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There has been a breakthrough in the world genetics and engineering, scientists have made the first successful mutants or super humans, MONSTER. MONSTER consists of nine men whose purposes had been specifically schemed since long before their births. However, nine of them started to rebel and had escape to different countries.



make me choose: asked by @jungkooky  fire era jimin or i need u era jimin? >:)

The zodiac signs and their Produce 101 Squad
  • Aquarius: Park Jihoon, Choi Minki, Hong Eunki
  • Pisces: Bae Jinyoung, Justin Huang, Lee Euiwoong
  • Aries: Ong Seongwoo, Kim Sangkyun, Noh Taehyun
  • Taurus: Yoon Jisung, Kang Dongho, Kim Donghan
  • Gemini: Ha Sungwoon, Lim Youngmin, Takada Kenta
  • Cancer: Kang Daniel, Kim Taemin, Yeo Hwanung
  • Leo: Joo Haknyeon, Yoo Seonho, Lee Keonhee
  • Virgo: Lai Guanlin, Lee Woojin, Jung Jung
  • Libra: Lee Daehwi, Kim Jonghyun, Kwon Hyunbin
  • Scorpio: Park Woojin, Ahn Hyungseob, Kim Yongguk
  • Sagittarius: Hwang Minhyun, Kim Samuel, Kim Taedong
  • Capricorn: Kim Jaehwan, Jung Sewoon, Kim Donghyun
  • #tag yourself in these horrible combinations lol#

[FANCAM] 24062017 Youngjae sings TRAUMA 

Jackson & BamBam: Subarashiii~! (Wonderful) 

Youngjae: Hazukashii >/////< (So embarrassing)

Jackson: But Youngjae has “and” charming point! (Jpn = to) 

Youngjae: “And”? 

Jackson: I mean, YJ has charming point “too”! (Jpn = mo)

Jinyoung: But it was in Korean right? YJ ah~ sing it in Japanese! 

All:   …………….. 


Youngjae: (poker face) Ahaha so funny~ 


Jinyoung: *gets ready to send maknae off to heaven*

vid & trans by  coded4d9dc

what i say: IM SCREAMING

what i mean: i want an f(x) comeback. i love f(x). f(x) doesn’t deserve this. talent doesn’t deserve this. i miss seeing their happy faces together. i miss them dancing and bickering as a group. amber could probably write and produce stuff for herself and f(x) that could last them their entire career at this point. she also has a fidget spinner. luna’s probably posing with shampoo bottles in some forest right now instead of blessing us with vocals that make her one of the top kpop vocalists. vic is stuck on some never ending red carpet in china serving looks when she could be with her kids and still serving looks. krystal’s off promoting Bride of The Water God when she could be promoting as the princess we know her to be on stage. i’m also tired of lurking on their SNS for every little interaction they may have. i miss talent. i miss f(x)


*Waylon doing a power point presentation for class and these photos come on the next slide *

Waylon: Shit–those aren’t mine I–

Waylon: Fucks sake Gluskin…

*Seems the rest of his project has been invaded by Eddie*

Waylon: just… *sighs and intense reddening* bring up the next person. I’m done here… 

Lmaaooo @ ppl who say shit like “my fave is THE most open minded ever like they would NEVER do that why can’t ppl see that????”

like no bitch

your fave is a person with biases and problematic tendencies they’re gonna have to unlearn. just like the rest of us. They ain’t special bc they liked a post about “love wins” or complimented a black girl on her complexion once. if they fuck up we’re gonna call em out bc it’s 20fucking17 and they have fame, money and wait for it… THE INTERNET.

keep stanning, we can’t stop you, but if you defend or justify their shittiness prepare to get caught in the melee bc there are no more free passes.

sorry bae