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Adventures With Roscoe [dumbass-stilinski]

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A/N: So me, @completedylantrash, @smutandahalf, @thelittlestkitsune, and @stilinski-jpeg wrote a series for all y’all! Here is my contribution, and check back for a masterlink of the fics written by all of us! Let us know if you like it and we’ll do more!

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Pairing: Stiles/Reader
Warnings: Here there be smut!
Word count: 1,016

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D(ANGER): PART I [Next:Coming Soon!]

Meet the Family ~ A Derek Hale Imagine

Request by: sugarpimpdaddy

You’re dating Derek and you’re both alphas and he meets your pack? And it’s a big deal -like meeting the family?

Warning: Fluff and I think that’s about it

Word Count: 711 

“How does my hair look?” Derek said with a worried expression on his face, “Babe you look fine, stop worrying so much I’m sure they’ll love you just like I do.” He shakes his head and puts his head down in his hands as he sits on the bed. “But what if they don’t? What if your pack hates me?” I walk over to him and take his head in my hands; “They won’t hate you not when they realize how amazing you are and how happy you make me.” He places his hand over mine and rubs it lovingly as I bend down to give him a chaste kiss due to the door bell ringing. “They’re here.” I say as I go to answer the door, I hear Derek’s heartbeat pick up as he soon follows me to the door.

           “Hey Everybody!” My pack walks in giving me each a hug and Derek a swift hand shake as they introduce themselves. Once everyone is and seated in the living room Derek and I stand in the middle so I can properly introduce him. “Everyone this is my boyfriend, Derek Hale.” He gives everyone a shy smile as he places his arm around my waist and waves with the other. After hearing everyone say there form of a hi; my youngest beta Mark ask a question. “So what’s for dinner?” we all laugh as we lead the pack into the dining room where the food is already set out.

           “Oh my gosh Y/N I’ve never been so happy to eat food in my life everything smells great!” one of the only two girl betas, Roxie said. “Well Derek cooked mostly everything I just handled desert.

The whole packs eyes move to Derek as my other girl beta, Dory spoke. “Looks and can cook, you might just want to hang on to him Y/N.” at this everyone laughed and I could feel Derek relax.

           Once everyone was seated and had food on there plates the guys chatted about sports and the girls gossiped about celebrities. My oldest beta William said “Well lets just get this out the way why are you with our alpha?” all conversation stops as everyone’s attention is directed at Derek and William.  Derek nearly chokes on his water; to be honest I’m not fazed by Will’s bluntness but I pretend to be. 

“She an amazing woman, so selfless and caring for other people and yet she still a badass alpha.” I giggle a little making Derek feel a bit better. My last beta Brian asked the next question. “Why are you nervous right now?” “Because I don’t want to get on bad terms with the love of my life’s family I mean pack.” Derek says as he takes a sip of water. Mark speaks up and says, “You had it right the first time, we’re a family and she’s our Mom. If you do her wrong—“ Everyone chimed in to say the end of Mark’s sentence, “We’ll kill you.” “So just take care of her and you’re on good terms with us.” Mark finished. Derek and my eyes both widened and I look up at Derek to see how he would react next; “Well I have no intention on dying and I would never hurt Y/N in any way so I guess we’re on good terms.” 

At first the room was silent then everyone chuckled and William said, “I like this guy, definitely keep him around.” The tension that was in the room fell away and everyone in my pack got easier. “Well welcome to the family Derek Hale.” Said Mark, before I knew it everyone else in the pack raised there glasses and said the same and smiling warmly at Derek.

           Seeing my pack accept the man that I loved meant the world to me, and they all knew it. I leaned over to whisper in Derek’s’ ear and said, “Told you they’d love you.” As I backed away he looked down with one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen on his face and gave me a brief kiss. Everyone around the table said “Eww!” I rolled my eyes and enjoyed another kiss with the man I loved around the people I loved, my pack, my family.  


Beacon Hills was a quaint suburban town with a small population count compared to the rest of the towns surrounding it. However, it had its share of problems. Not every day problems like burglary or robbery, those were minuscule compared to the grand scale of things. The largest problem was its supernatural community.

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My husband packed my lunch for me today which was sweet of him. I’m just concerned that he thinks I’m either a 300lb truck driver or a construction worker who works 20hr days. Lunch consisted of….

1 grapefruit
1 cup grapes
4 oz cheese
1 yogurt cup
1 hamburger with cheese
And an entire roast beef dinner including roast,vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy 😳

I had the hamburger and the grapefruit 😂. I really do love him and I think he just wanted to give me options but it was a bit startling when I opened my lunch box. 😉


So I’m writing Masquerade III Part 5 little by little whenever I get home from work throughout the week (if my brain allows me to think properly after a long day that is) and so far, I have a Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 11 page Word Doc of just straight up S-I-N…and I’m still not done. GET YOUR BUCKETS OF WATER READY THIS WEEKEND YA’LL!

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Also please pray for my soul, because I’ll be seeing BTS this week and next, and I’m not quite sure if I’ll survive. 

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