my parents had to literally drag me in

Hey guys. Yes, it’s true: I suffer from anger issues and it is hard for me the control my anger considering that i’m also trying to deal with my BPPV, depression, etc. at the same time. I’m not tolerating cussing, not at all. I know i acted like a dick towards @vintagetyler​ - I’m seriously sorry. Those screenshots are definitely real even tho I really don’t want them to be. I know that kinda behavior doesn’t solve problems yet my head is still a little fucked up and freaks when i’m mad. I shake, I cry and somehow i don’t know how to stop that. I am working on that, but yes, you can hate me all you want for it. This post tho, is to explain what wasn’t okay about all the hate towards me, to defend me because i’m not a bad person and I know it. If you still don’t believe me after reading all of this maybe ask my irl best friend since 5 years @melodicharpy how I really am.

Anyway, let’s start with the fact that it is actual cyberbullying. Some of you might ask, how? I recommend you read this:

Posting rumours about someone can be very harmful, especially to people who already are suicidal - like me. But actually, Kris isn’t the only one to blame. The person who started to post rumours about me is my abuser. The first time was a while ago and it seems they don’t want to stop. A perfect example; At some point, random strangers told me to harm myself, kill myself, made fun of me and harrassed me 24/7. I’m not kidding, They literally made me be in a skype convo with them just so they can drag me down. One day I found out that those people were my abuser’s friends. All of them. I still remember how one of those people told me what my abuser said behind my back about me. (We were in a relationship at that moment) - They told me I apparently said some really mean things about my abuser’s parents and triggered them on purpose. The funny thing is, that wasn’t true. At all. The true story was: I helped my abuser out because they had a hard time at home, told them to go to the police and stuff. I still remember how cutely they thanked me after they did it. I asked myself what made them be that much of an asshole to me. At some point, tho, I realized that they’re just a controlling, manipulative, abusive piece of shit. Talking of abuse; It is very hard to prove emotional abuse. That gives Kris no right to text my abuser to ask them for personal Information. That’s Kris’ statement:

No Kris, not if they are this personal. And to the people who don’t believe he did that: My abuser sent me a screenshot. Sadly only one but it’ll do. Besides, dear Kris, why do you even care? You never cared when you left me without a warning or explanation and uh, you also didn’t care about me when you said you’re not responsible for me harming myself because of you. What if I killed myself? Then you’d be responsible, huh? Blame yourself?

Next, let’s talk about information sensitivity. Here is a nice description.

It also violates human rights:

Let’s not forget that cyberbullying is illegal where he lives:

And this is for the people who want to tell me ‘you didn’t request him to stop.’ - Yes, I did.

Now let me show you the definition of pejoratives:

And all of the above makes me wonder who the actual, abusive asshole is. I’m sorry for everyone who believes him. Kris apparently believes he’s a perfect being considering that, in his post, he didn’t say only ONE word about his behavior. He just wanted everyone to pity him and didn’t even say why I freaked out. Before you hate on someone, TALK TO THEM. ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THEM. LISTEN TO BOTH VERSIONS BECAUSE THIS IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE. I’m tired of the bullying, I didn’t deserve it. It escalated. I also wanna say something to a very certain someone who used to be my friend: I don’t wanna be your friend anymore because you made me feel like I got on your nerves. You never texted me first and that is literally the only reason. And you support someone who says i am manipulative? How the hell is not wanting to be your friend because you never texted first manipulative? It just made me feel like a burden.

I’m out, thanks for everyone standing with me. Y’all make me sm stronger.


(From AskReddit)

    By Reddit user vuhleeitee
    When I was little, around 8, I hated going to the dentist, he always made me uncomfortable for some reason. I remember thinking his smile stretched too far and seemed forced, like clowns. Anyway, my mom always came with me, and went back so I wouldn’t be scared. One day, my dad had me (divorced parents), and had to take me to the dentist, but tried to make me go back alone so he could sit out in the lobby doing whatever. The assistants had to literally drag me back to the room and you could hear me screaming and crying down the hall, refusing to sit in the chair. Finally, my dad came back to get me, irritated I’d made a scene, he rescheduled my appointment to when my mom would have me, and we just left, he made a big deal about how bad I was acting and told my mom she was spoiling me and all sorts of shit.
    Two weeks later, it’s on the news that my dentist was charged with child pornography, after molesting children under anesthesia and photographing it.

