bad for you” you tell him as you sat it down on the table in front of you. “Princess. You’re even prettier than I ever thought” he cooed. “Where have you seen me?” you asked him as he smiles “with one of my dad’s associates. I just wanted to take you from him" he said as he leaned closer “I want to buy your services permintly. Make you my personal escort” he says as he kisses your shoulder lightly. “I’ll pay any amounts for you” he promised.


Since that moment you were his it seemed. Sat on his lap when asked. Pleasured him when needed. Held him when he wanted affections. He bought you expensive things clothing, jewelry, entertainment, anything you asked for.


You straddled his lap as he smiled “you picked the perfect lingerie to spoil me in” he said as he looked at the sheer rode and through it the cheetah print set under it. The moment was ruined as the door opened and a deeper male voice came through to clear the throat. You got off of Jongin and he took off his jacket handing it to you. “Mr. Lee and daddy dearest” Jongin says as he looks over at you. “Mr. Lee you remember my sweet Y/N don’t you?” Jongin teases as he tugs you back into his lap. “Is this where all the money you’ve been blowing has gone to?” his father asks as Jongin chuckles.

“Its money well spent” he said as he stroked your leg “your spending your money on a whore son” his father mumbled as Jongin instantly glared. “She’s not a whore. She was an escort now she’s my girlfriend” he explains as he kisses your cheek. “My perfect little princess” he whispers to you as you give him a light smile. “We are happy together. If you came here to lecture me you can go now” he stated as he undid his jacket off of you. “Go” he continued as he waved them off. The older gentlemen left the room awkwardly as he pulled the jacket off completely. “Now we were getting to the good part” he whispered as you gave him a flirty smile.

“Girlfriend?” you asked as he unbuttoned his shirt “I call you what I want” he says as you nod. You slid off your robe as you plopped yourself on the desk and smiled. “I think of you as mine” he whispers as he stands up and pulls your legs apart. “I buy you the world and you become mine” he continues as he leans down capturing your lips with his.


I’ve gotten two commissions of my lovely girl Valentine, and I wanted to share them! The first is the little princess sticker I got from @bettagal, and I absolutely adore it. It turned out perfect for my little princess, and she was amazing to work with and her art is phenomenal. I got pictures during the process and she was fantastic to work with! I highly recommend commissioning her for all your betta sticker/sculpture needs, she’s very talented. The second one is the adorable little plushie by @basil-has-fish. I have to say, I absolutely adore it. The attention to detail is incredible, and turnaround time was super quick, plus I got updates basically daily! If you want a cute soft handmade plushie, absolutely commission them. Both of these people are ones I will be going back to to get art of all my fish.


So I got this message from @krokodilov

Tbh yknow what id kill to see? Oot ganny coming back to gerudo fortress for a bit and spending some time with lil gerudo children :3 and being RLY sweet and kind and really fatherly to them giving them some shit hed pick up from some hylian corpse talking to them like “hey did ya know in hyrule a kings daugher is called princess! You guys are all my little princesses :) :) :)”

…and it was perfect and beautiful and I couldn’t help myself. All of the Gerudo children share the names of characters from Breath of the Wild, which I referenced from (this post). (Also on AO3)

* * * * *

Ganondorf unknotted the scarf covering his face and shoulders and tossed it onto the sleeping platform in the corner of the room. The quilts covering it were new, as were the tapestries hanging down over the rough stone of the walls, but the familiar smell of this place had not changed. He had been gone for some time, and it was good to be home.

A faint dry scraping caught his attention, and the fabric of a tapestry covering the far wall rustled slightly. A slow smile spread across Ganondorf’s face.

“Any thieves in this chamber take heed,” he said. “If you show yourselves now, I will be merciful, but if I must expose you myself I will be forced to tickle you… to death.”

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things we love daddy saying

“aww poor baby”

“youre daddys little princess”

“thats my girl”


“are you wet for daddy”

“you are so beautiful”

“your mine”

“show daddy”

“no buts”

“you are to little for that”

“daddy is very proud of his little”

“no touching”


“go take a time out”

“my little princess is to cute”

“babygirl you are perfect”

“cum for daddy”

“do you wanna cuddle with daddy”

Precious Petite

Zayn couldn’t believe he had Harry this close to him. His body radiated her heat, their skins a perfect shade of sex and pleasure. Ah yes, a man’s greatest pleasure is to be around the nude body of their beloved who’s equally as needy as he is. He couldn’t help it, he loved his girl incredibly so and just shedding off her clothes, then pushing their naked skins together, it made everything better. He loved touching her, savoring her. He loved kissing her, eating her out, and fucking her oh so well. Harry couldn’t agree more as she felt the man play with the outer skin of her vagina, as though he was skeptical to touch such a work of art.

(female Harry/male Zayn)

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