my paper pony


FINALLY, I finished the entire set of the Mane 6 for my Toned Paper series. I think I’ll leave it at that for this year’s Bronycon, but I’ll probably end up doing some more characters in it ‘cause they’re a lot of fun to work on. Anyway, here are the lovely Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie! Pinkie’s hair took me forever to finish, as per usual, but I had a blast coloring it in! I also had so much fun with RD’s hair; she looks so good with short hair bro. o.o

I love this series; it’s so much fun to keep everything monochrome but add a splash of color! These, along with the rest of the Mane 6 (and Sunset and Adagio) will be sold as prints at Bronycon this year, as well as the originals. I hope you guys like ‘em! ^.^

I’ve been a bit neglectful when it comes to traditional art lately, primarily because of the work on my film, but I missed it and I want a few original works for Bronycon so here’s one! I was doing a series of toned-paper headshots last year that I kinda put on hiatus up until now, so I’ll be doing the rest of the Mane 6 and perhaps some BG ponies. For now, this one is of course of good ol Sunset Shimmer, a pony I haven’t quite drawn that much surprisingly. I like her character and I love her design, but I don’t find myself drawing her all that often, so I figured it’d be fair to put her first on the list. :3

This was done in the span of about 2 hours and done in colored pencil, regular pencil, and white acrylic. I’m so rusty with colored pencil but at least it’s a starting point! I hope you guys like it. ^.^

Ah, summer, when I lay around doing doodles of my favorite pony and his inspired blogs. I’ve just been making a bunch of the little “paper ponies” like @faunaliciousblog, and I couldn’t resist doing some Tumblrpons. So on top is @ask-king-sombra, who belongs to @ask-wiggles, holding on to him is the fellow from @sombrashy, belonging to @evehlyart, and finally there is @asktyrantsombra.
I need paper ponies to make, so if you’d like one, ask me! (I don’t bite, or say no, mostly)