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Breasts are an important part of Espionage

So my boyfriend is the DM of a campaign that we are only 3 sessions in. Our dwarven rogue told us his tragic past and that he must kill the lord of this town tonight in revenge for his parents. All our characters present are chaotic neutral so we all agreed to help, plus my monk can cast pass without trace so we easily got in. Before we left, we planned out disguises in case we were seen so we could slip away. My monk chose to look like a french maid, making the DM sigh and roll his eyes.

DM: As you are approaching the center of the castle, you come upon some french doors which you know lead to the lord’s chambers.
Me: So I was smart to dress like a french maid!!

The other party members laughed.

DM: What? No. The doors aren’t french, that’s just the name of the style of double doors-
Me: Ahem! *gesturing to my breasts and making an opening motion of doors over them, looking directly at the DM* You were SAYING???

Everyone started cracking up and my friend (the bard) fist-bumped me. My boyfriend sighed in defeat, suppressing laughter, and reluctantly high-fived me.

Dating them: Teen Wolf Edition (Scott, Stiles and Derek)

Scott McCall:

Pet(s) you two get: A cute lil’ corgi
First move: Scott, because Stiles made him. You were having lunch with your friends one day when a vigorously blushing Scott, fiddling with his fingers, came over and said “I, er, my friend, no, um, I’m Scott and he’s Stiles and would you like to go bowling after school? Still cool if, uh, if you can’t but um, yea.”
Where did you go for your first date: As he said, bowling.
What his friends think of you: Stiles approved the relationship since day one, but he’s complaining that Scott spends more time on you than him; Lydia thinks you’re pretty smart and cute; Derek doesn’t mind you since you give some useful solutions sometimes
What his parent(s) think of you: Mama McCall thinks you’re good for Scott, since you help him study and all. Bonus point because you know how to cook
Your song: Enchanted - Taylor Swift
What he got you for Christmas: a nice pair of earrings he saw you looking at the other day

Stiles Stilinski:

Pet(s) you two get: Goldfishes. Stiles wanted to get an owl originally because you both are Harry Potter fans but decided against it
First move: You. You liked Stiles for a long time, but he didn’t seem to know. Your bike broke down one day and Stile’s jeep was parked beside your bike, so you asked him if he could give you a ride. Then you casually asked him if he’d like to watch a movie together
Where did you go for your first date: You two were originally going to the movies, but he went the wrong way and you two ended up going to an ice cream parlour
What his friends think of you: Liam thinks you’re fun to be around since you’ve got so many exciting ideas; Scott thinks you two are tailor-made for each other, the kind that finishes each other’s sentences; Derek thinks you two are too lovey-dovey to his liking (still cute together, though)
What his parent(s) think of you: Papa Stilinski thinks you + Stiles are adorable, but always doing some crazy stuff. But he likes you, since you made Stiles so happy.
Your song: End up here - 5 seconds of summer
What he got you for Christmas: He got you a new bike with his face printed all over it as a joke, but you ride it to school with pride everyday (which Stiles thinks is funny, adorable, and a little annoying), he got you a snow globe for real, since he remembered you saying that you like snow globes.

Derek Hale:

Pet(s) you two get: a hedgehog because it’s just like Derek. It might have thousands of spines on the outside, but it’s all cute and fluffy on the inside
First move: You. You got lost and stumbled across the Hale house one day and saw an angry looking Derek (which was his usual face). He offered to lead you back and on the way you two talked (mostly you, though, he didn’t talk much. But he did give you a little smile), and you instantly felt like you were obliged to make him smile everyday 
Where did you go for your first date: The beach since you think he needs more sunshine and some good fun.
What everyone thinks of you: YES. YES. YES. No one has ever seen Derek smile so wide, so much, and so long, not even Peter. Derek’s sourwolf situation got better, and now Stiles calls him “sourwolf with sugar and icing on top”. Derek lights up whenever he sees you, and he melts around you.
Your favourite movie to watch together: Derek is secretly always up for chick-flicks. All time favourite is Mean Girls. He could secretly quote the whole movie. Scott and Stiles might have heard him quote Regina George once and let me tell you, they were nowhere near ready to hear that.
Your song: I love you - Alex and Sierra
What he got you for Christmas: He wasn’t so sure what to get you, so he took you shopping. Bonus: you also get a gigantic Derek hug and a very, very, PG kiss from him. 

