my parents are separating


“When I was 6, my family had almost no money. My parents had both lost their jobs, and they had separated from one another. My mom was not yet getting any government assistance and we barely had cash for staple groceries. At that point, we were poor enough that my brother and I were probably not going to get much in the way of Christmas presents. And then, a mother of a boy in my first grade class somehow noticed our need and gave my mother $100 to buy gifts for us. She wasn’t a mom who had a lot of money herself, but it was a very generous gift and made a huge impact on us. Not only did we get some material delights that Christmas, but I’m still talking about this gesture more than three decades later. I’m still moved by the kindness of a woman whose name I can’t remember. And more than that, when I was working on founding Random Acts and thinking about what I wanted its mission to be, I couldn’t stop thinking about this small act and how it had stayed with me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that small acts of kindness can have a huge and lasting impact. So here I find myself: A well-to-do grownup with two little kids, having to be gently reminded to stop and notice those struggling around me.” -Misha Collins


To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

Sometimes I really do feel like I have gotten too good at covering things up. I’ve been covering up my personal life for over 6 years. Anytime anything happens I know what to do so that it does not affect me or my emotions on the outside and no one has to know. My parents almost got divorced 3 times and no one knew. They separated and no one knew.

One time I was in sixth grade and they were in a fight. I had been in my room the whole time and I got hungry. Once one of them went upstairs I came downstairs and quietly went to the kitchen to eat something. They came back downstairs and went back to fighting in the kitchen. I felt so scared in that moment because I just wanted to be somewhere else, back in my room and safe. When they were fighting I quietly got close to the back of the kitchen, I was basically standing inside the pantry. Even after it ended I couldn’t make myself move for almost an hour because I was scared. No one knew I was there, they all thought I was up in my room. Eventually I had to find the courage and pretend like I had come downstairs a short while ago to get something and that my dad must have not seen me come down. I took some food and went upstairs.
I guess that’s the worst part I remember.
No wonder I ended up the way I am.

—  writtwithwitt 

Here. One of the comics I started a while back then decided: Nah. The game was coming out soon and my headcanon is too #deep.

Gladion’s parents, Lusamine and Guzma, are separated and he was forced to stay with his mom. But his mom hates him and treats him like trash, so he ran away to join Team Skull and took his mutant dog with him.

Leave the door open please, sis
—  My twin brother and I were home for the holidays when I had noticed that his mental health was getting worse. He would refuse to talk to me about it and instead drink his thoughts away at night, unknown to my parents. Before we left to go our separate ways, my parents went out and it was just me and him. Again, I asked him to talk to me. Instead we argued and he kicked me out his room but told me to keep the door open. I walked past his door a few hours later and found the reflection of him hanging himself. I couldn’t save him in time.

My mom is currently on island and her, Wolfgang and I took a sacred birthing class all weekend together. My mom has been sharing a lot about my birth and Wolfgang called his mom last night to ask about his. As spirit would have it, it turns out Wolfgang and I have very similar birth stories!! Both of our mothers has multiple ultrasounds with us in their bellies, we both were induced in the hospital and our mothers were both given epidurals. Both of our fathers were there physically for the birth but were emotionally unsupportive ~~ my father even told me he went to the bar as soon as I was born (he has been an alcoholic my whole life) ~~ and they both eventually left our mothers very soon after our births (My parents first separation was when I was 2) ~~ Knowing this information and the trauma caused from these types of births, I am even more excited to be intending on a water birth at home for our baby!! With our shaman, whom is also our doula. She will be holding space for the birth of this light being to be held in a sacred ceremony with music (channeling the babies soul song), singing bowls, candles and lots of trust and love. In doing so, our intention is to preserve the divine essence of the babies spirit. Rebirthing ourselves, and creating peace on Earth. We have not had any ultra sounds or used the Doppler to hear the babies heart beat (which uses ultrasound technology) during our pregnancy. There are many energetic bodies to each human vessel and such frequencies of sound bouncing off of the babies body can alter the life force of the being coming through. So HONORED to be of service to humanity, shifting the new paradigm through my transformation into motherhood.

My parents separated, so my mom decided to have a rebound relationship. My mom and I went to an event to meet her new man. My dad was also there and looking v salty. In the distance, I saw my mom hanging around my former sugar daddy. Later, I confronted my ex SD and whispered to him that she was my mother, and he blurted out “THAT’S YOUR MOM?” My mom heard him yell that and wanted to know how we knew each other. My friend told her that her new boy toy and I had history. She started crying and screaming and calling him a pedophile. I ran off to beg my father to get back with my mom. It Was A Mess.

