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Hollow Moon - Teen Wolf AU - After Scott and Derek are nearly killed by a rival pack, while Stiles is knocked unconscious, the human reconsiders Peter’s offer to give him the bite. While Derek and Scott heal at Deaton’s, Stiles and Peter work together to figure out the other pack’s next move and keep their pack together. During an exhausted state, due to endless research, Stiles tells Peter how useless he’s felt since the attack (and even before) and how he should have never refused Peter’s offer. When Peter offers again, Stiles is shocked into silence before he agrees under one condition. Peter can’t turn anyone else after him.

Hello friends,

this masterpost isn’t really planned but since I was just packing for my trip to London, I thought I may as well write down what I’m doing.

Now, you probably all know what to pack when you travel, but for me, the problems start when I don’t have any hold luggage, just hand luggage. For short trips like mine (4 days) it isn’t really worth it to pay extra for a huge suitcase, so I only take hand luggage with me. The advantage is that you save a lot of time at the airport and you pay less, but it also means you have to deal with having less space for all your stuff. It’s not the first time I’ve done this, so here’s my guide to packing hand luggage! (note: I’m from the EU - idk how different things are elsewhere!)

1. Find a Bag

Google your airline’s bag guidelines for hand luggage. You will probably be allowed to take one bag of a certain size and a jacket of some sort. If you really want to make the most of the space you got, choose a bag that is exactly the biggest size they allow. Small trolley bags, backpacks, and purses are allowed most of the time. Keep in mind that you might need a smaller purse or handbag at your destination (when you’re exploring the city etc) - fold it and put it in your bigger bag. Keep in mind that you’ll have to carry your luggage and lift it up to the overhead compartment - choose something that’s easy to carry, ideally with straps or handles.

2. Liquids

If you don’t have any hold luggage or your journey is very long, you’ll probably have to take some liquids with you on the plane. In the EU, you can take a 1-liter zip lock bag with 10 different liquids of 100ml each with you, including toothpaste, makeup, perfume etc. Put stuff like mouthwash in smaller bottles like these. If you’ll be staying in a hotel, you won’t need shampoo or shower gel. Try to find small travel versions of toothpaste etc - maybe you’ll use them up on your trip and don’t have to take them back.

3. Things You Need

Things I always put in my hand luggage:

  • passport/ID
  • tissues
  • money (keep in mind you may have to have different currencies! pack some loose change as well!)
  • sunglasses
  • chewing gum
  • medicine against travel/motion sickness
  • a book/e-reader
  • pen and notebook
  • a travel dictionary if you don’t speak the language
  • headphones
  • your flight tickets
  • hair ties
  • feminine hygiene products if needed
  • mobile charging devide
  • your phone
  • an iPod/mp3-player if you don’t want to waste your phone battery on listening to music (you can also put that in the pocket of your jeans or jacket)
  • your hotel room reservations

If your hand luggage is your only luggage, you’ll have to pack everything you need on your holidays in it. Don’t forget:

  • spare clothes
  • underwear
  • socks
  • pyjamas (I forgot those so many times)
  • chargers (i can’t stress this enough)
  • toothbrush and hairbrush
  • a laptop if necessary
  • an umbrella (there are small ones!)
  • adapters

Things vary depending on where you’re going, of course, but imo those are the basics. Keep in mind that it might be easier to just buy some things at your destination instead of bringing them with you.

4. How to Fit Things in the Bag

1. Put clothes and heavy objects (like books) on the bottom of your bag. Fold them as flat as possible and use them as a kind of cushion for all other items.

2. Put your flight tickets and all other paperwork stuff including your passport in a clear plastic folder, ideally one you can close so nothing gets lost. This folder, your money, hygiene products, medicine, and the bag with liquids must be easily accessible, so put them on top of everything else or in a side pocket of your bag, if it has one. You’ll have to get the bag of liquids through the security check separately, and this way you don’t have to unpack your entire bag just to get to it.

3. Instead of packing a sweater and a raincoat in your bag, just wear them on the flight (or carry them over your arm).

4. Especially if you’re going on a city trip, you’ll probably want to buy some stuff there. You can either leave open some space in your bag just for souvenirs and cool stuff you bought, or - if that’s not possible - you can mail your stuff back home. I’ve done that a lot, especially with books!

5. If you travel in a group, try to get everyone to bring the largest bag allowed on the flight. Even if some of them don’t need that much space, they can still take some things from you or other people in their bags.

5. Have a nice trip!

so today was my first day of 8th grade and i was stuck in a supply closet taking tests for advanced placement all day and i had “paz, stay out of the bathroom” stuck in my head the whole time so i started mentally planning out this

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