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A "Brief" Story about my time at Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour

To say that me and my family were excited would be an understatement. We were ecstatic. We live in Austin, Texas, and this morning we drove 4 hours, checked into a hotel and had VIP tickets.

My mom and I were a little nervous because my younger brother has trouble in crowded spaces and loud noises. He’s autistic.

All his life the only thing he’s really been passionate about is Video Games, or technology in general. He doesn’t talk to us much, or anyone really. In fact, he only really talks to me when it’s about Mark and youtube/games. But that changes tonight at your show.

I have never, EVER, seen my baby brother so happy. When we went to get our merch packs we freaked out over Kathryn and Amy being there. My brother, though high functioning on the spectrum, was being quite obvious that he was special needs. Which isn’t wrong at all, but can throw people off. And let me tel you a thing about Amy.

I didn’t think it was possible to love her more and then I saw how she was with my brother. Despite him acting what most would deem “weird” she didn’t even blink an eye, gave him a hug and took a picture. And that made his day.

And then this show. It was fantastic and energetic and so damn funny! I don’t wanna spoil anything about it for those who haven’t seen it.

But my brother. He screamed with the crowd, he talked proudly. He was enthusiastic and engaged and so passionate and happy. He was so happy. Though he didn’t get picked from the crowd, for once in his life, he was ready to stand in front of hundreds of people and talk. All because he was there with you guys.

I’ve always loved Mark, Bob, Wade, Tyler and Ethan. I always will. For my own personnel reasons. They inspired me to save myself in the darkest of times. They’ve made my life happier and better. But I didn’t realize it was possible
to love you more. Thank you. Thank you so so so much. For bringing such joy to all audiences.

You’re amazing. And we love you.

@markiplier @crankgameplays
RIP To My Youth

and you could call this the funeral

My first Jughead imagine, this is part one, if you guys enjoy it I’ll keep it going. 

Pairing: Jughead x Reader 

Description: Jug and the reader have been best friends since they were kids, but lately, things have changed, Riverdale has changed, Jug has changed and Y/N thinks maybe it’s time she changed too. 

Warnings: ANGST ANGST SO MUCH ANGST YO (maybe a couple o swears)

Word count: 2088

Part 2

It was getting to the point where I was having internal battles with myself every night. ‘Y/N he’s working on the novel and the newspaper, of course, it’s going to be harder for him to spend time with you’ versus ‘he’s moved on, he’s closer with Betty now, he and Archie are closer too, you’ve lost him, you’re irrelevant’. These were the thoughts that had been consuming my brain for the past couple of weeks. Jug was my best friend, right? Maybe I should text him? Maybe not. I started playing with my pale grey cap, my nervous tick of sorts. Jug could always tell when I was nervous because I would fiddle with the cap “Y/N” he’d say “spill it, you can’t hide anything from me, I can read you like an open book”. Thinking about this little memory was bittersweet. How can someone who’s practically by your side every day suddenly just have no real interest in talking to you? Ever since the murder of Jason Blossom, it really feels like everything in Riverdale has changed.

I glanced at my clock perched on my bedside table, 7:45 pm sigh. Maybe doing some homework will take my mind off all this bullshit, who’s idea was it to put me in advanced algebra anyway? Oh, that’s right my father, who I really wish was here right now and not away on some business trip. Tonight would have to be a lonely one. That’s when I remembered I had Jug’s math textbook, there it was sitting on my desk. I flipped it open and sure enough on the bottom left-hand corner was a small ‘property of Jughead Jones’. Perfect I could use this as an excuse to text him. 

Hey Jug, I forgot I had your math textbook? Want me to come drop it over? The two-hour wait to get a reply just built up more and more anger inside of me Hey Y/N, I’m working on an article with Betty right now, could you drop it off to me in the newsroom in free period tomorrow? This was it, this was fucking it, oh I would take his textbook to him tomorrow and I would also confront him about this whole thing, that’s what I’d do straight up ask him why I was suddenly dead weight, I’ve had his guys back for so many years and now I’m just nothing, I won’t have it. Will do I sent back, cool calm and collected and then I was going to give him a piece of my mind tomorrow.

Getting ready for school was never a difficult task for me, I pretty much did the same thing everyday. My Y/H/C was tied into a ponytail with the front strands falling onto my face framing it. I put on my classic ripped boyfriend jeans and a black t-shirt, accompanied by my army jacket. To finish off my classic look I added my signature grey cap and put on my favourite dark grey lipstick. I wasn’t the girliest of girls, that was for sure, but everyone seemed to identify me by my style and in this I found comfort. After giving myself the once over in the mirror I grabbed Jug’s textbook from my desk, shoving it into my bag and I set off for school.

The day dragged on and on, I had a tonne of classes with Kevin and Ronnie today so it was nice to hang out with them for a change. This was of course until Kevin pulled the “I haven’t seen you and Jughead together in a while, what happened you two are usually joined at the hip?” line “You guys are my otp, I hope there’s no trouble in paradise” Veronica added. “Ronnie we’re not dating, why does everyone always think that and honestly, I don’t know, I guess he’s been too busy with this whole novel and newspaper thing to remember me as well” I replied giving my best interpretation of a fake smile. Veronica and Kevin gave me sympathetic looks. 

As the bell rang, signaling our release I was packing my things together when Veronica grabbed my arm. “Y/N you need to tell Jug how you feel, I don’t know if you’ve even admitted it to yourself yet but it’s pretty obvious you’re in love with him, I can see how much not seeing him is hurting you and I think it’s best if you face this head on” I was so taken aback by this, I mean for years I’ve always had people ask if Jug and I were dating but no one had been this blatant with me. Was she right?, No he’s my best friend, I couldn’t be in love with him no way. I let out an awkward laugh “I don’t love Jughead, we’re just friends” It came out so defensive that Veronica raised both her eyebrows and folded her arms “the fact that you’re being so defensive about this just further proves my point” She said in a sing-song voice. “I gotta go Ronnie” I replied standing up from my seat and walking out the classroom “I only say this cause’ I care” she yelled after me.  

Making my way towards the newsroom, I’d never felt so nervous in my life, like get a grip girlie it was just your friend, surely this whole not speaking to me thing was just, not even a big deal and I was hyping it all up. I was still going to have a go at him though because he was angry when Archie ditched him and now he’s okay with doing it to me? Not on my watch.

