my perfect ho

Reason why TS doesn't send B.A.P on Knowing Bros:
  • - B.A.P being a mess feat. Heechul (we all know they would be)
  • - Youngjae being savage af
  • - Zelo being a living meme
  • - Daehyun screaming basically for everything
  • - Himchan diva vs Heechul diva
  • - Yongguk laughing at everything his bros does
  • - Jongup being dork but still cute af
  • - Jongup ending all the b-boy dancers
  • - B.A.P throwing (again) shadow on TS

Timeless || S1:02

↳  The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


Perfect Wife x Woman of Dignity parallels

If These Two Characters Don’t End Up Together I’m Gonna Throw My Computer Out The Window: a novel by Me