my parents are bread

Cheese toast 😍😍😍

Doing laundry at my parents means raiding their kitchen. I haven’t bought bread since moving into my apartment in November. Since it’s just me and I hate freezing bread because it never tastes the same after.

This is a breakfast I grew up with, and god damn is it still as delicious as I remember.

The past few Valentine’s Days were spent checking our wifi signal and in front of computer screens, and I know many couples had to endure that yesterday as well. My heart is overflowing after our first Valentines Day together in the same room and as a married couple. I made a feast for both us and my parents! Bruschetta, lasagna, veggies, bread, apple pie! I loved making everything into little hearts and even getting the puppies into the spirit made the day even more special.

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day as much as I did!! I can’t wait for next year!!! 💕

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*Kirsten I am so sorry (; (Autocorrect changed it, Korsten are the sides of bread in Dutch...) Thanks for the advice, will do!!! (also Im sending her a rose this Valentine)

my name is one letter away from meaning the sides of bread in dutch??? daaaamn i curse my parents for naming me this way i could’ve been so much cooler, i could actually have had some culture in my life

i hope it all goes well, friend!! 

So, under the advise of the hospital dietitian, I am now on a low fibre diet. It means cutting out a lot of stuff but there’s still plenty I can eat. I have been given a couple of food tables to help me prepare me-friendly meals, and I’ve kept the copy of the low-residue menu I was given at the hospital. I’m still reducing my gluten intake but I’m not going to be as strict as it doesn’t seem to be working as well for me. Bread is my main issue, however, crumpets - which you’d think would be worse than bread - I can handle. That means, today’s lunch consists of a toasted crumpet with a fried egg on top.

I might try making my own gluten-free bread later. I’m borrowing my parents bread-maker at the moment so I may as well try it.

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What's your favorite kind of bread? Mine is whole wheat. ^^

Whole wheat’s pretty good! So is whole grain, with lots of seeds.

Sometimes my parents also buy Puerto Rican bread loaves to make subs/sandwiches with. Those are good, too :D

“I’m an only child and my parents both worked as bread-winners, so I spent a lot of time alone since I was little. And actually I ended up spending time really well by myself. Most people think that eating alone is a bit lonely, right? But at those times, I would just imagine that I was a monster and the food was the people from a kingdom, and I’d eat them up. Then if some food fell out of the bowl, I’d pick it up and eat it, saying, "Oh? Trying to escape, are you?” It’s actually fun! When I was washing my face, I’d also say, “If I don’t wash quickly, this water will turn into lava…” Ah, of course I don’t do this anymore.“

“제가 외동이고 부모님이 맞벌이를 하셔서 어렸을 때부터 혼자 있는 시간이 되게 많았어요. 그러다 보니까 혼자서 잘 놀게 되더라고요. 밥 먹을 때 혼자 먹으면 좀 외롭다고 많이들 하잖아요? 근데 그럴 때 그냥 내가 괴물이고 이 밥이 왕국 사람들인데 내가 그걸 먹어 치운다고 상상하면서 먹고, 그러다가 밥 같은 거 그릇에서 떨어지면 ‘어? 얘 도망가려고 하네.’ 그러면서 집어 먹고. 그러다 보면 재밌어요! 씻을 때도 ‘빨리 안 씻으면 이 물이 용암으로 바뀔 거야.’ 하면서 하고… 아 물론 지금은 안 그래요.”

  • 食パン
  • KENN, Hosoya Yoshimasa

KENN: There was a time when I really admire the “walking to school while eating bread” situation. I tried doing it but my parents scolded me.
I was told “Stop that! What are you doing?!”
“No.. nothing“
“You woke up early so you have time to eat your breakfast. Just eat your breakfast before you go to school“
“Mmm yeah.. you’re right“
Hosoya: You wanted to try that huh
KENN: Yup, I wanted to try eating while running

“walking to school while eating bread” situation (I came up with this phrase, pardon me for the awkward translation. sometime it’s hard to find the equivalent word in english >.<); this situation is considered something cliche especially in manga where usually the character is late to school thus eating her/his breakfast which is usually a slice of bread while running