my perfect anti heroine

So I saw this on my dash and I couldn’t help but laugh because the other person didn’t even talk about NS, and this hater has to defend the NH ship with telling shit on Sakura and NS, like wtf ? To prove this is just bullshit, I will use mangacaps (because haters won’t be able to say I’m just imagining things)

“Ahahaha, look at this pathetic little thing crying out for attention. Please show me where Sakura at least used her own damn body to protect Naruto only without hesitation, where she’s willing to die just so he could live, TWICE. Please show me, I’ll be waiting.

Oh wait, you can’t show me?

That’s too bad.

The only time it actually happened was in your fillers and fanfictions, right~”

First: Hinata was willing to die for Naruto TWICE indeed but for selfish reasons (she said it herself, look !): she just wanted to be noticed by him. At the Pain arc, she was willing to die so she could confess to him, not to save his life !

It’s amazing that when we have an important NH moment, death is always around. Neji died indirectly because of her because she didn’t think about the consequences, she just wanted to be noticed by Naruto again.

Second: Where was Hinata when Naruto was dying ? What was she doing ? First, she immediately ran to try to reach him, while war was still going on. She gave up her position, her team, just to see Naruto although she can’t even heal him. And then ? Oh right, she tripped over a rock.

Just after that, instead of trying to stand up, she gave up and prayed for Neji to protect Naruto. Yes, she was tired, like everyone, but look at the difference. Here, not only Sasuke was tired and out of chakra but he was literally dying after being stabbed but he still tried his best. His brother died for defending his principles and protecting his sibling, just like Hinata’s cousin, Neji. What did he do ? He tried so hard to get up while saying he can’t die, instead of choosing the easy way.

Third: Where was Sakura when Naruto was dying ? What was she doing ? Yep, she was with him, keeping him alive by pumping his heart with her own hand and making CPR. No, she didn’t use her body as a shield but she saved his life. She was ready to give up in the chunnin exam just for Naruto’s sake and helping him with his dream of being Hokage. She wanted to save him and was willing to do everything to stop his transformation.

She hid the fact that he hurt her for his sake.

I’m not even going to talk for a long time about how she was willing to kill Sasuke so Naruto could forget his promise and lessen his burden, even if it means that he would hate her for the rest of his life. She “was thinking of his feelings”, like Sai said and not being selfish.

The thing I don’t understand is how Hinata never thought of Naruto’s feelings and dream and still “be” the heroine instead of Sakura.

Fourth: fillers and fanfiction ?! Okay, I think this person doesn’t remember that 80% of NH scenes in the anime are pure fillers. Like the fact that he saved her when she was a child doesn’t exist in the manga, remember she was introduced as a weirdo, a dark girl. In the manga, they directly interacted 15 times, wow ! I don’t even wanna talk about The Last whose script wasn’t even written by Kishimoto. SP is pro-Hinata and anti-Sakura they basically erased 15 years of character development for a side character and screwed up Sakura’s design on purpose while they didn’t with Hinata (how strange…). I feel bad for Hinata in this movie because she is used as a pairing fodder and a marketing tool. She’s the damsel in distrees of the movie, it seems like someone *cough SP* forgot she is a great kunoichi. Her dreams of making her father proud and being the heiress clan are also forgotten. Unless we have the hugest plot twist ever, this movie is destroying every character. To be honest, NH with part 2 and the Last seems like a very bad written fanfiction/shojo.