my parents can do my dirty work

no offense but im so tired… as i type this im hearing girls in class gossiping about a post-grad whispering “SHES A STRIIPPERR NOW OMG SHE STRIPS FOR MONEY WHAT A WHORE YOU CAN TELL FROM HER INSTAGRAM!! DO HER PARENTS KNOW??¿¿ HARAM THIS IS SO SAD… WHO DOES THAT… IM DISAPPOINTED IN MY GENERATION” and im internalizing this moral standard and feeling guilty as shit for it, and i know a few hours later im gonna be taking a taxi to a stranger’s house in a shoddy part of al khobar and doing my illegal fucking dirty work, my secret fucking day job, and then ill go home and on the internet see 100,000+ note posts about how ace people are discriminated because they don’t want sex. this is every single day. im so fucking tired