I had the math book in my hand as I was walking up to the door of the newsroom, I had my best ‘pissed off face’ going on I was ready.

I had my hand almost on the doorknob when I took a quick glance through the doors glass window. That was when my stomach fell, my jaw dropped and my heart involuntarily shattered. It was just a glimpse that’s all I could allow myself to watch, but inside that dusty old newsroom was one Jughead Jones kissing Elizabeth Cooper. The feelings hit me like a truck, and then everything went numb.

I didn’t know what to do so without giving any sign I was there I dropped the math book and ran, I ran out of the school I ran past pops and all the way home. By this time the tears were free falling, I couldn’t stop it and I didn’t care. Once I was in the safety of being inside my house with the door locked I gave in to my emotions and just slid down to the floor.

Wow, I felt so stupid and so naive, why didn’t I see this coming, it all made perfect sense now. I guess this was me also coming to terms with the fact that as usual Ronnie was right, I was painfully in love with Jug and now I was too late to ever do anything about it.

The more I sat there and thought about it the more I came to realise that this was my fault. I held Jug up to this crazy high standard and just assumed it would always be him and me at the end of the day. I had sacrificed so much to hang out with him, to keep my “image”, I avoided making too many other friends, I avoided parties, extracurricular activities you name it I wasn’t a part of it. Now it was all going to change, it had to change. Maybe this was the wake-up call I needed. I had to work on myself, be better, be stronger. Most of all this needed to happen because this meant I could quite literally not be around Jughead anymore, I think seeing or talking to him would make me cry, something the new me will NOT be doing.

I picked myself up off the floor and headed to the bathroom to wash my face. “Get a grip Y/N, ” I told myself staring into the mirror. It’s like as soon as I come to terms with the feelings I think I may have had for years, I have to immediately try to get rid of them. I think this was a coping mechanism for me, and I think the reason I’ve never let myself admit that I had feelings for him before was because I fear rejection so much so very much, and I had to do what I knew would keep him around and that was to continue to be his friend. Well, little girl it’s time to grow up.

And what’s the best way to look more mature and confident, change your style. From what I’ve witnessed from the media, what you wear can have a profound impact on how people view you. This is what I had to do first, get rid of the “old me” look. This meant bye grey cap, bye dark lipstick ( I mean what was I even trying to do with that? Look like a corpse?) (oh wow corpse jokes really funny, maybe a bit too real in light of recent circumstances.) And also a very big goodbye to my jeans and army jacket, that would have to go too.

Looking through my closet it was apparent I didn’t have much to work with, I would definitely have to go shopping this weekend, I’ll bring Ronnie and Kevin along, they know fashion and are probably more than willing to help me out. AH HUH eureka! The dress I’ve been looking for! About two months ago I bought this really nice burgundy skater dress that I was planning to wear on a summer trip away, but when that got cancelled I never really had an excuse to wear it, until now. It showed a lot of leg, which I was surprisingly pretty comfortable with. The thought of people seeing me in this tomorrow made me feel a mixture of excitement and nausea.

The next thing that would change was the hair; no more would it be hidden by a cap and just randomly pulled back behind my face. I would wear it down and give it a curl. I think that would give me a nice elegant edge. God, I really don’t think anyone’s even going to recognise me tomorrow, kinda funny really. The next thing I had to do was go on to the school website and look for an extracurricular I would be willing to do. Hopefully, this would be a good way to make new friends and keep me busy.

I went and grabbed my laptop from my desk, as I did this I heard my phone vibrate, which meant I had a message. The name that made the screen light up made my heart skip a few beats, it was from Jug Hey, I just found my math book outside the newsroom? Why did you leave it there and not come inside? SIGH, reading that was like a knife to my chest, I immediately deleted the message, this may be immature but I needed time, I can’t bring myself to talk to him and if he can do it to me I can sure as hell do it to him. 

Shaking those thoughts away I was brought back to the task at hand. Logging onto the schools web page I found the list of extracurricular activities going on at Riverdale high. Chess club? Pass. Girl’s soccer? Hard pass.  Mathletes? No way in hell. Come on there has to be something here. After fifteen minutes of looking to no avail I scrolled past the extracurricular activities. Eventually I saw an ad posted by the she-devil herself Cheryl Blossom, apparently, one of the river vixens had broken her ankle and a new vixen was needed immediately, auditions were tomorrow after school. Hmm, could I do this? Maybe I could? The old me would never dream of being a cheerleader but the new me, maybe she could. You know what, fuck it. It was decided, I caught myself slightly smiling as I clicked ‘attend’ on the event. It felt like a breath of fresh air, tomorrow I would walk into school confident and new. I was going to cure my own broken heart. I just hoped a run in with Jughead wouldn’t make it all come crashing down.



EDIT: Sylvia has her forever home! Thank you to everyone who expressed interest!

I posted about Sylvia a couple days ago, going on and on about her fantastically sweet temperament. We thought we had a foster/adopter lined up, but that fell through so now she’s looking for a forever home! 

Joyce from ISWS rescue posted this about her:

Meet Sylvie, our newest foster dog! She’s not quite 3 yet, spayed, in good health, and seeking a happy forever home. She’s about 19 inches tall at the shoulder, so quite petite. Sylvie is a Silken Windhound, an American Sighthound breed. 

Sylvie wants to bond very strongly to someone. She’s social with adults and kids. She’s happy to live draped in someone’s lap, or following her person or people around everywhere. She’s a furniture snuggling human cuddling machine. She’s not right for a “no dogs on the furniture” household. 

She’s cautious, but not noisy or aggressive around new dogs and she prefers to avoid them. She would do fine as an only dog for a person or family who could be with her a lot, or with a person or family with a calm and steady dog or two. I’ve not seen her around cats or other small animals yet. She’s coping with my pack [7 silkens] ok, even though she seems to strongly prefer people. 

She’s very quiet, and good on a leash. She is an avid counter surfer, so needs some retraining on that account. At my house she’s like a little ghost, following me everywhere, sitting under my desk as I work. So our writer/artist/hermit friends, this may be a good fit for you!