  • DOLL
    By Reddit user SuicideSquad
    I was born and raised in North Dakota. Back when I was in HS, a group of us would research murders that occurred out in the county. We would then go out to find the scenes and film the exploration at night (this was about two years before Blair Witch) It was something to do while we got wasted on shitty beer and teenage bullshit. Eventually we ran out of places to go (ND = few people, few murders) and got really good at finding abandoned rural farmsteads by driving dirt roads and looking for the signs. Rut roads, deliberate tree groves, and old mailbox posts were common markers. We were out looking when we spotted a tree grove that was out of place (sure sign) and drove through the field and discovered an old (but not too old) house. It had padlocks on the outside doors that were knocked off pretty easily, we dispatched of them and entered the kitchen. There were six of us, all with flashlights, and we lit up the kitchen/dining area fairly easily. The table was the initial thing you noticed and it was strange because of how normal it looked. It was set for a meal and not a bowl was out of place. Only thing was, we’d been in dozens of these houses and place setttings were a first. Especially unbroken ones. As we investigated the area we found the fridge had the disgusting remnants of a full stock, and the cupboards were full of canned and dry foods. This was also a first. One guy found mail on the counter from early June 1978 and another found a creepy ass TV guide in the living room with UFO’s on the cover. All the family photos were hanging up. Mom, Dad, Bro and Sis in their 1970’s glory. Furniture was dusty, but in good condition. Closets were full. Everything was totally normal. Which was super abnormal. As we dug around the house, we all started to realize that this house had not been moved out of, it had been straight up abandoned. Imagine locking the door to your house and never coming back. That’s the state this house was in. Complete unplanned departure. We went upstairs and split into three pairs to check out the three rooms. Ours was the closest and obviously it was the younger boys room, I can’t describe what it looked like too well because almost right away from the hall, we heard the most fucking terrifying scream I’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing. We went running into the hallway and were all yelling questions at each other at the same time. After a few (really long) seconds the two screamers caught their breath and said “you have to go in and see.” Walking down the hall and through the doorway, I prayed I wouldn’t act like a pussy in front of my friends. I shouldn’t have been concerned because the others were as scared as I was. The room itself opened up to the left of the door-frame and centered on the right side of the room was a queenish sized bed. Propped up on pillows, with the blanket drawn to the waist, arms on top of the blanket, and worst of all, head turned slightly so it was looking you straight in the eyes when you entered the room was a life sized porcelain doll. Snow white skin, jet black hair, cold dead eyes. The dead eyes lit up with our flashlights. Like she was waiting for us. If the head hadn’t been turned I could excuse it, but it was turned. Ready for when we walked in. Ready for 20 years. Hasty fucking exits were made down the stairs and into the car. It was during the ride we started to get even more creeped out when we realized that even though the house had been abandoned, someone had taken the time to set up that goddamn doll. Not packing food, clothes, or family photos. Setting up the doll was one of the last things done in this house. We researched their names, but got nothing. No tragic car accident. No grisly massacre. No extended family. Just a tacky time-capsule in the middle of nowhere. We found out that the county had taken possession of the land for nonpayment of taxes, explaining the locks, but never tracked down anymore information on what happened to them. Or why they left that fucking doll.

    By Reddit user brs677
    We were partying at a usual party spot by the river, and some dude came out of the woods. He just kept saying weird shit like “you gotta watch yourself down here,” “There are some bad folks around here” and when asked who he was he just said, “I’m nobody.” We were all a little sketched out, and basically told the guy to fuck off. A couple days later a girl went off the rope swing there and got really fucked up. Someone put fishing hooks all over the bottom of the rope swing and it took chunks of flesh out of her leg.
    Later we found out the dude was just a guy that lived nearby and although a creepy drunk, he was harmless. There was a fucked up, probably inbred family that lived up the road that he would warn people about. About 5 years later, last year, they beat some kid up with a log and kidnapped some girl at gunpoint and took her on a joy ride.