I Love Myself Because...

I was tagged by @evyiione, you look amazing btw!


Post a selfie and list 5 to 10 reasons you love yourself. Then tag 10 other people who need to know how much they love themselves. Because we all need a reminder of how amazing we are!

1. I love my hair. It’s not so purple anymore but it still looks enchanting

2. I am not the thinnest, but that’s just me. I like food and binge watching Bob’s Burgers

3. I look pretty with and without makeup

4. I am smart. Not genius smart, but I want to learn and I always reach my goals

5. I’ve survived a divorce (my parents, not me. I didn’t get divorced lol) and I keep on surviving my father’s job (he’s a soldier and a veteran)

6. I am always trying to stay positive, cause my happiness can affect other people and help them

7. I always try to help, no matter what it is or who it is

8. I am a feminist, which I love about myself, cause I believe that everyone should be equal

9. I am bisexual and I do not accept hate on other people hating on ANY sexuality 

10. I am just a really great, confident, smart, friendly and pretty girl!


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Here’s a list of cute things that happen while I helped babysit today.

• I bonded with a 4th grader over video games and tech. He, “can’t believe you (I) have an Xbox one, PS4 and Nintendo switch.” I’m almost certain he thinks I’m cool (I’m not).

• He wants a Nintendo switch, hover board and just dance 2017. (I brought my switch for him to play with and just dance 2016 but I forgot the camera *deep sigh*) He’s nervous about a state test he has Tuesday. I assured him he’d do great. He then told me he got a 100 on his English paper on helping parents. I told him his smarts must be genetic because his aunt, my friend, is also a smarty pants.

• He asked me when and why I got an alien tattooed on my wrist. I explained it just fits me.

• His little brother who I believe is 4 doesn’t talk much but he did talk to me briefly about the old man in Zelda and how he no longer had a sword to defeat the pigs in the game. I tried finding him a sword but jump off a building without the paraglider and died, (I forgot I let them make their own profile and start a new game.) I then gave the controller back.

• Their oldest younger sister is an absolute queen of cuteness. She’s like 2 or 3 and apparently loves make up.

• She asked me if my tattoo was painted on I explained that it is but I doesn’t come off. She gently rubbed it. (This is the second time she’s asked about it actually)

• Later she asked me if I was a girl or a boy. I said girl and added well sorta at the end because I tend to dress “boyish”. I found the question oddly polite she couldn’t decide so she asked.

• Even later over Mac & Cheese she told me with adorable conviction, “hey your beautiful.” I told her she’s also beautiful much of our conversation after this was about snacks.

• Their littles sister who isn’t yet 1 loves to bounce . Watching her bounce in the little thing made me think about the song jumpman. No matter what the song is though she looks like she’s really hype and jumping.

• My friend recorded a video of her bouncing with jumpman playing in the background its is a blessed video and I love it.

• I called her jumpman for the rest of the day.

• Their cousin who’s a rambunctious 2 year old is good time.

• We shared fries, his love of them is adorable.

• He came up to me waved his arms around yelling rawr. When I did it back and tickled him he laughed we did it back and forth tbh would have done it all day I love his laugh.

• We had a Thomas The Train vs Robot match and clearly it was all for show everybody knows a robot would kick Thomas ass. No tea just facts. We’ve all seen iron giant.

Can you tell I love kids?

Dialogue Prompts

1) “Make the smart choice and keep your mouth shut, yeah?”

2) “I’m not here for that, I’m here to talk.”

3) “There are few things as painful as loving someone who will never love you back.”

4) “I’m sorry, I heard what happened to your parents-“ “If you were really sorry you would’ve stopped your sister.”

5) “Listen to me! You mean the world to me, please, just let me help!”

6) “I haven’t been back in a very long time.”

7) “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but falling for you was never one of them.”

8) “Do you know what they said?” “Yes.” “Are you going to tell me?” “No.”

9) “Just go already.”

10) “Do you remember what you said to me on the day we met?” “No.” “I bet you thought this was going to be cute but I can’t remember either.”