151111 Suga’s Tweets (1/2)

안녕하세여 슈간데여 오늘이 2015대입 수능 전날이다 보니 제가 수능쳤던 해 수능 전날이 생각나네여

Hello this is Suga. Today is the day before the 2015 college entrance exam. It makes me think about the day before I did my college entrance exam.

대구에서 올라온지 딱 일년하고 며칠 지난  날이였는데 부모님이랑 떨어져 살다보니 도시락을 싸줄 사람이 없었죠 하하하

It was a few days after exactly a year that I came up (to Seoul) from Daegu and since I was living separately from my parents, there was no one to pack my lunchbox for me hahaha

그래서 수능장 가기 전에 김밥이나 사가야지 하면서 자려고 했는데 잠이 안오더라구요 서울 올라오면서 공부랑 멀어졌다 생각했는데 꼴에 수험생이라고 크크크크크

So I went to sleep thinking to myself that before going to the college entrance exam location, I should buy kimbab but I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking that I was an exam taker who drifted away from studying when I came up to Seoul.

잠이 안와서 몇시간을 뒤척거리는데 밖에서 어수선한 소리가 들리더라구 그래서 아 얘네가 도시락을 싸고 있구나 생각을 했쥬

I couldn’t fall asleep so I tossed and turned in bed for a few hours but I heard cluttering noises coming from the outside and so I thought ‘Ah, they’re packing my lunchbox for me’.

근데 깨있기도 오래 깨있었고 도시락 싸는거 다 알고 있는데도 문밖으로 못나가겠더라구여 화장실이 가고 싶은데두 그냥 자는 척 했쥬 중간중간에 깨있나 확인도 하더라구여 껄껄 열심히 자는 척함

But I stayed awake and stayed awake for a long time and knew that they were packing my lunchbox as well but I couldn’t go out of the door. I wanted to go to the bathroom as well. I just pretended that I was sleeping and now and then, they’d come in and check as well to see if I was awake haha I worked hard to seem like I was sleeping.

멤버들중에 처음으로 수능치는 거다보니 얘들도 떨렸나봄 나 보다 지들이 더 난리났었음요ㅋㅋ 솔직히 그때 화장실 가고 싶어서 힘들었음 모른척하는건 더 힘들었고 ㅋ

Because among the members, I was the first to take the college entrance exams so the kids seemed nervous as well, they were making a bigger deal about it more than I was keke To be honest, at that time I wanted to go to the toilet so it was hard but it was harder to pretend I didn’t know (that they were making a lunchbox for me) ke

머 여튼 그래서 도시락 받아 들고 나가는데 동생들이 시험 잘치라고 화이팅을 해줬었음 그땐 내가 숙소에서 맏형이 였으니 다 동생이였지 미안 오타났네 반신욕하면서 타이핑한거라 이해바람요

Anyways so I receive the lunchbox, and was leaving and the donsaengs told me ‘fighting’ and do well on the exam. At the time, I was the eldest hyung in the dorm so they were all dongsaengs. Sorry, I made a typo. I was in the bath so please be understanding of my typing

아침 일찍 수능장으로 가는데 괜히 떨렸음 수능장이 다행이 내가 다니던 고등학교 옆학교라서 걸어갔음 목도리 칭칭감고 데뷔초에 자주 하고 다니던 회색 목도리 그거 였음 정확하게 기억함 그 있잖아 회색 칭칭 감고 다니던 목도리

Early in the morning, I went to the location of the college entrance exam and was nervous for so no reason, the location of the college entrance exam was at a school that was fortunately beside my high school. I wrapped my scarf (around my neck), the grey scarf I wore a lot in the early days of debut,I remember it exactly. It was that one, the grey scarf I wrapped (around my neck).

그거 나 서울 올라오기전에 엄마가 사준거였음 ㅇㅇ 뭐 여튼 그래서 가로수길 가로질러서 수능장을 가는데 진짜 시간이 느리게 갔음 슬로우 모션처럼 17살때부터 작업실 스튜디오 오가면서 솔직히 공부에 관심이 없었는데 그런 나마저도 떨리더라구여

My mum bought it for me before I came up to Seoul ㅇㅇAnyways, so I went to the college entrance exam location, passing Garosugil, and really time went by extremely slowly, like slow motion. Since I was 17, I honestly didn’t have any interest in studying since I go to the work studio but I was still nervous

저도 그렇게 떨렸는데 얼마나 떨리겠슴꽈 여러분들은 수능장 들어갈 때 녹차랑 뭐 초콜릿 사탕 뭐 이런 거 주는데 하나 주길래 하나 더 달라고 하고 들어갔음요 여러분들도 하나 더 받아서 들어가세여

I was nervous like that, I was so nervous. Everyone, when you go into the college entrance exam location, they give you green tea and chocolate, candy and whatnot so I asked if they could give me another one before I went in. Everyone too, receive another one before going in.