I’ll add that she is very treat motivated (hence counter surfing), bright, and already spayed. While she’s cautious with new dogs, I’m confident that with the right exposure and a gentle hand, she can come out of her shell.


Small Towns (Part 1)

A/N: I figured i would put this up on my blog as well. I know this isn’t the Oscars and I’m not really required to give any type of speech. But this is my first nonacademic piece of writing and I’m proud of myself so I’m going to. I just wanted to thank @mendescutie for both inspiring me to write and for posting this, and for providing me with golden ideas. As well as @ihaveabadreputation who inspires me with everything she writes and is just the all-around best. I hope this is okay. I’d really appreciate constructive criticism. Your feedback is extremely important to me.

Word Count: 5,574

A bell rang above my head as I opened the door, making my presence known to Lou’s diner. I took a deep breath as a combination of coffee, bacon, and waffle batter danced through the air. Lou’s diner had become a Saturday tradition. Initially, it was me and Nat, my best friend and ex-roommate. But then she moved out and in with her boyfriend, Cody. So now Saturday morning at Lou’s was a sacred tradition upheld solely by myself.

“Well if it isn’t the prettiest face on this side of the world!” A deep, raspy voice called from behind the counter. I glanced over at the group of people impatiently waiting and in a semi-line in front of me. Saturdays were normally slow and peaceful, but today was different. Nearly every table was spoken for and the line of people waiting to place a to-go order was almost to the door.

“Hi Lou!” I giggled lifting my hand. I walked past the line of people, stepping far to the left so no one would think I was cutting. “Wow, it’s packed in here!”

“Don’t worry your spot is safe.” He chuckled, striding over to the coffee pot and pouring a cup. He added 1 cream no sugar, just the way I liked it, before placing it on the counter and sliding it closer to me. “I’m assuming you don’t need the menu?”

“Nope. And thanks.” I said bringing the mug to my smiling lips.

Lou wiped his hands on his white apron seeming to trace perfect circle of his torso. “Anytime, doll. There might be a bit of a wait today.” He said with a sigh of anxiety, looking around at all the tables still awaiting their food. The bell above the door rang again welcoming a family of six. A look of terror fell over Lou’s pale face and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He was too sweet to be stressed about anything, even customers.

I turned to wave at the toddler gripping onto his mother’s index finger then glanced over at my little red table, shiny and waiting. “That’s fine.” I said facing Lou once again. “Take your time, I can wait.”

He winked and disappeared again into the kitchen already shouting orders from behind the double doors. I turned and started towards my table, already digging in my bag for my book. I slid into the booth facing the LED “Open” sign in the window and kicked my feet up onto the cushions across from me, my nose buried in the book.

Fifteen minutes went by before my reading was interrupted by the toddler screaming his head off two tables over. He was fighting with his older brother over the cheap box of crayons that the waitress had apparently only given them one of. I flashed a sympathetic smile to mother who was desperately trying to hush her children. She glanced around the diner meeting the eyes on her when an apologetic look. The bell above the door rang once more and a familiar shape stepped into in to the diner with a brunette following close behind.  

“Shawn!” I heard Lou call from the Kitchen before the two silver doors swung open. I sunk deeper into my chair resisting the urge to look at them. “I was beginning to think you fell off the side of the earth!”

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Alpha!Brett x Reader

Warnings: None
Word count: 1 129

A/N: Because I’ve got a new obsession about alpha!brett, and that needs a multi-chapter imagine. I also want to thank @lazyneonmonster for sharing the obsession and keep delivering ideas to include in future parts.


“Are you sure there’s no other way?” Scott asked Satomi, watching her with a sorry expression on his face as he glanced then and then over at Brett’s way.

Derek were also looking at Satomi’s pack, checking on each other for bruises after a fight with hunters. “You of all people have seen what a pack of alphas are capable of, both to others and to each other.” He interjected.

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-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List F Edition

Ferrokinesis - Control Metal

  • The only reason my car’s still running in this wasteland is because if it breaks, I don’t have to go hunting down parts to fix it.
  • The only reason I’m able to 3-D print in metal without a smelter is because I can just make it go from solid to liquid and back in a second.
  • I may not be able to walk by myself, but this metal suit I made and can control allows me to live a normal life, as normal as wearing a suit of armor every day can be.

Ferrikinesis - Control Iron

  • “Your iron recreations of the blood vessels and organs is wonderful, yes, but how did you make it?”
  • It’s fun you brought guns. Shame you forgot I could take them apart.
  • But didn’t you take in your surroundings? This whole place is made of iron! Let’s see how well you fight against it.

Figurakinesis - Control Shape

  • No no no, haven’t you taken a studio art class? Shape is 2D! I can’t make something 3D.
  • It may not be impressive, but my papercraft/origami creations are really good.
  • I can just render your bullets useless by making them into the shape of cups. Cups don’t fly very fast.

Filukinesis - Control Thread

  • I can finally make the clothes I want. All I need is the right kind of thread.
  • There’s no way I’d be able to do my hair this fast without my powers.
  • I’ve had it with people. Break me out of this cocoon in a decade. 

Florakinesis - Control Flowers

  • No no no, I only deal in angiosperms. Can’t help you with the attacking fir tree.
  • My life out here in the woods is anything but dark and dreary. Every inch is packed with beautiful flowering plants.
  • Having cats has made having all these plants so much more fun. Plus, some of the plants retract into the dirt when the cat wants to play with them. Can’t have them eating lilies.

Flyrokinesis - Control Force Fields

  • I’m terrified of anything bad happening to my house, so I put a force field around it.
  • I’ve gotten pretty good with making quick force fields. Last week I dropped a sandwich and caught it before it hit the floor.
  • I made force field armor for you. No it doesn’t weigh anything, just put it on!

Fragokinesis - Control Explosions

  • One more crack like that and I’ll start exploding the bones in your feet one by one.
  • I think the only good, non-lethal use for my powers was attaching dye packs to all my stuff that I can explode into a bright indicator of who’s got my phone.
  • When I said I was going out with a bang, I meant it.

Frigokinesis - Control Snow

  • I keep all my enemies frozen and on display in my home as a testament to my triumph. 
  • My ice sculptures are the best in the world. I just won’t show you how I make them.
  • To get to me, you’ll have to trek through a mile of white-out conditions.