    By Redditt user so_so_so_bored
    Last year, a guy came to my house’s door around 9:00 at night. He knocked and I got my mom, and she went out to see what was up. By the way, we live in a very rural area, so visits that late are extremely uncommon and strange.The guy talked to my mom about how he was opening a business, asked whether she liked american-made products, then handed her a clorox container as a ‘sample.’ He went back to his minivan and opened it to get a 'vacuum cleaner’ when my mom saw five other men sitting inside. She told me to run and get my phone, since we don’t have a land line. I couldn’t find it, so I got my knife and stood around the corner. She threw the container outside and told them to get the hell off her property, as well as that she was calling the cops. They peeled out of the driveway and we never saw the car again.
    Two months later my mom found a single, bearded guy putting filled garbage bags by the back door. She asked him what the hell he was doing- he responded by saying “this is for your little girl” (my little sister). Again, she told him to get the hell out, then went through the bags.They were filled with garbage, dirty clothes, and empty tampon containers.

    By Reddit user GrittySpice
    Working as a paramedic, I was dispatched to what went out as a simple assault call in a bad neighborhood. This was around 10 pm. We arrived at the address to find a man standing behind a row of parallel parked cars in front of his house, yelling in a strange high pitched voice. The police were trying to calm him down. Our first assumption walking up to him was that this was the guy who was injured, but once we got the gurney around the parked cars we saw what was really going on. A dead man was leaned up against a mini cooper, slouched in the gutter. I’ll never forget coming around the car to find him. There was this really unsettling moment that lasted about 2 seconds where I thought he was alive and staring at me, then realizing he was looking through me, then realizing he was dead. He was shirtless and had been stabbed multiple times. And these were brutal wounds. Most stabbings I’d seen up till that point seemed to be simple penetrations, but this guy’s chest and abdomen had been torn to shreds, it was nasty.The guy standing on the curb was yelling in that weird warbly voice, crying, asking if his roommate would be okay. We started CPR and scooped him up and took him to the hospital, knowing that there really was no chance for this guy. After the doctor pronounced him a couple of cops came over from the scene to square away business involving the victim. One of them really dropped a bomb on us. The story they had heard before our arrival was that the victim had left the house to have a smoke, and when his roommate came out to check on him, he found him stabbed to death outside. But after we left for the hospital, someone noticed a trail of blood leading from the house to the curb, implying that he had been stabbed inside. When the police confronted the roommate about this, he managed to run inside and barricade himself in house. There was actually a SWAT team over there dealing with the situation as we spoke. So anyway, the person who had most likely brutally murdered our patient that night had been standing there right behind me for most of the call. Pretty creepy.

