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When I was
A young Goy
My Rabbi
Took me to the Beit Knesset
To see the people pray

He said: Son, when
You grow up
Would you be
A member of our people
Practitioner of our ways?

He said: Will you
Fulfil them
Your mitzvahs
And all the ten commandments
And all that god has saith

Because one day
I’ll give you
A lesson
To teach you in the sabbath
To join the Hebrew faith!

god i hate drag queen culture its deeply transmisogynistic & like arent people wondering why trans femmes explicitly hate it & are v uncomfortable w it (even knowing its transpositive history) and why mostly afab people & cis gay men are fans of it?? isnt that sketchy and worrying at all?? if i was into media that makes fun of femininity on amab people and explicitly calls it “entertainment” and knew that trans women widely hate it, i would be a little weirded out at least??


🏳️‍🌈 VLOG(??) - PRIDE 2017 🏳️‍🌈

It was LGBT Pride last weekend!
  Took actual days to compile and edit all these clips me and my mates managed to get of the parade - and this is only about a quarter of the footage we got! (I don’t think I’m gonna be a pro video editor any time soon but I had a lot of fun trying my hand at something a bit different than usual with this one.)
Big shoutout to my pals for helping me record it!

(Also; I suppose this is more of an MV than a vlog?? idk man I’m new to this YouTube stuff – hopefully y'all can enjoy it either way!)

MORE VIDS ON MY CHANNEL (<– links in my blog header ^^)

ddistilled  asked:

Do you happen to have any original characters? What do you like to draw other than hetalia? :0

Yes! I do :D

I mostly draw gijinka and other anime fanart when I do not draw Hetalia haha.

I love to draw Kaneki-kun a lot recently, I also occassionally draw web browser gijinka….

Touken Ranbu (because I love the designs), SnK parodies because the show is too gloomy lately haha…

Celestial personifications and comics for my Solar System and Friends series….

Chicken bishies! haha…

…and gijinka in general

oh, also some weird stuff like this.

Naruto definitely talked Sasuke into wearing that shirt.

Because @it-started-over-sasunaru said something super cool in this post and honestly I have too many ideas over here. ;A;