11) “I’ve wasted too long being here with you, what the hell was I thinking.”

12) “I thought you said-” “I said a lot of things to you, I can assure you most of them were lies.”

13) “It’s kind of comforting knowing we’re all under the same sky. Even if we are thousands if miles away from each other.”

14) “I want to stay here.” “Not an option.”

15) “Have you ever talked to someone so annoying you’ve seriously questioned just how above murder you are?”

16) “I swear, trying to reason with that woman is like repeatedly slamming ones head against a brick wall! Pointless and painful.”

17) “If you knew what I said about you that night … Wow, you’d never forgive me, but don’t worry, I won’t forgive me either.”

18) “I thought this was forever.” “Forever got boring.”

19) “So what? It’s not like it’s the end of the world.” “I feel like you might’ve just jinxed us.”

20) “Remember when we used to be friends?” “I mean … Aren’t we still?” “No, I mean like best friends. Remember that?” “Yeah …” “Why’d we stop?”

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Rafael and Sonny going for the kids parent teacher conferences


Okay, but they definitely wear their nicest suits to any and all parent-teacher conferences. So if they aren’t already wearing their nicest suit because of work that day, they change into it before heading to Elisa and Oliver’s school.

They are always the most beaming and proud parents, too, as they listen to their kids’ teachers go on and on about how smart they both are, how kind, how they’re always the first to volunteer whenever help is needed around the classroom or needed by another student.

Normally, in Elisa’s parent-teacher conferences, her teachers will always make some sort of observation about Elisa’s love of art, and encourage Sonny and Rafael to allow her to pursue that. And of course, they reassure her that they absolutely are, before her teacher then goes into how she’d love for Elisa to teach the class a bit of ASL for a fun project near the end of the school year.

And in Oliver’s parent-teacher conferences, his teachers will always point out how shy Oliver is in class even though they know how smart and sharp he actually is because of the work he turns in. And Sonny and Rafael will tell them that they’re trying to work on that at home, at getting Oliver to open up just a little bit more, even if it’s only to his teacher or a new friend.

But they always leave, always, hand-in-hand and smiling at each other, hearts full in their chests because of how blessed they feel to have such wonderful children. And well, maybe it’s a little bit because they helped raise them to be so wonderful, too.

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I'm terrified of living independently someday. My executive dysfunction makes it difficult to get things done. Visual-spatial issues make navigating places hard. And my motor skills issues make adult tasks like driving and cleaning hard. My parents know I'm ND, but mostly think I'm just quirky and awkward. They don't understand how scared I am. How can I either make them understand or find someone else who can help me figure everything out?

I completely understand. I had the same fears, particularly regarding executive functions, and even more particularly as I have the organisation and memory skills of a gnat. Not even a particularly smart gnat, either. 

I have lived on my own for about four months, and it is hard. I consistently forget to pay my bills, and remembering to buy food is tricky. I don’t drive and never will, and my flat is a mess. 

I don’t know how to make your parents understand, other than merely talking to them about it, but unfortunately they may be determined not to take you seriously. Maybe some kind of social worker or vocational support worker might be able to help you? It also might theoretically be possible to go into supported housing for adults with learning disabilities or mental health problems, where you live mostly independently but have staff available to help when you need them, depending on where you live. If you go to college or university and live in halls, the RAs will probably be able to help support you, too.

Sorry if this wasn’t particularly helpful?

- Sana

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Are you or has your family ever been poor?

i mean the short answer is no. i wouldn’t consider my family to be poor although there’ve been times back when i was young when my parents were struggling to pay the bills n put food on the table for me n my brothers. my mom came from a rich family tho (my grandfather was kind of a genius? like he helped develop the modern barcode and made a computer that invented prime numbers n shit?? wish i got his math smarts but instead i got The Depression lol anyway my point is we had extended family that helped us out a great deal. That being said, after the recession hit my “father” lost his job and his home. he was unemployed and homeless for about 2 years. we had some lean times, but we got off very lucky (and by lucky i mean privileged)

Between Takumi and Leo, I can honestly say that Leo is my favorite Fire Emblem Fates character for a very personal reason. I am basically the runt of the litter in my family, but I’m also much smarter and more mature than my two older brothers. Like Leo, I sometimes feel like my parents ignore me because I’m so smart that they think I am able to take care of myself and don’t need help, but that neglect has badly affected me causing me to have a nasty inferiority complex. So after seeing his B-support with out character, it made me respect him so much more as a character.


