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Anna Kendrick: Beca and Chloe are total lesbians for each other.

Anna Kendrick (about her favorite moment of PP): I really enjoy Beca and Chloe’s moments together.

Fan: will Beca have a new boyfriend in PP3?

Anna Kendrick: I will say that Brittany and I did a take which is probably not gonna be on the movie but we liked it.

*Anna Kendrick refused to give Beca a new boyfriend*



You can practically see Emma falling more in love with Killian in that very second. He genuinely cares for Henry, isn’t simply using him as means to get to Emma, and it hits her like a ton of bricks. Killian’s not just in it for her - he’s in it for both Emma and her boy. And for a moment, the emotional impact of that overwhelms her.

[scene request by @phiralovesloki]


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 382]


The empire survives in part because we believe its survival to be inevitable. But it isn’t. And they know that. That’s why they’re so terrified of you and I. If we were able to take Nassau, if we are able to expose the illusion that England is not inevitable, if we are able to incite a revolt that spreads across the New World, then yeah, I imagine people are gonna notice.


I had resigned myself to everyone being dead by the end but somehow I wasn’t prepared for them to lose her.