my past lingers

EXO REACTION when they regret breaking up with you

B a e k h y u n

is a spontanious boy and so are his impulses. The moment he realises his mistake, his feet would already start moving not wasting anymore time. This is it. I’ve had enough.

C h a n y e o l

D.O: “Are you sure you want to try this again? Remember why you broke up. It’s hard to balance a relationship and our tight schedules.”

He took a deep breath to clear his mind once more but no, there is no other option. “I need my girl, Kyungsoo.”

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C h e n

I can’t live like this (y/n). He ended your relationship because his comeback was around the corner and tiring him, leaving him with no energy left for you. He needed some weeks to realize how wrong he was. You were the one lifting him from the ground. So the next time he saw you he wouldn’t miss a beat to tell you.

“I can’t live like this, (y/n).”

Same sentence, different meanings.

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D . O .

This is all my fault. Why did I let this come so far? Sadness and desperation are taking over jis emotions. He’d almost break his head thinking about how he could get you back or more important, if you even want to take him back. He’s imagining the worse scenarios in his head.

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K a i

would drown himself in work and practice till he can’t feel his legs anymore, trying to get you out of his mind and release his anger. His new behaviour is worrying his band mates.

“You have to slow down a bit.”

“Idon’t want to …”

K r i s

I doubt that he’d wait any longer to rush to you after the feeling of regret is hitting him hard. Grabbing his jacket, getting into his car and driving to your apartment. Eventhing’s in a rush. That is until he sees you and time seems to stop. “You have to listen to me.”

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L a y

He’d have trouble concentrating on his performance. Everywhere he looked he saw your face in the audience. Not able to bear it any longer he’d avoid looking there.

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L u h a n

“Are you okay, Luhan?”

“Yeah man, just give me a minute..”

You wrote him a text saying that you’re happy for his latest award. Just then he realized it. All these compliments from the people around him were nothing compared to your one sentence. Knowing how much of an impact you still have on him made him hate himself so much for letting you go.

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S e h u n

Being still young he doesn’t know how to handle such situation. So rather than to tell you face to face he’d slip secret messages to you in interviews. Hoping you’ll hear or read one of them and understand what he’s trying to do.

“Yes I’m single but there is this person from my past still lingering in my heart.”

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S u h o

He was used to holding speeches in front of thousands of people but holding on in front of you after he broke up with you was one of the hardest. He kept on practicing his lines over and over, still not satisfied with his work.

“I know you might hate me but please hear me out.”

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T a o

He’d text and call all of your friends, checking if you’re alright and if you’re still single. He’s too much of a coward to meet you in person and ask you himself. Afraid that his emotions will take control of him.

Have you heard of (y/n)?


Is she okay?

Why don’t you ask her youself?

I can’t ..

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X i u m i n

I don’t think he’d make a huge fuss out of it and just go straight to your apartment, not thinking about what could go wrong. He’s so honest and humble so he’d talk to you very sincere, explaining everything and opening up his heart.

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