February 2, 2017.
Police in France are again facing allegations of brutality after an officer was charged with the rape of a young black man during a violent arrest in a suburb of Paris.

Four officers arrived at a housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois, north of Paris, on Thursday evening, where they began stopping youths and asking to see identity papers. During the operation, a 22-year-old man with no criminal record, identified only by his first name, Theo, was allegedly forced to the ground and beaten.
A police officer has now been charged with anally raping the young man with a police baton. Theo suffered such serious injuries to the rectum that he needed major emergency surgery, and remains in hospital.
Three other officers were charged with assault. The four officers, who deny the charges, have been suspended.

Theo testimony at the hospital:
“I knew that where they were leading me there were no surveillance cameras so I tried to defend myself to be in front of the cameras. I said you have ripped my bag and they told me "we don’t care”. I told them “why are you doing this?” And they kept insulting me. One of them looked at me, he was behind me, but I could see him. He pulled out his baton and put it inside of me. I fell on the floor, I didn’t have any strength anymore. They handcuffed me and told me to sit down but I say I couldn’t so they sprayed tear gas. In the car I was bleeding and they made jokes about it. They continued to bit me and say racist insults. My pants was down it hurt really bad. I thought I was about to die.“

Theo is not a thug like they try to portray him in the media. His family is well known in the neighborhood. They are known for being good people. Theo has never committed a crime, he works as an animator in a youth centre.

After Adama Traore (young black men who was killed by police officer for no reason in 2016) this is what we have. And once again the officers will get away with this

Like I really don’t understand what is going on right now. And all the medias in France find a way to try to make us believe that somehow this innocent young man deserve what happened because of where he lives and his skin color. I just can’t with this fucking people anymore. Black people and Arabic people have been in this country for years, we work here, we pay are fucking tax here, we participate to the French culture and they still treat us like shit. My grand father who lived in Africa fought for this fucking country when Congo still was a colony. Like I don’t understand… this is why I wasn’t fucking Charlie, this is why in France a lot is young people (not only black and Arabic) choose to go to Syria or to commit fucking terrorist acts in the country they were born. How can you be proud of a country who treats you like shit? That is not normal. This fucking situation is not normal. Fucking hypocrits "country of liberties”, “country of human rights” Bullshit. The whole social situation of this country is wrong, it’s like we keep moving backwards. France= racist, misogynist and islamophobic. I can wait to get out of here.

Ps: I’m sorry for all the grammatical errors and misspelling but I had to share this story to show the real face of France. I’m so angry and sad at the same time this situation is completely fucked up.

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