Fungokinesis - Control Fungi

  • Sometimes, all that’s needed to stop the heroes is athlete’s foot.
  • I make a killing off of my beer distillery.
  • Please, like poison could affect me.
The Moral High Ground: Arrow 5x12 Review (Bratva)

RUSSIA!!!! Just so we’re clear, whenever I write this I’m singing it in my very best  Tevye “TRADITION!” voice. If you don’t understand that reference go rent Fiddler on the Roof right now.

The return to Russia means a refocus on Original Team Arrow. The first trip to Russia, in 2x06, was really the solidification of Original Team Arrow, so it was vitally important that Arrow not miss the opportunity to revisit the bonds the show is built on. They didn’t miss the opportunity. In fact, they delivered a fantastic  episode with “Bratva” that examines the dynamics of Original Team Arrow.

And yes… there will be a snark filled gif response to that final scene. 

Patience my loves. Let’s dig in…

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Alright, so here’s a comprehensive post of all the things I got during Day 1 of Anime Expo! It’s a whole lot and I don’t remember where I got every little thing, but I’ll still try to credit people where I can. 

All of the McHanzo merch is going right on my ita bag, which I’ll take with me again tomorrow since I need to dig around Artist Alley some more. (It was super packed when I went, so I think I need to go a little bit earlier and scope out any more McCree/Hanzo and Voltron merch hiding under my nose. It was hard to see all the amazing merch when it was super crowded.)

- - -

Top Photo: @p-kom (the largest McHanzo print) // @inchells (the Blackwatch McCree print) // @rebeccanaltycolour (the smaller McHanzo print)

Middle Photo: @inchells (McHanzo horse charm) // @xfreischutz (McCree and Hanzo gold portrait charms) // @treaharts (bottom two McCree and Hanzo buttons) // @theaxelsaywhat (top McHanzo charm) // @pandyssiaa (McCree and Hanzo milk/fusion tea charms)

Bottom Photo: @rebeccanaltycolour (Mercy and Sombra drink charms) // Not sure who I got the Bi button from // Not sure who I got the Sailor Moon Lance from // My own copy of Overwatch signed by Michael Chu, Fred Tatasciore (Soldier: 76), and Keith Silverstein (Torbjorn). 

Small Towns

A/N: I know this isn’t the Oscars and I’m not really required to give any type of speech. But this is my first nonacademic piece of writing and I’m proud of myself so I’m going to. I just wanted to thank @mendescutie for both inspiring me to write and for posting this, and for providing me with golden ideas. As well as @ihaveabadreputation who inspires me with everything she writes and is just the all around best. I hope this is okay. I’d really appreciate constructive criticism. Your feedback is extremely important to me.

A bell rang above my head as I opened the door, making my presence known to Lou’s diner. I took a deep breath as a combination of coffee, bacon, and waffle batter danced through the air. Lou’s diner had become a Saturday tradition. Initially, it was me and Nat, my best friend and ex-roommate, but then she moved out and in with her boyfriend, Cody. So now, Saturday morning at Lou’s was a sacred tradition upheld solely by myself.

“Well if it isn’t the prettiest face on this side of the world!” A deep, raspy voice called from behind the counter. I glanced over at the group of people impatiently waiting and in a semi-line in front of me. Saturdays were normally slow and peaceful, but today was different. Nearly every table was spoken for and the line of people waiting to place a to-go order as almost to the door.

“Hi Lou!” I giggled lifting my hand. I walked past the line of people, stepping far to the left so no one would think I was cutting. “Wow, it’s packed in here!”

“Don’t worry your spot is safe.” He chuckled, striding over to the coffee pot and pouring a cup. He added 1 cream no sugar, just the way I liked it, before placing it on the counter and sliding it closer to me. “I’m assuming you don’t need the menu?”

“Nope. And thanks.” I said bringing the mug to my smiling lips.

Lou wiped his hands on his white apron seeming to trace perfect circle of his torso. “Anytime, doll. There might be a bit of a wait today.” He said with a sigh of anxiety, looking around at all the tables still awaiting their food. The bell above the door rang again welcoming a family of six as. A look of terror fell over his pale face and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Lou was too sweet to be stressed about anything, even customers.

I turned to wave at the toddler gripping onto his mother’s index finger then glanced over at my little red table, shiny and waiting. “That’s fine.” I said facing Lou once again. “Take your time, I can wait.”

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Songs and Vamps

Originally posted by casclarenceunicorn

Word Count: 2,220

Author: Deka

Warning: Blood, violence, weapons, sexual innuendos, fluff, a litlle angst, that’s it.

Pairing: Lucifer x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: After a good morning song, the boys and Y/N went on a hunt to kill some monsters, what could go wrong?

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Five Second Rule

I was digging through my drafts folder and found this random, mostly finished little ficlet. So I polished it up and present you with some random Hannigram.

Hannibal greatly enjoyed the times when he got to linger in the bowels of the FBI as he was today, leaning over a lightly putrefied body with contained fascination as Jack’s forensic team fussed around him. Admittedly, much of that enjoyment came from the fact that Will was generally nearby and often endearingly vulnerable in this environment, but even when Jack dragged Will away to his office – which he had done just ten minutes ago – Hannibal still took great pleasure in the chance to brush up on his understanding of the FBI’s inner workings. Indeed, he had spent a very entertaining forty-five minutes discussing the use of turmeric in fingerprint identification with Mr Price, the knowledge of which already had Hannibal both rethinking his post-kill clean up routine and considering whether he had anything in his freezer that might work well in a curry. Something delicate and fragrant, to go with the flank of that appalling parking attendant from the previous week, who had been sadly lacking in either quality.

It was, therefore, with pleasant images of arranging his next tableau – something involving flowers, perhaps, for Will – thronging in his head that Hannibal followed behind Price, Zeller and Ms. Katz as they made their way to the break room, having decided that they would make no further progress in the case without “choking down a disgusting amount of sugar,” according to Ms. Katz. Hannibal had nowhere pressing to be, after all, and would happily wait the whole afternoon in order to see Will again once he was released from Jack’s clutches.

