my people call them books

Grimores, or Book of Shadows as some people call them, are books that witches use as like a magic journal or diary. It’s not something everyone needs but I like to think of it as like a journal for taking notes, specifically about magic.

But Raven, what can I put in a Grimore?

Anything really! Spells from teachers or yourself, drawings from dreams/meditation/etc., recipes for incense and oils, notes from books and classes, and a lot more. Really it’s more of a personal choice to decide what you want to put in a Grimore. For more examples about it, I’d suggest taking a look at the-darkest-of-lights & the-darkest-essentials. She posts a lot of images from her Grimore/BoS and maybe that can help give you an idea.

How much would it cost and do I need a fancy Grimore?

Now as I’ve said before, you don’t need anything fancy. Most people like buy books that are leather-back and have that nice soft and really hard to erase off of paper. But for others who don’t have that kind of money, normal spiral journals or even note cards can work.

The reason why I don’t suggest leather-back books is because they cost a shit-ton of money and are more prone to accidents (such as the leather wearing out). A normal sized leather-back journal would be $50 or more. The spiral journals you get at Wal-Mart or Target can cost $5 or less.

Hope this helps!

- Raven