    By Reddit user Sweetdish
    A few years back I rented an apartment from a friend of mine. He had recently bought it and had it completely renovated. He put it up for sale but couldn’t find a buyer so I offered to rent it in the meantime.After moving in I realized there was something wrong with the lady next door. She was about 45 but looked much older. She would sit up all night listening to Christian radio shows and talking loudly to someone. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep so I went over to her place and asked her to keep it down. She opened her door and I got a quick peak. Her walks all had crosses painted on them in different colors. And words like “Jesus” and “angels” scribbled everywhere. The windows were painted black letting no light in at all. It was damp, yellow stained 50 year old carpets, dog shit and cock roaches everywhere. No dog though.I asked her to please keep it down. She just looked at me and shut the door. Then she turned up the radio even louder.The next night I had my GF staying over. I wake up in the middle of the night and see a shadow of a person next to the bed looking at us sleeping. I think I’m hallucinating as I usually do in the dark when I’m sleepy. But then the shadow starts talking. It’s my neighbor and she’s holding something in her hand. She broke in during the night and who knows how long she stood there.“You should lock your door at night” she says and walks out.The next morning I hear someone making strange noises below my bedroom window. It’s my neighbor talking to herself in tongue. She has a plastic bag in her hand with her rotting dead dog inside. It’s hot as hell outside and I can smell death from the bag.At this point I’m scared shitless. Shes obviously very insane. I go upstairs and knock on another persons door and ask what the hell is going on. The guy is as scared as me. Apparently she broke into his apartment one evening as well while he was watching tv with his kids. He got up from the couch to get a snack only to find her behind the couch staring at him holding a power drill. (Now I know what was in her hand)At this stage I’m basically pooping myself. I call the cops and they know all about her. Apparently she is a violent schizo and she hasn’t taken her meds. But they can’t force her or enter her apartment w/o her permission because she owns it. The only thing they can do is get her when she goes outside. I sit up for the next two days waiting for her to run out of cigarettes. When I hear her leave at 2am to go across the road to the 7-eleven I call the cops. They have 3 cars and a special van over in less than 2 minutes. They restrain her and throw her in the van and drive off to some institution and in less than a minute it’s like she was never there.I never see her again. Still have nightmares about her looking at me in my sleep.

    By Reddit user wordsfromlee
    This happened to a friend of mines house mate during their time at university. It was at the house she lived in before moving in with my friend after this event occurred. During her second year at university she lived in a house with three other people. At Easter, everyone went back home to their parents for the Easter holidays. Her first night back after returning from the Easter break she woke up in the morning to find some things moved about in her bedroom. She thought nothing of it and put it down to moving it herself the night before and not remembering. She woke up the next morning to more stuff moved around. Like her TV and chair etc. she started to get a bit scared and told her house mates to quit moving her stuff about as it wasn’t funny and very creepy. They all said they didn’t touch anything. The next morning even more stuff had been moved and she started to get very worried. Again, she told her house mate to stop but they swore they haven’t touched anything and were getting very concerned themselves. The fourth night she woke up during the middle of the night. She looked over and in the darkness she could see a figure sitting at her desk. She freaked the fuck out, ran out of the room, locked the door and called the police. The police turn up and they unlock the door. Sure enough, there is a guy there, probably early 20s, sitting at her desk. Calm as anything. The police arrest him and take him away. A couple of days later they find out that the guy was actually a mentally handicapped person who lived at a care home not far down the road. His mother had looked after him until her death a year or so earlier when he was then moved into the home. He’d been a missing person for a few weeks and it turned out that the house this girl and her friends lived in used to be his and his mothers house. In particular, her bedroom used to be his. He eventually told the police that when he ran away from the home, his old house was where he went to. He managed to get in somehow and spent the whole time there. Two and a half weeks. Sleeping under the girls bed. Coming out at night while she slept to move her stuff so it was like how he had it when it was his bedroom.

    By Reddit user Darkest-timeline
    It was very early morning/late at night, whatever you wanna call it. Around 5am, still dark. My dad and brother and I were in the car, driving to the mosque. On the way there, there’s this dimly lit road, with a forest on both sides, and a bend that made it difficult to see. Bear in mind this isn’t a residential area, there isn’t even a sidewalk and the nearest intersection is a good kilometer either way. So we’re driving, we get to this bend, and just before it we see a figure sort of waving us down. They were dressed kinda odd, but I figured it was some sort of running outfit. I don’t wanna say it was glowing or reflective cause I don’t fully remember, but it just made me assume it was some sort of running outfit. Couldn’t make out his face, or anything about him other then his clothing. So he’s waving us down dramatically, my dad slows down but doesn’t really think anything of it. As we turn along the road, we see a car like right freaking there. It was just out of view before the curve in the road, so we would have definitely hit it if my dad didn’t slow down. Dad stops, quickly checks on the driver of the car to make sure he’s okay, then doubles back for some reason, maybe to thank the guy who warned us. He drove back quite a ways. No one, on either side of the road. It was about 60 seconds from initially seeing the guy to turning around to where he was, no time for him to really go anywhere.

