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Yurio first because he is the easiest to draw and also my favorite. <3 I was pretty torn on whether to use this floral pattern or a pattern of gold tiger stripes for his hair, but in the end decided the flowers felt more Agape.

He’s for sale, my lovelies! Send me an ask or use the chat feature if you’re interested!  Sold!


As a thank you for everyone’s support, I have designed a Graphig papercraft of Keith in his casual outfit that I’d like to share with everyone. If you decide to make this papercraft, please share it with me! I’d love to see your creation. Thank you for all the love and I hope you enjoy this small gift. 

Original blank Graphig template credits to Nasos (NCEmpire) (email:


Gerda and the Robber girl from Snow Queen. Resurfacing again to post this. It was inspired by a dear, dear friend. This was my first femslash ship ever, when I was a smol child, I used to read Andersen’s tale and watch the ye olde Soviet cartoon and I just wanted Gerda to stay with the Robber girl and quit searching for Kai, he was a  bit of a dick to her anyway.


Papercraft Bison* with Headphones 

Pattern and Instructions now available


  • 4 sheets dark grey cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 4 sheets brown cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 2 sheets black cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 2 sheets white cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 1 sheet light grey cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 4 paper brads
  • 4 ceramic magnets (optional)
  • Some corrugated cardboard
  • Some brown tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Mod Podge or other water-based varnish

Difficulty: ??? Probably not hard to figure out, but it takes a while. 

Link to download pdf of instructions and printable pattern laid out for US letter paper.

Please contact me if you run into problems and I will help troubleshoot. Please contact me if you need the svg files for a scrapbooking machine (I spent a lot of time optimizing the svg files for cr!cut’s frankly terrible ‘software’, and I’d love to know how it works on the other brands). Please contact me if you need the layout for a4 paper. Really, please just contact me. I will be over the moon if anyone tries to make this. If you make one, send me pictures! 

Some tags after the cut

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Every year or so I rework my scan of this piece. My original scan of it honestly isn’t very good quality (and, since the piece itself has been sold, I can’t re-scan it), and I’m constantly learning new techniques I can use to fix it up. This year, I apparently also felt like drawing HAIR.

I’ve been going through the harshest period of my life since about last fall. It’s been rough and is still. My entire life just fell apart around me, and I’m not even trying to pick up pieces, I’m just sitting in the middle of the wreckage after a sweeping fire and hoping for new green things. My therapist tells me that one way to help accepting all these harrowing things I feel is to visualize them, give them traits, meet them.
So meet Shame. He’s the Hades of my feels pantheon. He is this feeling that all I am is a mask, and a lifeless one, badly slipping. So that anyone with eyes can see that underneath there’s nothing but rot and grossness. He is covert and slippery. He comes at night and taints things I shouldn’t feel him for, good things. I feel ashamed for just about everything. For wanting things, for feeling things, for asking things, for not asking things. For doing and not doing. For being me. So, hello dude, let’s be friends and see if we can live together to our mutual contentment.

Next up is Self-hate, Shame’s BFF, brother and occasional incestuous lover. Yeah, нere’s a way to help myself, maybe, take all my feels, make them into a slashy canon. Why not.