That thought might have given Hannibal pause on any other day. However, just at the moment it crossed his mind, he happened to witness the greatest atrocity of his life.

“Oops, butterfingers!” Ms Katz trilled, as a glazed, rainbow-sprinkled doughnut slipped her grasp and landed on the floor, sprinkles down. And then Hannibal watched in fascinated horror as she bent to retrieve the soiled pastry, blew on it and, shrugging, said the words that struck disgust into Hannibal’s very soul.

“Five second rule!”

And then she ate it.

Hannibal had to leave the room. He wasn’t sure he could trust himself not to vomit otherwise.

Will caught up with him later in his lecture hall, where Hannibal was restoring inner harmony by rearranging the library of his mind palace. He had developed his own shelving system – the Dewey Decimal was hardly up to scratch – and was replacing some volumes of poetry when the smell of aged paper was joined by the ever-welcome scent of Will’s presence. Hannibal opened his eyes to find the profiler regarding him with a mildly concerned expression, perhaps discomfited by Hannibal’s apparent lapse into a vegetative state. Hannibal had yet to introduce Will to his palace, though of course versions of him already resided in many of its rooms.

“Hello Will,” Hannibal said, assuming a placid and affable tone in order to reassure his friend that he was perfectly well.

Will, somewhat worryingly, was not fooled, his magnificent brows drawing together in concern. Hannibal automatically catalogued the expression for future commitment to paper. He would have to find several hours soon to do so: his mental file of unrecorded images of Will was becoming somewhat unwieldy. Perhaps one day he would be able to coax Will to pose for him in the flesh. Perhaps in nothing but the flesh, his beautiful form freed from all that frumpy, everyman plaid, the firm, strong plains of his muscles exposed for Hannibal’s perusal…

“Is something wrong, Doctor?” Will asked, pulling Hannibal from his reverie, his tone brusque as ever but tinged with genuine care, the presence of which caused something to tighten painfully in Hannibal’s chest. He sighed and decided it could do no harm to inform Will of his friend’s unhygienic crassness. Will would likely brush it off as perfectly acceptable behaviour, causing a little tarnish to his appeal that Hannibal would be rather grateful of at that moment.

“Will, have you ever heard of something called the ‘Five Second Rule’?” Hannibal asked, unable to keep his mouth from twisting into a slight moue.

Will looked up at him in surprise and then slapped his hand across his eyes. “Please tell me Bev did not do that in front of you,” he groaned.

Hannibal raised an eyebrow, amused by Will’s apparent embarrassment.

“I’m afraid to say she did,” he said, gently despite his stomach lurching slightly at the thought. “You do not approve?”

“Doctor, I live with a pack of dogs. Do you really think I would eat anything that had come into contact with my floor?” Will grinned and Hannibal’s breath hitched. “And I’m pretty certain I clean my floor more than most people, present company excluded.” Hannibal’s heart skipped a beat. “I keep telling Bev she needs to stop, it’s a really filthy habit.”

And then, well, there really was nothing for it but to close the gap between them and kiss Will, firm and sure and with just the slightest brush of tongue to really get the point across.

“Hannibal!” Will pulled back and Hannibal reflected ruefully that he would have preferred the first time Will addressed him by his first name not to have been with such shock in his tone.

“I must apologise, Will. That was not how I had planned…” he trailed off as Will’s eyes snapped up to his.

“Plan? What plan? There was a plan?” Will asked, his eyebrows threatening to detach completely from his head and rocket skywards.

Ah yes, the plan. The one in which Hannibal would – with the help of Will’s rapidly worsening encephalitis – break the empath, frame him and imprison him, to be kept under lock and key until the time might come when Hannibal wished to play with Will’s brain once more. The plan which, Hannibal now realised, he had not thought through with his usual precision, because it would be inconvenient to have to visit the BSHCI every time he wished to kiss Will. The plan which would now have to be abandoned completely because there was little… there was absolutely no chance Hannibal was not going to keep kissing Will, now that he had started. Kissing and, with any luck, much, much more. Assuming Will would let him, that is.

Will, who had pulled back but not out of Hannibal’s embrace.

Will, who was looking up at Hannibal from beneath those ridiculous, beautiful lashes.

Will, who was very definitely smirking and leaning in close to whisper in his doctor’s ear, “Well, Hannibal, it seems you don’t have a problem with all filthy things.”

And it was true because, as they soon found out, there were some things Hannibal was very happy to eat off the floor, even after they’d been there much longer than five seconds.

Sehun – Yours

Characters: Sehun x You (Haein)

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count:1390

A/N: [9/9] And with this, the EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series is finally complete. Like I said in the master list post, if you have any plot ideas for either Kris, Luhan and Tao, feel free to tell me about them. If I get the feel for it, I may write a scenario with them as mains in it as well! Hope you liked it!

“I think you had enough alone time, it’s time to have you back by my side. Right where you belong.”

Getting involved with the Mafia was far from what I wanted to reach in life, in fact, I wanted to have nothing to do with them. The mafia screamed trouble, I knew that first hand. Because of the mafia, my life with my family was hell. Both my father and my big brother were a part of that lifestyle. And because of that, my mum died.

I never forgave them for that and I would never.

I grew up with the feeling of dread and the constant thought that my family had blood on their hands. Feeling the fear creeping in me and growing bigger each day was stressful, to the extent that I couldn’t even sleep probably at night.

And at one point I couldn’t take it anymore, so I left. During high school, I started to save money from every part time job I could get, so that when I graduated, I had enough money to move out of my home and into another city, far away from the cause of my uneasiness.

I found a nice job in a restaurant and worked part time in a cafe to have a bit more pocket money before college really started. With time I learned to leave the past be and look forward towards my future. One without the mafia in it, futile.

I met him coincidentally during my shift in the restaurant I was working at. He ran into me, making me lose my balance and fall to the ground. He helped me up wordlessly, mumbled a small apology and sat down at one table probably. Doing everything without having his eyes leave me.

He was handsome. Tall, lean and blond. And while you don’t always encounter someone as good looking as him, I was just doing my job, way too occupied with my life to think about boys. And while he left my mind in a heartbeat, I seemed to linger in his.