    By Reddit user DAMNATiON182
    About 6 years ago, I was in my final year of high school and due to the weird timetable that 12th grade had at my school, we regularly had 2+ hour breaks between classes, early finishes, and longer lunch breaks. My house was about a 20 minute walk away from school, and I would usually just walk home either by myself or with a friend and chill until we had to head back.My school was located on the outskirts of the city, and my house a little bit further out. I lived on about 40 acres on a dirt road. Along the dirt road, I had been passing a really foul smell about 5 minutes away from my house. I couldn’t tell where the smell was coming from, but it was definitely close to the road. I had passed this smell about 4 times over roughly a week of school but figured it was a dead animal due to the area.After an exam, I was walking home with a friend and the smell was worse than ever, so as you do, we decided to walk into the grass to search for whatever the smell was. We ended up finding a black garbage bag that was completely blown up like a balloon about 5 meters from the road. As a joke, I threw a rock at it and it popped and shot out this foul white goo and immediately, my friend and I started dry-reaching. We ran away as fast as we could, laughing and vomiting, back home to my place. I didn’t think anything of it as I figured it was a cat or something that someone had dumped.I remember walking back from school the next week, by myself, and there were mounted police on their horses walking down the road slowly, and near one of the entrances to my property, there was a dog squad with sniffer dogs walking around. I didn’t take much notice of all the police and what they were doing, but literally as soon as I got closer to the area that we had found the bag, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and I thought “Oh shit…”. The bag ended up being the body of a girl who had been murdered and was dumped along the fence-line of my property. I still feel sick when I think about it.

    By Reddit user apropos_cluster
    I was in Minot, ND with my old band. Our tour van blew a head gasket and we were stuck there for a few days. Everyone was tired on day 2, but I was wide awake. I walk for a bit and make it to some scummy bar. I’m obviously not from around there, and nobody is saying a word to me. After 2 beers, I start to get a tad nauseous and dizzy. I put my head in my hand and try to let it pass, but it keeps getting worse. Suddenly, a voice says “you’ll feel pain tonight”. I jump and look up and a tall roughly 40 year old man is walking to the bathroom, turns back and glances at me. I called my friends and got the fuck out of there. I slept for 12-13 hours and felt awful/loopy the next day. I was roofied.

    By Reddit user TummySticksss
    I lived in a small college town and my apartment complex was walking distance from the bar/downtown area. One weekday night, I stepped out on our front porch to smoke a cigarette or two (I was up late studying). I brought my text book with me and sat down on the stairs while I smoked. A girl, who I had never met but who lived one apartment over but down on the ground floor, came home from downtown. She was by herself and you could tell from her walk she had been drinking. She got in her apartment and barely got the door closed before some guy, who came out of nowhere, knocked on her door. She opened and I noticed he introduced himself, which was weird because it was after 2:30 am, who comes to a strange girl’s apartment at that time? So I decide to stay outside and pay attention. They ended up talking for over ten minutes, she later acknowledged how weird the situation was but did not know how to end the conversation. He would do the creepiest things, like he reached up and stroked her hair at least three times, and would try and slowly inch his way closer to her and the door. I made a point of being loud with my textbook so he would know I was there and he disappeared as eerily as he had come. We called the cops, and days later they had the girl and me sit with a sketch artist. As soon as the sketch was made public, floods of calls came in. Guy turned out to be a serial rapist who followed lone girls home from bars and pretended to be a cab offering them a ride. This girl just got lucky because she lived so close to the bars, he didn’t get a chance to pull the cab routine.
House Party

Simon x Reader

Summary: literally just making out w simon at a house party lmao id say tho that everyones collectively 19 years old in this bc i accidently made it at his parents house but what can ya do

Warnings: none but theres hints at like sexual acts or whatevs near the end 

A/N: this is the first fanfic/imagine ive had the guts to actually post so like send me suggestions for the other lads if you want fam

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More than this-Stiles Stilinski/Theo Raeken {part 13}

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A/N: I don’t really know what to say because i’m kind of tired, but i actually updated again so wow props to me i guess? :) I hope you like this chapter, mah bby Kira is finally back..and someone else makes their presence too ;) I would be extremely happy about feedback or a reblog or just if you enjoy my story :) Love you guys xx

warnings: swearing, mentions of sExual IntErcOurse *scandalous* (i hate myself lol)

,,If you would have known that he broke my heart and then slept with me, you would think differently wouldn’t you?”

