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milo ventimiglia ♚ gif pack iii.

Beneath the link are #158 small gifs of Milo Ventimiglia from his role as Paolo in Kiss of the Damned. Contains some blood and partial-nudity. Milo as future!Peter Petrelli (with scar) can be found HERE, and Peter Petrelli HERE.

Made for use as RP reaction gifs. All gifs made by me, please like or reblog if using, but please:

  • don’t repost or claim as your own
  • don’t use as promo images for an RP
  • don’t use in crackships without asking permission first
  • don’t include in gif hunts (when you can easily link back here)

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Willa Holland Gif Pack #1

Below the cut are #132 gifs of Willa Holland from her role as Davey in Tiger Eyes. All of these gifs were created by me. Feel free to use these gifs for roleplaying purposes, but do not repost them or claim them as your own. Please like/reblog if you are using, or found this helpful! Thanks!

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laheyismypuppy asked:

Duuuuuuddddeeeee! I have no idea what 5 means but everyone is yelling so I've decided it's very good! YAY! WELL DONE TINY SMART ONE! *pat pat* :P

idk if you have ap classes there? i remember i tried to explain it to you once lol but i don’t think you knew what i was talking about. AP is the highest level of classes you can take (there’s regular, honors, and ap (scott, lydia, and kira also take ap:P)) and at the end of the year (in my case two years, for a two year course) there’s a big long hard test lol, and a five is the highest score;) THANK YOU haha, love you<3

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“Stiles and I both feel it every day, just like you said we would, and it makes me think of the quote Jennifer used to start our first class, because when I feel it, it’s like I’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness.”

“So what do you do instead?”

“I look for my love and my friends.”

Photoshop Pack by itslittleemix:

  • 5 PSDS that I use on my edits or gifs. (Some made by me, some mixed by me, and of course there are some layers that not mine..)
  • 58 Textures -handwritten+watercolor+simple-  (None are mine)
  • 2 Borders for edits (all of mine)

Please like this post before downloading, cause i try so hard to do that. it makes me know that people want to download my stuff. if you like, i will make lots of them and i’ll share my psds more.

Download; [.rar] & [.zip]  - I FIXED THE LINK!