It wasn’t the only time he came. Every two days he would visit the restaurant and sit at the same table on the same seat. He also ordered the same, only coffee. Sometimes tea if he came during the day, but other than that nothing. No snacks, no meal, just a drink; his eyes always on me. One day, I don’t really know when it happened, I found myself actually chatting with him.

He started to crack jokes, smirked at my poor attempts at some and occasionally even broke into smiles at me here and there. We grew closer somewhat naturally, he was the cause of a brighter day for me than the normal routine I have adapted.

It was a switch each time. One day, he would be the one telling something about himself and the other I would tell him about myself. Talking to someone was freeing me, talking to him especially. I had someone to really open up to, something I never did before. It made everything just the more enjoyable, especially after getting more personal.

Sehun randomly started to walk me home, our talk never ending. It turned into another routine of mine, walking me home, talking and meeting up while texting.

College soon started and while I thought that I wouldn’t see Sehun as much as before, he surprised me one day with picking me up from the campus. That turned into another routine until he asked me out. I accepted immediately. I was happy for the next four months. My life was complete and while I never thought about boys before and looked ahead, I was happy that I got to meet Sehun. He was a component in my life I was addressing as constant, something I didn’t want to lose.

The day I found about his profession I was working.

Sehun made it his mission to see me after my shift and bring me safe home at least. But that day he was late and the restaurant was on the verge of closing, so I waited outside rather than sitting on the table he occupied whenever he came.

The strange gurgling voices from an alley nearby had my full attention, no other sounds outside. I was too curious for my own good and went looking.

I saw Sehun holding a gun to the head of an injured man on the ground, his expression scarily blank and cold. His eyes dark with dangerous intent, I didn’t know that Sehun and it scared me. He was in a mafia, the sort of people I didn’t want to have anything to do with. I ran back home that day, spending the next two days thinking of him. Never answering any of his messages and calls. I needed to sort out my mind. I needed to decide if I wanted to go on or leave for good.

Deciding what is best for me, I packed enough clothes and went to a friend. Just so that Sehun wouldn’t find me and I could sort out my head probably, and run away without him interfering.

I was scared of Sehun and everything he was capable of. Questioning if I knew him at all and if his feelings were honest.

I quit the job in the restaurant and searched for an apartment further away from my previous one and the restaurant altogether. I started to live normally again, my thoughts often lost, going back to Sehun and our old conversations on my phone. I couldn’t really forget him in the three months that went by and I surely would never forget him.

The moment I came home from my last lecture, the door to my apartment was wide open. Cautiously walking in, I froze at the figure sitting right in the middle of the room, the only item being the armchair he was sitting on. His legs were crossed and he seemed rather relaxed, his amusement of my shock clear in his dark eyes and the smirk on his lips.

My heartbeat increased instantly. It stuttered with finally seeing him after so long, but also picked up its beat with the fear towards him.

“I hate when someone betrays me, Haein.” He raised his eyebrows at me. “But you knew that already.” He stood up and walked to me, his gaze hard and nearly unforgiving. His right hand ran down my face, while his left arms snaked itself around my waist to pull me to his frame. “You, of all people, betrayed me with running away. That hurt.” He whispered suddenly, his gaze getting softer. “If it would have been anyone else, they would already be withering on the ground in front of me.” He pouted, seemingly contemplating before gazing back at me.

“You should feel lucky that I love you so dearly, my love. That I never left your side and had you in arms reach. I think you had enough alone time, it’s time to have you back by my side. Right where you belong.” He kissed my temple, as I let out the breath I held, a tear trailing down my cheek. He kissed it away, instantly, and I didn’t know how to interpret the feeling in my heart at that action.

“Never even think about running away again, hm?” He patted my head, engulfing me in a strong hug after. “I may just have to lock you up in our bedroom otherwise.”

After being forced to spend time with him, I still don’t know how I was feeling. Was I finally coming to terms with him? Yes. With the situation? Yes, also. But not with his profession, I just couldn’t. And Sehun knew that he was doing everything in his power to not involve me in his mess. He never expected me to be okay with it, he only expected me to be by his side and never leave. For me, he separated his profession from his private life.

“Deep in thought again, my love.” Turning around in bed, I just cuddled into his side, yearning after his warmth. “That’s probably the only thing that doesn’t belong to me, but the rest is mine.” He sighed into my neck, taking in the scent of my hair.

I could only close my eyes and agree. I am as much his as he is mine.

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist


Moving to university is a huge thing and it teaches you a lot. It’s been over a year since I first moved to university and I know a lot of you will be doing this within the next few months so I thought why not share my advice, tips and what I learnt about moving into university and out of home.

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“Hey Joy,” my friends say, “what do people send to your p.o. box?”

Well when it’s not statues of Death fucking, or packs of glitter, apparently the answer to that is Jane Austen manga, 10lbs of organic cane sugar, and bear-shifter porn.

God I love my life.

Big thank you to Claire and Jennifer (sorry I don’t have your usernames to tag you!) for the sugar (and the sweet message attached to it, literally) and to @quinfirefrorefiddle for my very first Manga. I’m so happy it’s Jane Austen Manga, it looks delightful.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to find a way to fit this bag into my pantry. Also this now means I can show you all how to make golden cane syrup :D

Saved by an Angel

gif is not mine

Title: Saved by an Angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,911

Warnings: Angst & Fluff

A/N: Oh look, a Castiel fic that I have all ready for all of you! I hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

The wind blew through your hair as you sat on a bench in the park.  It was delightfully breezy and not too cold.  You had your earbuds in, listening to music as the wind tousled your hair softly.  You dipped your head as a single tear escaped your eye.  As the tear fell you felt a small rush of wind behind you.  You figured it was just the wind so you had ignored it.

You almost fell of the bench startled at the sudden figure that sat down beside you.  You had not seen him before.  You almost got the knife that you had always carried in your pocket out, but you were suddenly wrapped in this man’s arms.  You almost fought the strange man off, but you oddly felt safe.  You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his chest.  He had on a trench coat and a suit, but his tie wasn’t on right.  You thought that it was odd, but you liked it oddly enough.

“Who are you,” you whispered thinking he wouldn’t hear you.