I looked into blanc faces. Was it shock? Did they process what I had just said?

My mother nervously laughed, showing how irritated she was.

,,You can’t be serious.  I don’t know what has gotten into you! This is not how I raised you, young lady!”

My father nodded, sending me a disappointed look.

,,Your mother is right. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.”

The realization that they showed no interest in my confession about Stiles, whatsoever, hit me. They just didn’t believe me.

It was always like that. Whenever I had done something that had upset them and I would try to explain it to them, they wouldn’t believe a word I said. Instead of letting me defend myself, they just ignored me.

,,You don’t believe me, do you? Well guess what. You shouldn’t have booked ONE SINGULAR FUCKING Room for me and Stiles, because while you guys slept oh-so-peacefully in your shared room, me and Stiles had FREAKING SEX IN OURS!”

“Watch your mouth! I can’t be-“

,,NO!” I interrupted them ,,I don’t need to hear it! I don’t need to hear you telling me how disappointed you are in me and how disgusted you are. I don’t need to hear you talk about what of a fucking screw-up I am. I already know! I already feel bad about myself! PLEASE, for ONCE, give it a damn rest and let us just drive home!”

When I was done with my rant, I was out of breath and just felt exhausted. I noticed warm liquid pouring down my face and realized I had cried- again. I was just completely done with this whole situation. I just wanted to go home and curl up into a ball. Literally.

My parents exchanged looks, they seemed to contemplate on whether or not to drag this conversation out even more. My mother nodded at my dad, who then turned to me with a frown.

,,Get back in the car. But don’t think this conversation is over! We’ll talk about this once we’re at home and ready.”

Even if I wasn’t happy with the thought of having to talk about this again, it was enough for now.

But when I turned around to head back to the car, my mood dropped even lower. There was Stiles, looking at me with the car window down. He had listened to the entire scenario. His expression was unreadable and I was too eager on getting this trip over with to think about it.

,,I’m the worst person on this entire fucking planet.” I sighed loudly, plopping down on Kira’s bed.

The car drive had remained silent for the most part. I tried my best to not look at Stiles through the side mirror and I listened to music on my phone to avoid any sort of conversation.

When we had arrived, I ran up to my room as quickly as possible, put all of my stuff on my bed and left immediately. Luckily my parents were so distracted by unpacking, they didn’t notice my absence.

I had called Kira and told her to pick me up a few houses away from where I lived, and she came as fast as she could.

The original plan was that I would stay calm, just chat with her for a while, maybe watch a movie and then as the day progressed, I would tell her about the Stiles situation.

Well, the plan failed. Miserably.

Instead, as soon as I entered her car and she greeted me with a hug, I burst out into tears.

She consoled me for a solid twenty minutes until I stopped crying so we could drive to her place.

,,No (y/n), you’re not. Look, I’m not saying that what you guys did was okay, it totally wasn’t. “ she laid down beside me on her bed, turning her face to give me a sympathetic smile.

,,But you’re human. And you’re feelings for Stiles go deep. You guys are messy and confusing and honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that something like that happened.”

She scooted closer to me and rested her head against mine ,,I love you (y/n), and I want you to be happy. But you can’t keep doing this. This whole push and pull between you and Stiles it’s…it’s killing you. I can see it. And then there’s Theo….”

Kira had always been the one who could give me the best advice. She would support me and build me up all the time, but she was also honest about everything. I knew what she said made sense. And I also knew that I had to make an important decision, one that I was just simply not ready for.