오타 장난 아니네요 방수팩해도 수증기가 장난 아니네요 이거 눌러도 저거 눌러짐요 여튼 동생들이 신신당부하며 꼭 점심시간에 도시락통 까보라고 해서 점심시간 때까지 안 까고 기다리고 있었음요 점심시간때 도시락통을 깠는데

The typos are no joke. Even though I’m using a waterproof pack, the steam is no joke. I press this and that also gets pressed. Anyways, the dongsaengs earnestly asked me to make sure to open my lunchbox at lunch time so until lunch time, I didn’t open it and waited. At lunch time, I opened the lunchbox.

닭 가슴살 요리랑 밥이랑 비엔나소시지 계란말이 연습생 때 돈이 어디 있겠습니까 그냥 숙소에 있는 재료로 해줬는데 혼자 진짜 맛있게 먹었음 다 식은 닭 가슴살 씹기도 힘든데 맛있게 먹었음 근데 도시락통 옆에 에이포용지가 여러장 있었음 

Cooked chicken breast with rice, Vienna sausages and rolled omelettes. When you’re a trainee, where is money? Just using ingredients found in the dorm but I ate alone really deliciously. It was hard as well to chew the stone cold chicken breast but I ate it deliciously. But, next to the lunchbox, there were several sheets of A4 paper.

뭐지 하면서 보는데 편지였음 편지지 살 돈도 없어서 숙소에 굴러다니는 에이포 용지에 편지 써서 준거였음 솔직히 좀 감동 아 안움 진짜로 그렇게 수능 시험 다 치고 운동장 가로질러서 나오는데 다시 편지 읽으면서 나옴 그 학교 운동장 넓어서 한참 걸었음   

I thought, ‘what is this’ so I looked at it and it was a letter. They didn’t have money to buy letter paper as well so they wrote the letter on A4 paper around (the dorm). Honestly, I was a bit touched. Ah, I’m not crying, really. I finished the college entrance exam and passed the sports hall when I was coming out and reading the letters once again, since that school’s sports hall was wide so I walked for quite a bit.

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans

I’ve been downplaying the importance of gathering money (yes all that whining was actually a downplayed version lol) but my parents are fucking up so so bad through this divorce my little brother is going hungry his therapist threatened me with child protective services and my medical stuff is at one of the lowest points it ever has been so all of my medications and appointments are crucial and crucial to me being able to provide for the kid and I’ve finally found a way to hide my money from my parents to where they can’t touch it and I can take care of me and the kid but there’s no funds there yet I don’t have anything I don’t have an emergency funds in case he has an injury in tennis or etc and anything, anything, a dollar, 50 cents, anything goes to helping me have emergency separated funds that my parents can’t touch so the weeks that go by where they don’t feed him can stop and me going without my meds can stop, the kid and I will have food money and medicine money and emergency money for when I have to pay my parents’ bills to keep us from being homeless or without water or power and they can’t touch that money to steal it from me so please please look at that donations post I made and considering sending me even just a dollar. I hate doing this, I hate taking people’s money, but the kid comes first and the fact that I could start providing him even a little stability is enough for me to forget my pride and beg for help

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is it okay to call myself jewish if i'm only jewish ethnically? like i grew up completely separated from judaism, because despite my parents being both jewish, neither of them was religiously practicing and they basically raised me as a christian orthodox rip and i know close to nothing about jewish traditions practices etc...... at this point i'm even afraid to ask other jewish ppl irl because i feel like these are all things i should know by now

yes!! they are plenty of jews who grow up disconnected from their culture and religion because of factors that are completely outside of their control and that doesn’t change the fact that you’re ethnically jewish

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When I was younger hornets made a nest in my wall and it was only after I told my parents I heard buzzing in the wall, was awoken on three separate occasions due to bites, AND mi little sister was bit during a sleepover they decided that they should probably get someone to check it out.

holy fuck dude that’s awful D:


A place where I used to live (moved a lot) there was a hornet’s nest right outside of the apartment building across the street. Matenience was horrible. As far as I know, it was never taken care of :P

I cried when I saw the first picture of my Niece. Not because I am overly dramatic like my brother would say if nakita nya akong nag rolling sa bed when I saw this (fine, pwede rin). But because I realized that my brother is not a baby anymore. He’s now the father of this beautiful child whom I know will be loved by many and will be spoiled my Tita (Yes, I am planning to spoiled my niece as soon as possible).

When my parents separated, I took over my Mom’s duty of taking care of my siblings. I was their pillar. I annoyed them most of the time kasi I was always present sa mga endeavors nila and ako pinakamaingay na nagccheer coz sobrang stage sister ako all of the time.