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Donald Pierce Imagine

Warnings: Slight smut, kidnapping, killing

Words: 2, 353

Summary: On the run with Logan, Laura, and Charles after Caliban gets captured by Pierce’s men, the group seeks safety in a casino hotel room. Until the Reavers catch up to them, and the reader gets captured. As a mutant with healing powers, y/n is wanted for research. But Donald Pierce is looking for a little more than her powers, and that results in something a little more than dangerous.


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Demonstrate/Theo Raeken Smut

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  can you make a theo raeken imagine/smut where the reader starts to hate the pack because since theo came back to town the pack told her to stay away from him/ are overprotecting asf but she finds theo attractive and theo convinces her to go against the pack & she become bad & they become the badass couple of beacon hills - I’m sorry for my english but hope you understood & I also love your page

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Not Wanted - Void Stiles

 Prompt: Can you do a Void Stiles where the girl gets abused emotionally and physically by him and she has to learn to move on from it?

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit late but something came up. Hopefully you enjoy it. My ask box is open so feel free to request an imagine!

Word Count: 1,517


**Your P.O.V**

I remember being at a pack meeting at Scott’s house and stepping outside to get fresh air because of all the arguing about what was going to happen with Stiles. It was peaceful outside besides the pack inside still arguing. There was a slight breeze and then I saw him… Stiles, he was standing right across from me.


“Y/N what are you doing out here”

“Come inside I have to let the pack know you’re here” I said smiling and getting up.

“Oh no I wouldn’t do that if I were you”

“W-What do you mean, I should go inside and tell them you’re here”

“Why are you going to go inside and tell the pack, who don’t even like you by the way, that I’m here” as soon as those words came out of his mouth I realized that it wasn’t Stiles is was the Nogitsune who had possessed Stiles. 

“You’re not Stiles” I said 

“Yes I am”

“No you’re not, Stiles would never say that”

“How do you know that? are you in his mind” he asked with a smirk “come with me”

“Scott” I yelled turning around attempting to run inside but I was pulled back by Void and he covered my mouth with a rag that had chloroform.I slowly felt myself becoming unconscious. 

**Lydia’s P.O.V**

The pack meeting we were having was becoming stressful. We were all so tired, none of us had much sleep. Sheriff Stilinski kept coming by to see if we had found anything about Stiles or if we heard anything from him. 

I noticed Y/N from across the room rubbing her temples from all the arguing. She looked like she got less sleep then most of us, she looked exhausted and like she was in pain. Stiles was one of her best friends and most of us think she might even like him. 

“Guys we need to figure something out”  Scott said frustrated

“We kill him” Isaac suggested

“We’re not going to kill him” Y/N said 

“Well then what are we going to do? Lure him into the house and knock him unconscious tie him up and do what” I said

“We’re not sure Lydia” Kira said from across the room finally speaking up.

“I’m going to step outside, let me know if you guys figure something out” Y/N said to me and Allison and we both nodded

We kept arguing after Y/N walked out, then it got quiet inside the house”

“Scott” we heard Y/N from outside, but once we got outside she was gone

“Where did she go” Scott said looking at me 

“She said she was going to step out to get some air” I replied looking shocked

“Do you think it was Void” Allison asked looking worried and scared

“Most likely, we need to find her” Isaac said behind Allison

“Okay Lydia, Allison and Isaac you both go look for her in town, go to all the places where we’ve gone before like the abandoned bank and all those abandoned places. Kira and I will go look in the woods, call us if you guys find anything” Scott said and we all split up.

** Your P.O.V**

I woke up in a basement that I had never been in. I was sitting in a chair with my hands and legs tied to the chair and my mouth was covered by tape. 

I looked around the room and saw a couch, stairs leading up to somewhere. I tried to wiggle my hands free but in the process I heard a voice.

“Don’t even try because you’ll fail” he paused for a second “like you always do” he walked towards me and said “I’m going to remove the tape if you scream I’ll torture you” he said and I nodded as he removed the tape I whimpered in pain.

“Please don’t do anything” I said

“Shh shh don’t say anything, I do the talking here” he said putting his finger to my lips all I could do was nod

“You know Y/N, I never thought that I would have to, what’s the word, kidnap you, but you’re so pathetic you know that right” he paused again “No one in the pack cares about you, they won’t come look for you because they think you’re always in the way of everything”

“that’s not true” I said a bit loudly with a tear coming down my face

“What did I say about not talking” he said angrily “I don’t want to have to do this” he picked up a knife and shoved in in my left leg. Before I let out a scream he covered my mouth..”shh they’ll hear us” he smirked 

Tears kept coming down my face I had never experienced so much pain in my life. He soon reached for the knife and pulled it out of my leg which made me yelp and then he brought it back down to the same leg just above the other scar.

“Please Stiles I know you’re in there just stop please stop” I whispered 

“Y/N do you ever shut up, god you’re so annoying” he knelt down in front of me “Did you know that no one wanted you to join the pack, they all said they didn’t want you there because you were so immature” 

I knew he was lying yet every single one of those words hurt so much. I had to try and ignore what he was saying to me. I felt myself get light headed once I looked down to my leg I noticed ho much blood I had lost and it was a lot. I sat there hoping someone from the pack would find me by catching my scent.

I woke up and it was still dark but I noticed that I wasn’t tied up anymore. I was lying on the couch with my long sleeve shirt wrapped around my left leg. I heard people and voices come down the stairs. I tried getting up but I failed.

“Guys she’s down here” I heard Scott’s voice 

“Scott” I asked

“Yes I’m here, we’re all here Y/N” He came to me and hugged me while I cried a little bit.

“We need to get her to the hospital” Isaac pointed out

“What did he do to you Y/N” Lydia asked 

“We shouldn’t of let you go outside alone” Allison said helping me up 

“Guys we need to get out now, the security is coming” Kira whisper yelled from upstairs.