Some AUs bc we need some age appropriate school stuff:

  • We’re in a project together at school so we exchanged numbers but you accidentally butt dialed me and I found out that you kinda sorta like me a little bit au
  • You fell asleep in class and I covered for you even though we’ve never talked au
  • We take the same bus to school and there weren’t any more seats so you had to sit by me au
  • You moved after elementary school but came back for hs and we picked up right where we left off au
  • We follow each other on tumblr and decided to meet and it is actually the kid from my school that I always thought was a jerk au
  • I heard you talking shit about my fav so naturally I came to yell at you but found out you weren’t talking about the same show and you actually love the same character I love au
  • You laughed at my joke/pun in class when everyone else groaned and now you wanna hear more au
  • My parents told me to get a tutor in math so asked you for help bc I know you’re smart but the only thing I’ve learned so far is that you are cute au
  • You didn’t even know me but you saw I was sad and tried to cheer me up au
  • I noticed you looking at my test answers and I pushed my paper closer to you so you could get a better look au
  • We used to be friends in elementary school but we grew apart and now we’re in high school math together and you said one of our inside jokes out loud au
  • You’re a trouble maker so the teacher thought that changing seats so little perfect me was sitting next to you was a good idea but now we both get in trouble au
  • Meet in detention au
  • You saw me drop a lot of papers in the hall and were the only one who helped me pick them up au
  • We were both late to class and you asked me if I wanted to skip with you and I said okay au
  • We have a class set of books and when I opened mine I saw what you wrote and I wrote back so we’re kinda pen pals au
  • We don’t have any classes together but we smile and wave at each other in the halls au
  • You said something in class that made me realize you have the same secret obsession with (Zac Efron) as I do au
  • I saw your dog and ran to pet it w/o noticing who the owner was but now I see you and wow au
  • I created a hot sim in The Sims 4 and it looks EXACTLY like you au
  • I was reading fanfic on the school computer and you saw and realized it was yours au

Today one of my 6th graders named Martin was like, “Ms. W, you know what I decided? I’m gonna be the first Mexican president!”

And I was like, “Ooh yeah, I bet you could! I would totally vote for you!”

His face just lit up, and I wasn’t lying, because he’s an awesome, really smart kid.

I was especially happy to hear this after a few weeks ago, when a white male student from a different class told me in private that he had been “offended” by my comment that “maybe someday we’ll have a Mexican president” during our class discussion over civil rights.

The idea of a black president seemed fine to him, and he didn’t object to my comment that we might have our first female president, but Mexican? No. I know he’s just a 6th grader right now, and he can’t help what attitudes his parents are teaching him, but it was still troubling.

I made the same comment in Martin’s class, and if this is the result, then I’m really glad that I didn’t hold back. He might have chosen this particular dream without any encouragement from me, but I’d like to think that he at least felt excited and comfortable telling me because of it.

Augh, today was hard. I have a step grandpa (who was there my whole childhood and is more like my actual grandpa haha) who is having issues with his blood sugar/balance and lives in my home town an hour away. I visit him every two weeks for lunch and to help him clean, etc. He’s smart and independent, but I worry about him. Ross and I are the only family he has here and I just want him to be ok. My parents don’t help because my mom is in a nursing home because she has MS and my dad re-married into another family and I barely see him. 

I usually don’t share personal stuff on here, but I just want everyone to know that you’re a strong person if you’re there for a family member who’s ill, or just needs the help because they’re older. Life is hard, and you deserve to be thanked for all you do and for how much you care. Also sharing this on tumblr is ok, I feel like this is a safe place full of birbs and friends. So anyway, <3 to all of you. 

I didn’t know lazerprincess, but what I do know is that transphobia is the reason for her death. She wasn’t on an early morning walk, she didn’t get hit by a truck, she posted her suicide note online and jumped in front of a semi. Her mother still refuses to use the correct pronouns, has media calling her “him” “his” “son” and Josh. I am disgusted, appalled but unfortunately not surprised. If someone needs help, listen. If someone is struggling, help them. If someone is hurting, do what you can. The life of a beautiful, smart artist was lost in our community. This was avoidable, this is inexcusable. This has to change. 

