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legomuke asked:

hello my beautiful lil angel how are you??? I ofc ship you with wee mikey bc it would be hella cute and he'd love just jamming out to music with you and watching movies and just aw it would be adorable!!

I’m pretty good, how are you? ^_^ Michael and I jamming sounds pretty epic, I like the sound of that :D Lub choo xx

  • Ship: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Brother: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Drunk Hookup: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future /Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Bestie: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Cuddle Buddy: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Godfather of your child: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Frist Date: at a concert, man! SO MANY CONCERTS FOR ALANNA AND LUKE
  • Who cuddles more: you/him
  • Who gets to pick the movie: you/him
  • Who makes the first move: you/him
  • Your go-to-couple-thing: Him singing for you when you chill on the couch together
  • Random song off my song: Are We The Waiting - Green Day
  • Lame joke:  Why did the baker stop making doughnuts? He got tired of the hole thing.
  • Compliment because I love flirting with you guys:Okay man, we both probably know you’re my tumblr crush but DUDE HOW COULD I NOT? Your eyes are magnificent and so is your gorgeous face! also don’t even get me started on your music taste like BRO!!


∟ There was a tall man with a fair and noble face, dark-haired and grey-eyed, proud and stern of glance. His garments were rich, and his cloak was lined with fur and he had a collar of silver in which a single white stone was set; his locks were shorn about his shoulders. On a baldric he wore a great horn tipped with silver that now was laid upon his knees.

The homeworld and capital of humanity is entering a new golden age. The resource wealth of a dozen settled colonies and a hundred industrial outposts flows back to Earth, fueling great works of industry, commerce, and art. The great cities are greening as arcology skyscrapers and telecommuting allow more efficient use of land. Earth is still divided among nation-states, though all are affiliated beneath the overarching banner of the Systems Alliance.

↳  Codex Entry: Earth

Representation Matters

Okay so I’m too hyped about this so I can’t just not write about it on here where I keep my ace stuff.

In my fanfic I just finished, I wrote a character as asexual. I had a couple scenes where the two main characters essentially come out to each other (she’s bi, he’s ace) so that way I could get them to actually say the words, and someone who just started reading the story PMed me to thank me for writing that character as ace. It was a really lovely message and I just feel so validated because making that character ace was half the reason I wrote that fanfic in the first place. Representation is so scarce, even in the realm of fanfiction where anything is possible, so I decided to make some for myself and…wow. Someone actually noticed. And appreciated it.

I’m just really happy and I even cried a little, I was so touched. I made a character ace for my own satisfaction, and someone cared, it mattered to someone.



∟ Then Tuor stood before Turgon son of Fingolfin, High King of the Noldor, and upon the King’s right hand there stood Maeglin his sister-son, but upon his left hand sat Idril Celebrindal his daughter; and all that heard the voice of Tuor marvelled, doubting that this were in truth a Man of mortal race, for his words were the words of the Lord of Waters that came to him in that hour.

It's almost 1am and I can't see straight but lemme say a thing before I sleep.

Once there is peace and true equality for LGBTQ people in the world, I am going to make my next goal to liberate, educate, and help the acceptance for any non-monogamous relationships.

I just read a post on a LGBTQ supporter page who literally said “but why the fuck is polyamory included in this list??? Why would you want to associate cheating with being not-heterosexual?!” And lemme tell you I rolled my eyes so hard I could see my brain.

The world does not know non-monogamous relationships and is thus fearful. Even if I am 99 by the time it happens, I sure hope the world will learn to accept that THERE ARE MORE TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS THAN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. Is that not what we are fighting for anyways?!