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Timeless || S1:02

↳  The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


Kim Ji Won was doing her little magic show then Woobin appeared and everybody screamed; he was like kneeling down to present her her new shoes and there’s whistling in the audience and yes, the universe agrees with me, this is your new favorite OTP.

even Lee Min Ho, who wished he could be at woobin place

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Ji Won gets the New Star Award and was giving her speech, the camera changed focus on Woobin who was looking adorably and lovingly at her and i diedd xD THIS CAN’T BE COINCIDENCE, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. Y/Y?

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oh and Min Ho looks like he just got star-struck as well lol

In conclusion, they know, people and fandom. They know and they willbetter give us the good next/this year.


Fanvid Rec: It’s Nice To Be Alive by allaboutnewgirl

I’ve reached the season break doldrums, the part of the summer where I’m starting to miss the show really badly, feeling low about how long it’s been (and get weird and paranoid about what if everybody stops caring and leaves this fandom and then I have no one to talk to about itttt? Haha) and this gen/ensemble fanvid is giving me life, all joyful and funny and sweet.  Exactly what I needed.


“ I’ve been trying to do it right.
    I’ve been living a lonely life,
      I’ve been sleeping here instead
        I’ve been sleeping in my bed.

        So show me family,
     all the blood that I would bleed.
  I don’t know where I belong.
I don’t know where I went wrong. ”

My newest video for my babies.
Made for babywerecoyote xo
Hope you like it x