I remember, 1st year college ako then my brother joined a pageant sa highschool nya. I was always with him kahit may pasok ako. I even dragged my friends with me para tulungan akong imanage yung kapatid ko. I like fixing his hair and telling him which clothes look good on him. Ako yung maingay sa audience nung talent portion habang kumakanta sya ng “You and me by lifehouse”. Ako yung namaga ang kamay kakapalakpak pag humihingi ang host ng audience impact. Ako yun nakikipag away sa mga bading na chinachansingan kapatid ko. From then on, lagi na akong andun to support my brother all they way. Nung nagdecide syang i-pursue yung dancing career nya. My Dad did not allowed him pero ako yung nag ssave ng baon ko para lang mabigyan ko sya ng mga pang constume nya. Madami syang issues sa buhay and siya yung pinaka naapektuhan nung umalis yun Mama namin pero lagi akong nakikinig sa mga rants nya without judging him kasi I know hindi nya kailangan ng isa pang tao na magdodown sa kanya. He just needed someone to listen. So he never kept any secret from me. Mula sa mga babaeng pinopormahan nya until sa usapang sex life, ako ang kinukunsulta nya.

Then one day, nagsend sya ng picture ng baby nya. He grew up so fast and then narealize ko, hindi na sya bata. Feeling ko, ako yung nanay nya eh. I don’t know what to feel. Pero I know that he will be a great Dad because he is the best brother to me.

He’ll always be one of the love of my life and whatever happens, I’ll always be here supporting him.

(This made me feel old though. Nauna pang magkaanak kapatid ko)

Our parents know

We sent out a super cute picture via group text. My mom called and is super excited and glad that we didn’t wait until we knew if everything was okay to tell them. She’s so supportive. Oh I love her. Everyone else at least texted, except my Dad… which is upsetting. I mean it’s only been an hour but I did confirm with my mom that he’s seen it and knows. He’s so proud of his “grandpa” status with my sisters kids. So yeah. We texted everyone while we were driving back from a friends bridal shower so I have no idea what my husbands parents have said since we had to drive separately. So hopefully I can stop being so anxious and just enjoy now.

When I graduated highschool, my parents have separated already. My Dad just got married that time to a woman we barely knew. And my Mom left and wala kaming balita from her that time. I don’t have anyone to attend my graduation but my Dad. Pero yung Dad ko, he is not the type of person who’ll socialize.

On my graduation day, I expected him to come but he didn’t. I had to receive my diploma while my heart was breaking on my sleeves. Bakit hindi sya pumunta? Bakit wala sya sa araw na importante sakin? Hindi nya ba ako mahal? I have all those questions in my mind and more of that. I was excited to see him on the audience, clapping after the ceremony only to find out that he wasn’t there. I saw no one came for me on my graduation day. I felt unwanted and unloved. I felt alone.

After ng Graduation namin, my Dad pick me up from the venue. I almost didn’t want to look at him. I was so mad and devastated. He was driving and our helper was showing him pictures of me on her phone. He didn’t even look interested at all. He asked if saan ko gusto kumain pero that time, I said, I just want to go home. I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate, especially after what he did.

From that day, I became distant from my Dad. I rarely talk to him. If he is around, I will leave. I’ll cage myself in my room to avoid any encounters. Nagtampo siguro ako because it was very important to me. He’s my only parent that time pero hindi manlang nya naisip na kailangan ko ng tatay sa mga oras na yun. Kahit sandali lang.

A couple of weeks later, he accidentally dropped his wallet. Nakita ko, he have a picture of me sa wallet nya on my graduation. Tapos nung naghalungkat pa ako, I saw pictures of me. Yung graduation ko nung kinder and elementary. He even have a picture of me in a girl scout uniform siguro nung grade 1 palang ako nun. Sa mga okasyon na yun, he was never present.

I cried when I saw all those. Mga cropped pictures of me and my brothers. And then that time, I understand my Dad. I stared at him, talking to our laborers and laughing with them. He was wearing a simple blue shirt na butas butas pa. Shorts na madumi na and puno ng grasa. Sa unang tingin, parang hindi sya Business man. Sobrang simpleng tao lang.

He was never sociable. Sa crowd, mas gusto nya yung nasa gilid. Pag family reunion, lahat nasa taas ng bahay, napapayabangan ng mga achievements. Pero yung tatay ko, nasa baba, kausap ang mga naglelechon at mga nagluluto. He wasn’t comfortable talking to big accomplished people pero he is friends with them. From the congressman to the mayor down to the barangay tanod.

I understand then, I could never drag my Dad to the place he is not comfortable going. He might not be on those events that I needed him to be, I know that I’ll always hear him cheering for me in my head. It might be silent, but it is intimate.

I miss my Dad. :(