my pathetic dreams


Is it bad that I want to lose in a fight just so I can do this?

Been under so much stress lately and I just woke up a few minutes ago from a nightmare. As if my nerves needed another reason to be on edge. 😩

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"You're not weak, and I'm here" Gally Imagine (fluff)

(Dedicated to Maddie)

Three times. Three times this week have I woken from a nightmare.

Tonight was one of those nights, but the difference from other ones was tonight Gally was here, sleeping right next to me. I looked over at him, and in dim light I could faintly see his face—for it was so peaceful, his eyes shut relaxed and his chest calmly rising up and falling down, as if his breathing were steady waves of the ocean.

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So I had a dream last night that I went to see Boruto the movie on opening day. And there was a flashback scene of Sasuke’s wedding where he and Sakura were both riding white horses in it lol. And I scREAMED so hard in the theater and I even pulled out my phone to update tumblr on the good news.

My dreams are pathetic.

anonymous asked:

"The birth certificate was clearly “preaching to the convinced” and antis have been clinging to it desperately". We aren't clinging to anything, we're just comfortably relaxing in the real world where we have pictures of Louis and Freddie and talking about Freddie on the red carpet,and Jay visiting her grandson and proudly calling herself nannie on twitter. Meanwhile Larries have been clinging to the pathetic dream of a paternity denial since the middle of 2015. How's that worked out for you?

if you’re comfortably relaxing in the real world, then why are you skulking around on my blog of ~~~pathetic dreams~~~ you dumbass

can antis please go one day without embarrassing themselves in my inbox? it would be much appreciated. P.S. you’re blocked, my sad bitter friend.