* hours later *

I woke up in the hospital with an IV on my arm. I tried to get up but winced in pain because of my leg. I turned my head to look at who was sleeping on the chair and I saw Isaac sitting there surprisingly

“Hey how are you feeling” he asked me getting up and coming closer to me

“I’m feeling better but my leg does still hurt, a lot” I laughed a little 

“Hey sweetie how are you feeling” Mrs. McCall  walked in with my chart

“I’m doing okay, a bit better” I said smiling lightly 

“I’m glad, we had to do some surgery because there was too much damage to your nerves because the scars were deep, but we fixed it, you will need to stay off that leg for a while so we suggest you use a wheelchair for a while and then switch to crutches” 

“Okay thank you so much”

“No problem sweetie, are you hungry? I can go out and get you some food”

“Allison is coming with some food she just texted me” Isaac said bringing his phone up 

“Thank you Melissa” I said 

“It’s okay feel better” she smiled and walked out.

“Thanks for staying with me” I told Isaac 

“Don’t worry about it, what are friends for” he said with a small smile

“Void was telling me that you guys didn’t want me to be in your pack and that I was just some immature annoying girl who got in the way of things, a part of me knew it wasn’t true but it just hurt a lot”

“Y/N don’t ever think that, you’re actually the one who’s more mature than all of us, don’t ever think that we didn’t want you in the pack, you deserve to be here and you’re not annoying either” he hugged me and went back to sit down.The door opened to reveal Lydia, Allison, Scott, and Kira.

“ Y/N you feeling better?” everyone asked and I nodded

“Well you know what would make you feel better” Lydia asked

“What would that be” I asked curiously

“Food!” Allison said handing me a box from ihop with pancakes

“Thank you guys” I said laughing a little bit.

I looked over at Isaac and he gave me the I told you so look which meant that they don’t feel like I shouldn’t be in the pack. They were my friends and they cared for me.


“Someone to care for” Derek Hale

Requested by @krism98 :) I hope you like it! I’d love your feedback.

Scott’s POV
Somehow, I have no earthly idea how, this tiny child has come into my possession. Malia says she is just over three years old. Malia brought her to me from a deceased family member. Her mother died from another alpha and her father was a werewolf like me. And Malia says she will for sure end up like us. But how am I supposed to care for a child? Thankfully I went to my mom, Melissa. Now that she knows everything I’m sure she will have an answer for me here. When I first told her about Y/N there was a lot of yelling. But after a while of arguing, we agreed that she could stay with us. Mom’s been lonely lately, I can tell, so hopefully taking care of Y/N will help. She’s actually the cutest thing. And since she never pays attention to what anyone says, I’ve been able to bring her to pack meetings to see everyone.

“Ok, I’ll see everyone later then.” The meeting ends and I start to head out. I look all around Stiles’s house for Y/N with no luck. Then, surprisingly, I find her sitting on Derek’s lap. She’s giggling and playing with his long fingers like their toys, it kind of makes me smile. He looks at her with amusement and a small smile on his face. “Uh, Derek.” He looks up at me. “Y/N should probably come with me now.” He nods, standing with her in his arms before handing her off to me. I ca see that Derek watches us as we leave, making sure Y/N is ok. I never thought Derek had a soft spot this big, especially for infants. It kind of makes me laugh.

More and more pack meetings and hang outs pass by and Derek and Y/N have the strongest relationship out of anyone here. As soon as Y/N sees Derek she’s giggling and running into his arms to play or cuddle. He treats her like his own daughter which is heart warming. Derek needs something in his life like Y/N. At Derek’s loft, everyone is partaking in discussion as I watch Derek and Y/N in the kitchen. He has her in his arms and is showing her anything remotely interesting and not dangerous he has. Lets face it, Derek’s loft is pretty boring. There’s literally nothing but his bed, the kitchen, a sofa, and a few tables. And he makes sure to put away anything dangerous before she comes over. I think it would literally kill him if anything happened to her.

“Derek, come on!!” Stiles has been trying to get his opinion on a topic for five minutes but he’s been so distracted with Y/N to notice. “Oh, um, sorry.” He stutters, joining everyone back in the living room. Y/N sits on his lap as he bops her with his knee. She looks up at I’m with her bright blue eyes and Derek smiles.

It’s  almost eleven pm and we are just starting to leave Derek’s. Y/N has ben asleep for about an hour on Derek’s lap. “Ok, lets go.” I’m about to reach for her until Derek stops me. “She can stay here for the night if thats ok with you.” His eyes are honest and kind as he asks me. “She’s already asleep, she can stay out here on the couch. I have plenty of blankets.” He speaks quietly so not to wake her. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that Derek can’t look after her, so I allow it. I watch him get her set up on the couch tucked in a mountain of blankets before I leave. He’s going to be an amazing dad someday.

Derek’s POV
After I lay Y/N down to bed I lay down myself. I can see the couch from my bed, so if she needs anything I’m right there. I can hear her tiny heartbeat from across the room and it’s calm. Even beats and light breathing. It gives me a sense of calm knowing I’m not alone. I’ve been alone for so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to look after someone else. After the fire that killed my family I journeyed out on my own and never looked back. Then, I came back to Beacon Hills and tried to start over. Scott and Stiles have made that difficult… Or maybe easier… Then Erica and Boyd. After that, I honestly thought I’d be alone forever. Maybe I’m looking too far into this, but having Y/N to look after gives me a sense of hope.

I guess I fell asleep deep in thought because I wake up to an uneasy feeling. My eyes fly open, and land on Y/N standing beside my bed; tears streaming down her tiny face and building in her blue eyes. It makes my heart ache. “What happened?” I place my hands on her shaking shoulders and look all around the loft to see if anyone had broken in. “Bad dream.” She sniffles. I feel my face frown as I lift her into the bed with me. She instantly cuddles up in my arms and tries to fall asleep. “I’m sorry, Y/N. Everything is ok.” I tell her. She nods her head and nuzzles further into the sheets. I help her get settled in and listen to her heartbeat slowly settle back into an easy rhythm. She falls asleep just fine in my big bed with me.

“Oh my gosh!” “Wait, what’s happening?” I stir in my sleep and hear people talking outside. My eyes jolt open when a flash goes off, and I sit up in bed ready to attack. My fangs protrude, but all I find is the rest of the pack standing in my bedroom. I look down, seeing Y/N still sleeping next ti me peacefully. “What’s going on?” I ask. Scott scoops Y/N up in her arms and coos at me instead of her. “You care for her!” The rest of the pack giggles as I make my way into the kitchen. “Y/N needs some breakfast.” “AWH!!!” They coo. I wave my hand back at them to shut up.