And like she said, there was still Theo. For as long as I could, I tried not to think about him, because every time I let myself do that, the guilt would eat me alive. He was there for me when I needed someone the most. At first he was just a casual hook-up, someone to take my mind of Stiles. But he had become so much more than just a rebound or a distraction. I genuinely liked him. He made me feel safe and…loved. And I had already started to give up on love.

For what felt like the thousand time today, my emotions took over and I started to cry.

,,I can’t do this Kira. I can’t.” I sobbed.

For the rest of the afternoon, Kira soothed me, brought me my favorite snacks and put in my favorite movies.

When the sun was starting to set, it was my cure to take off. Kira insisted to drive me home, and I wasn’t really complaining.

I stood in front of my door for probably five minutes before pulling out my keys and entering, dreading the upcoming talk with my parents. I just hoped and prayed they weren’t too mad at me and we could end this without any more screaming.

While I was taking off my jacket, my father was already walking towards me, wearing a stern expression. Mentally preparing myself I raised my eyebrows at him, in a so-are-we-going-to-have-the-talk-now? kind of way.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was my dad telling me that ,,There’s someone waiting for you upstairs” in the most cold tone ever.

And what I definitely wasn’t prepared for, was to find Theo standing in my room.

As soon as we made eye contact, his face lit up and he strode towards me, grabbing myself and pressing his lips against mine after mumbling

,,God, I missed you.”

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More than this confessions:

“ Hi, I just read More than this, and I wanted to say I really enjoyed it. But jeezzz, that cliffhanger though! (I also secretly really like it that Malia is a bitch in this and kira is the ultimate bad ass, because I don’t like Malia at all ( idk why) and kira is just awesome). Keep up the good work👍🏻 “ - anon

Am I Valid?

Tw: abuse:self harm:assault

Is it valid for me to claim to be an abuse victim? I’ve never been struck, but I’ve been pushed around, pushed into walls, grabbed harshly in anger, dragged (literally) into fights with my parents (I would be like I don’t want to argue and walk away and my father would physically drag me back), I’ve been threatened to be beaten with a paddle as a teen, as a child when I misbehaved my father would grab me and force me to cuddle him on his bed (partly why I’m so bad with physical touch. It’s not my fucking autism like my parents claim) and I’ve had to deal with my parents blatantly neglecting my health. Aka ignoring my allergies, not getting me tested for autism even tho my PSYCHOLOGIST MOTHER suspected my autism since I was eight months old? , they also refuse to take me to see a psychiatrist despite me showing signs of BPD, ADHD, and Bipolar (my psychologist says I need to see a psychiatrist). They refuse to get me medication for my existing disorders aka severe depression and anxiety, and punished me severely when I was caught self harming. Aka they cut me off from communicating with all my friends and forced me into therapy. When I was found out as homosexual they had me go to conversion therapy and I lost some of my best friends in the world. I’m constantly derided for things I can’t control and to this day my father accuses me of not having autism because I’m not stereotypical…. my mother is fairly anti gay and throws her beliefs in my face. She was a trump voter and tried to justify it to me, a sexual assault victim. Oh also?? My parents, who both have yelled at me with no reason and been awful over the smallest faults, when they confronted my assaulted and abusive ex boyfriend never raised their voice or their hands at him. They refused to let me call the police either. It’s appalling. This is my life. I’m almost eighteen. Yesterday I asked if I could get an undercut haircut and my father started a fight about it which resulted in him doing more shoving. I can’t do this but I can’t go to anyone. Am I an abuse victim or just an over dramatic kid….?

These thoughts are what go through my head on mother’s and Father’s Day. Am I a bad child for not giving a damn about these holidays?

