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ACOWAR Exchange: Tethered Wings

This smutty and fluffy fic is a gift for the wonderful, the very talented, @blogtealdeal! I had so much fun participating in this exchange, hosted by @squaddreamcourt, and writing the Nessian fic you requested. This is my first real ACOMAF fic so I hope you enjoy it (and that there is plenty of wingsin in it for your liking)!!


I was fuming.

That was putting it lightly. I held wrath in my palm and the promise of murder in my eyes. Anger and disbelief bubbled from deep inside me. My chest was on fire and my hands were clenched in balls of fury. My golden hair whipped behind me in wake of the tornado that was about to hit. I was livid.

The only coherent thought that raced through my mind as I pushed past Rhysand and Feyre, who were not-so-subtly making out in the corridor, was this:

Cassian should be fucking terrified.

I remembered the last time Cassian had pissed me off. It had been last night. He took it upon himself to whoop my ass instead of bidding me good night like a sane human. When I’d pinned him against the wall, he claimed my butt needed more attention, and that he was merely obliging it.

Before that, it was the discovery of my Illyrian wings, in which Cassian teased me about endlessly in the following weeks. After that, the fake dating incident. Then, the time he took me flying and all but dropped me in the fucking sky because I was being “too stubborn.” Add to that all of the overt flirting in between. There was always something.

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salam. hello. i just felt like telling you this. ill buy it. your book. anthology. whatever. ill buy it when it comes out. like i live in a country far away from yours and im not sure who ill be when your words get printed but. ill find a way. ill find a way to hold your words in my palms and not through a screen. it will be my way of loving you. a way to finally thank you.

wow i am crying a lot and i can’t believe you’re out there somewhere in this world with me and you gave me this kindness and i love you

“Got The Love” -- Miles Wood Imagine

A/N: School is ABSOLUTELY kicking my ass right now and I’ve been having major Miles feels lately so I decided to write something cute with lots of fluff about Miles because I need this and why the hell not. This was also inspired by shirtless Miles at a wedding, pictured above. 

Song: Got The Love – Don Diablo, Khrebto

“When did you know?” He whispered to me. My hands slid under the back of his shirt and I placed my palms flat on his back as I trailed them up and down. I pressed my head further into his chest as an attempt to contain my smile. I felt his arms wrap tighter around my torso. A breeze tumbled through the night and ruffled the bottom of my dress, and if it wasn’t for the giant heaters that lined the patio, there was no way I would be able to withstand the wedding reception that was being held on a beach at night.

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It’s ok. I see your eyes fixed firmly on the ground. Nerves get the best of us right before a confession. Placing my hand on your shoulder, I sit next to you, smiling.

“Hey, it’s cool. I get it, you know. You’re going to tell me you really like being tickled. Like… really like it.”

Your eyes meet mine for a split second. Then right back to the staring contest you’ve got going with the floor.

“There’s nothing wrong with it at all! Loads of people like less ‘average’ things. It doesn’t make it any less valid, or important. It doesn’t make you weird or broken. It just makes you slightly more interesting! And hey, as far as this stuff goes, it’s a good little niche attraction to have. Least it keeps you smiling!”

I retract my hand, placing it in my other open palm, fidgeting with my fingers while now mimicking your groundward glare.

“Thing is… I kind of like it too. Like, doing the tickling, I mean. So… I mean, it’s pretty cool. If you like being tickled and I like tickling, well… I mean, it’s not like you like being set on fire and I like being underwater, so, you know… Ugh, I’m so bad at this. What, I’m trying to say is…”

My head turns, meeting your slightly bewildered gaze. Looks like nerves are contagious around this topic, but someone needs to say this.

“It’s great!”

Such chipper opining almost brightens the room itself.

“It’s great that you like this stuff! Not just because I do too, but coming to terms with it and telling me and all that. So… thank you. For that. And hey, if you ever need a tickle… Well, I’ll do you a solid. Just cause I’m such a good friend!”

We break down into laughter. Not the last time you’ll be doing that anytime soon, I think. But as we laugh and relax, we know this is difficult and kind of confusing, and somewhat strange. But it’s great.

Yeah, it’s pretty great.