Rest in paradise Leelah, your soul can finally be gender fluid and without fear.

To anyone struggling, my ask box is always open. Do not sit in silence, do not become a news article or name parents read in horror. You are loved, you are important, you are wanted by at least one person. I am here and I am willing to listen. Please be safe.  

To any parents, listen to your child. You don’t have to agree with how they live their lives or what they wish to define themselves as, but as a parent it is your job to support and protect them. 

We are a community. Tumblr is a safe place for people to express themselves and find help when they cannot in the outside world. Help those in need and hold the people you love a little closer. 

Leelah did not die in vain. She will not be forgotten. 

I’m your internet dad and I will help you with your homework sometimes because I care about u and ur education. I’m a proud dad and if you make honor roll I’ll put that bumper sticker on my car so all the other parents are jealous of my smart Internet kids.

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I'm 24 years old, and still live with my parents because of my economical situation, is that a bad thing? Keep in mind, I'm always taking care of the rentals, and unfortunately every single job posting I see requires prior experience. Help?

Living with your parents at 24 is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually kind of a smart thing. You are saving money while working to find a better job; there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people in society will judge you for that, but fuck them. You are doing what you feel is best for your situation and only you can really know what that is. Don’t let others look down on you for being responsible with your finances—or for taking care of others.

I have no idea how living at home equates to job experience in your mind, though. The two are not necessarily linked.

Tumblr I need help

I’ve never asked you guys for anything, and I was hoping I never would have to, but that little fur ball in my avi needs a good home ASAP my parents are making me get rid of her because they are punishing me for basically being alive at this point. She’s less than a year old, her name is Ezio, she’s a Russian Blue, she’s fixed, she’s free-willed, she’s smart, she’s the best cat ever… I live in Houston Texas, and I need a good home before my dad just dumps her somewhere, please please spread this around, message me, fuck text me or call me (832)-446-8831 I need to get her good home. Please. Help.

Dinner conversation

Daughter, 7 years old: “So Mom, what kind of patients did you see today?”

Me: “I saw pregnant women and girls who didn’t want to be pregnant."

Daughter: "How did you help them?"

Me: "I did a procedure—like a little surgery—to remove the pregnancy."

Younger daughter, 4 years old: "From the uterus? I have a uterus. That’s where babies are."

Me: "Wow, how do you know that?” (Feeling impressed she came up with *uterus* on her own.)

Younger daughter: “We have a book at my school about making babies.”

Love my job, love my smart, curious little girls who are learning all about their bodies, and about abortion like it is a normal part of women’s health care. (Also love my daughter’s preschool!)

—From a family medicine physician 

This is why Brendon And Ryan are both so important to me. These kids were both raise religiously. Ryan had to pretend he was catholic at school and Brendon just said he risked his parents disowning him if he didnt believe.

But someone just asked him how to tell their parents they dont believe in god and he helped them. He said if it is really important that your parents know, as if you feel you are living a double life, then do it. You shouldn’t be forced to believe.

I was raise that if go against god, i will go to hell. And to see these two men be so successful and happy means a lot to me. This is why i chose to get the lyrics “we’re all to smart to talk to god” tattooed. Because honestly these two kids gave me the guts to break away from my forced religion. 

It seems like an odd this to love someone for. But it means everything to me. And now when my mom rolls her eyes when i say im not go to church or my stepdad rambles about how my lifestyle goes against god’s will, i am no longer affected by it.

There’s a certain word for people who see a campaign like ‘Down with Hate’ and think 'you’re attacking my rights to make shitty memes~ You should kill yourself!’ As well as those who are victim-blaming someone who feels so cornered for just trying to spread kindness that they were suicidal.

'Sociopath’? No, that would imply that these children are smart.

'Children’? No, even children have the capacity for empathy and learning from mistakes.

'Psychotic’? No, that’s an insult to people with Mental disorders who are actually seeking help for them.

Hm… Oh, I know! 'The results of awful parenting and shit-tier education and socialization exercises. Because, really, how else could you explain the existence of such BASTARDS?!’