Edit: my dad punched through the door of my old bedroom when I was fourteen trying to get to me

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ahshssh I remember one time I told my best friend at the time that once when I didn't go to school my mother literally dragged me by my hair onto the roadside and kicked me on the pavement and she genuinely replied with "yeah I TOTALLY understand!! My mum shouted at me once when I didn't go :( why are our parents so awful :'(" I want to leave this planet, why are people so obsessed with having trauma??? I mean it's not cute or quirky, it just ruins your life??

i ,,, hate ,,, everybody ?? 
i genuinely just hate everybody because people have no respect for others and think that they can empathize with abuse and trauma because they had a mediocre // trivial experiencea fljsadlfajsdfl 

why does everyone want 2 b a trauma survivor
someone explain!

Hi, my name is Sarah.  I am 18 years old, and I am an English and Linguistics student from Scotland.  I told my parents that I was an atheist in May 2014, and they didn’t exactly take it very well — they threatened to disown me.  They had also been abusing me for most of my childhood, but this was definitely the point where it was at its worst.  My parents forced me to go to church after they found out about my atheism, and around halfway through December 2014, I began to realise that I literally couldn’t go into any church without passing out, because I now associate churches with the abuse that I faced from my parents during my childhood and teenage years.  Not planned, of course; I would give anything to stop it.  My parents saw this, but continued to drag me to church anyway, no matter how much I begged them to stop, because it was triggering me.  They continued to do this for three months, until one of the youth leaders finally found out and got the whole story out of me.  He contacted the pastor of the church, and I was finally allowed to stay at home while the rest of my family went to church every Sunday evening. 

I’m so glad that it’s over now, but I do still get triggered by random everyday things that sometimes remind me of the church or my parents.  Even hearing hymns or carols on the radio can trigger me. And it also occurred to me a few months ago that this will stop me from doing a lot of things that most people take for granted: for example, if I ever get invited to a wedding that just happens to be held in a church, I can’t go to it.  I also won’t be able to go to christenings, funerals, Christmas services, Easter services, etc.  Basically, as long as it’s in a church, I can’t go to it, because I’ll end up passed out on the floor within a matter of minutes.

I also just wanted to say how thankful I am that a blog like yours exists.  So many people that I have met just assume that I have no problems with my family because I’m not religious, but it could not be further from the truth.  Your blog allows people to bring this issue to light, and I am extremely thankful for that.

Hi Sarah, thank you so much for sharing your story with the Tumblr community. While I’m certainly not a professional in this realm, is it possible that you could speak to a therapist about the issue and get coached through some of your troubles so you can attend events that happen in churches? I’m sure you’ve already considered this; I just hate that you’d be missing out on some of these things you mentioned (like weddings) because of the abuse of your parents. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending nothing but positive vibes your way. <3

{ Wait–! Hold that pose! }

; Whoa, scary dude– really scary dude. Cautiously the mortal took a step back, careful not to look the male straight in the eye. She was having a good rung with not getting in trouble; hopefully she wouldn’t mess up with this threatening figure.

that’s the biggest bullshit of a happy john story i have ever heard omg they were literally just trying to make Cas feel better. that was the best they had. “my dad dragged me to safety after i was drugged it was p cool and then he told me it wasn’t my job to like him. what a cool dad.”

that’s actually called being the bare minimum of a decent parent and it was the best they had.

A not so kid friendly welcome...


Being the 17-year-old daughter of 2 celebrities made my life a living hell sometimes, but other times it was fun.

Today I was glad of it, because I had called my aunt Selena during lunch and got tickets for her highly anticipated new movie premiere for me and my friends! Selena told me to ask our parents if we could go first though, since she couldn’t reach them and it was easier for us to do it, so as soon as Danny, my annoying 13-year-old kid brother, and I got back from school we went searching for our parents.

“MOM? DAD?” I screamed as soon as I had dropped my bag in the front hall.

“Anyone home?” Danny screamed from behind me, shutting the front door.

“Maybe they are in the studio?” I said, “Come on!”

We ran down the hall to the basement stairs and went down to the home studio…. But they weren’t there.

“You sure the security guys said they were here?” I asked Danny, considering he had actually thought of asking them when we were let through the gates at the bottom of the drive.

“Yup! He said they hadn’t left all day… so they must be somewhere around here…” He replied.

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