Silver Spoon Pt.6

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

A/N: This part is a little shorter than the previous ones, but still enjoy! :)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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you said we’re ready,
with such a confident tone in your voice
but the truth is,
we were never ready for anything
and we’ll never be,
not as long as the sun will rise
and set, and rise

you said i’d feel wiser,
when i grew older
you always had an answer for everything,
why the earth rotates and
why we feel like this so often
you had it,
in your tiny notebooks
you held close to your heart
closer than
i’d ever be, i think

you opened all the windows,
and let out a sigh
it was spring again, like so many times
when the shadows and colours
were different
and now we have this,
and we must
find a way to the other side

i feared so many things
but you were so sure,
as you kissed my palm and wiped
all my doubts away,
for a moment
oh, how i’d want to be there again

but the truth is,
i was never cut out for it,
i fear,
and even the warmest day of spring
will eventually
come to an end

i stand in the window of a plant-filled room, staring out at everything, but also at nothing. fog swirls around me, across my palms and around my neck. the soft tap of raindrops on the window seems to quiet the entire world. 

you love him, don’t you? 

suddenly, the pink-purple bruise on my neck seems to ache and i stare deeper, at the gardens below that we flooded with ash and water, at the harsh white concrete path and the asphalt deadened by the rain. 

you do

i close my eyes, lashes flinching against my cheekbones like timid butterflies. i can feel blood welling in my nose, a reminder that i am not meant to be here. when i open my eyes again, the gray of the clouds has darkened and thunder rolls across the sky. i embrace the quiet chaos in my mind and breathe in, breathing in the plants and the soil and the rain, filling my lungs with this planet.


i say as i turn, my fire-bright eyes on the girl in front of me. a hint of the deadly, holy rage still resides inside my bones, a tell-tale sign that i am celestial, unbound to anyone. the breath inside my lungs grounds me, keeping me calm and composed. as i stare at her in front of me, i realize that i am not so different. the fire in my eyes dims to gold, settling in my veins like solid, cold apathy.

yes. i do love him. and what are you going to do about it? 

love is so, so cold // r.h.

ja-khajay replied to your post: slime videos make me so uneasy

Omg? Why I’m curious

its the texture…………….. its The Hell Texture……….Listen. Listen. People out there, who dont like having dry hands, who upon having dry hands go “Oh Well better lather my stupid palms up with this white goop so they slide on everything they touch, including door handles and bus poles”, those peoples are masochists, and i applaud them, and am disgusted by them at the same time. hell texture. hell texture

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I'm always torn between smiling and crying whenever I see anything of Ward. On one hand I'm like it's my baby whom I love more than anything, but then I'm sad because he's my baby whose been through hell and I want him to be better because he deserves the world!

I have the same dilemma. Sometimes I just prop my chin on the palm of my hand and stare adoringly at him. Other times I’m just like. Ow. It hurts.

It’s an old, familiar pain though. If you follow my main blog, then you know I have a deep, unhealthy love of characters that tend to have unhappy endings in Star Wars. At least Ward is alive and seems to be in a good place now. That’s kind of the only comfort I can find XD

I came home to catshit
on the floor, two massive,
steamy, stinking piles soaking
in sunlight by the sliding
glass door

A note from my sometimes girlfriend, depending on if I brought beer home

“Fuck your cat.”

So I buried my hands in her underwear
drawer and dirtied my hands
until there was no paper left.
I cleaned my palms
grabbed a beer
smoked a cigarette
laughed to myself
I thought

“Fuck yours too.

—  bg-WWBD, what would Bukowski do

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Hi Ash, I adore your work and you and the other ladies on the YT channel have me LMFAO. You're so relatable, it's like chillin' with my girls. Currently enjoying Palm Trees and I loved when Lori died (I know I am an awful human being). I literally hate her with all my heart. She treated Rick like crap on the show. You are really gifted. Have you ever thought about writing a novel and publishing for sale?

Awwww! Yay, I’m so glad to hear that! I miss our weekly chats already! And lmao at you enjoying Lori’s death. But hey, we all have our weird shit. Doesn’t make you awful. 😄 As someone who also mostly hated Lori (until she died), I understand, fam. I understand.

To answer your question, I do think about it! A lot, actually. I don’t have a full story in mind just yet, but it’s always in the back of my brain. Now that I’m trying AU stories it feels a lot more achievable. So we’ll see what the summer brings. 🤗Thank you for asking!