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To the moon

Title: To the moon
Characters: Sirius Black x reader, James Potter (mentioned only)
Word count: 758
Warnings: Nothing (???), bit of fluff
AN: So I really enjoyed writing this, so I really hope you like it! Remember my requests are open, so if you have an idea, sent a request!

It was Christmas and you were spending time with your family. Of course you had been exited, but it was hard to be away from your boyfriend, Sirius. You knew that he was going to have an incredibly bad Christmas. He usually spends the Christmas holidays at James’, but Mr. and Mrs. Potter had decided that they should celebrate Christmas in Sheffield with James’ aunt and uncle. Of course Sirius wouldn’t want to seem rude and ask your parents if he could stay with your family. You had tried to explain to him that your family wouldn’t care at all, but he insisted that he went ‘home’ for Christmas. You felt so terribly bad for him so you wrote and wrote, but he didn’t owl you back. You knew his mother wouldn’t allow it, so you weren’t really afraid that something had happened to him. You and Sirius was in your seventh year, so spending as much time with him as possible was kinda important to you. With the war going on, you both didn’t know what to expect after Hogwarts. But you tried not to think about it too much.

Two days before Christmas eve, while you were lying in your bed, it knocked on the door. You lived in an old apartment in the middle of London. But your mother, that was a witch, had renovated it with a ‘bit of magic’ as she called it. “Who is disturbing us in the middle of the night?” She called from inside her bedroom. Your father died of cancer when you were five, so it was just you and you mum. “It’s 8:30 PM, mother.” You laughed at her comment and wandered to the door. It was a habit of yours to look through the spyhole, and you were very surprised to see Sirius. A sad and upset Sirius, but Sirius.

You opened the door and by an instant you could tell that something was wrong. “Sirius?” You said. At his feet was a big, black leather bag. “Come in.” You gestured him inside the apartment. When he had kicked his shoes off, you hugged him tightly and felt the soft fabric of his dark grey shirt intertwine with your hair. You had missed him like crazy, but he looked so vulnerable as he stood there. You kissed his cheek. “Are you okay, Sirius?” He looked down at his feet. You could see the tears in his beautiful eyes. He shook his head and a sob escaped his parted lips. He hugged you again, but this time he buried his face in your neck. Your mother appeared in the doorway that led into the living room. You quietly shook you head to tell her, that now wasn’t the right time to say hello. You stood there for a couple of minutes. You whispered things in his ear to calm him down. Without even knowing what was going on (although you had a suspicion that involved his mother kicking him out of the house) it was heard to help. It came to that point where Sirius was in control of his breathing again, so you asked if he wanted to go more privately. He nodded and muttered a little ‘yeah’.
You went to your room and sat on your bed. The walls were covered with Gryffindor posters, flags and an oversize scarf that Sirius had given you at your birthday. At your nightstand was a lot of pictures of you and Sirius. “What happened, love?” You muttered. You wouldn’t be too nosy if he wasn’t ready to talk about it.
“It’s my mother. Regulus told mother about my relationship to a ‘half-blood’. Not that he had a choice, he drank Veritaserum. Mother kicked me out.” Even though Sirius said that he didn’t care about his family you knew that he did. He cared for Regulus. He wished he would mean something to his family. You looked him in the eyes. “I’m so sorry for you, baby. I wish I could do something about it.” You leant into a kiss. It was long and passionate and you knew that you were the one that he needed right now. “Get some sleep, okay. We’ll explain it to my mum tomorrow, okay. He undressed and pulled your duvet up to his ears.
You were probably gonna be the big spoon tonight, but you were okay with that. You just wanted your boyfriend to feel better. “I love you to the moon, Sirius.” You muttered. “I love you too, y/n.”