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Under the cut you will find #150 gifs of Iitoyo Marie, from the movie MARS. It would be great if you could like or reblog if you use these. ALL gifs were made by me.PLEASE DO NOT: claim as your own, remove my watermark, post in gif hunts, crop into gif icons, whitewash or use to make crackship gifs. You may edit for PERSONAL use. Full resource rules here. (+280 gifs, totalling to 430)

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I’ve never posted a picture like this because I train to become a better athlete and not for aesthetics, however I still believe there is something to be said for being proud of the body you are in. I do crossfit because being strong makes me happy, and that comes far before having a 6 pack in my book. So to the kind gentleman today who told me I “shouldn’t be so muscular because it takes away from my pretty face,” this one and only mirror pic is for you, sir. I look this way as a result of doing something I love, and yes I am damn proud of it. #dowhatmakesyouhappyyall #instagramrant #meanmuggin #periodictablecurtain

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so today while i was in the hospital, gown on and ready, medicated up, needle in my hand and stuff stuck to my chest, i was talking to this guy who was also waiting to go in for surgery. and while it was all happening, all i could think was this would be a great meet cute for fic

It’s wild.

It’s hitting me more and more everyday that, yep, it’s happening, im growing up. My art is becoming a developed process of my own maturity and growth, my teachers are talking to me more about scholarship programs, my closet is changing, my mind is growing, my eyes are widening, & my heart is expanding. In a few years, boxes will be packed and my room won’t look the same. My hair won’t smell the same, and my shoes won’t fit the same. I have a boyfriend now and i also have a lot of shit i need to do and learn. I have so much i want to do. There’s so much happening.

but i need to live in the now and feel grounded again. I’ve been floating aimlessly and while it’s nice sometimes, it gets harder to land, like a balloon floating up and getting ready to view the world at a different perspective, but if you get too high you’ll just pop, and the higher you go the scarier the view is, because holy shit, were so tiny???

Tomorrow i’m performing for the first time in a while and i’m going to enjoy it to the fullest. I’m going to live in that present and i’m going to live in the present right now, and enjoy a warm shower and tea. I hope all your hearts are alright, and if you’re floating, enjoy it, don’t forget to appreciate the view, and come back down when you’re feeling the gravity ✨

I need some serious help

When I started at my work, I weighed 123 pounds. I think I am about 136 today. I attribute that 100% to all the free food we get.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel lucky to work somewhere where so much is provided. But it makes it so so hard to avoid.

The meals I am USUALLY okay avoiding. Not that they aren’t healthy (sometimes are sometimes aren’t), but it’s easy enough to pack my own lunch and have that.

It’s the snacks that get me. We have some healthier things like fruit and babybel cheese, but we have copious amounts of cookies, candy, chips, protein bars, all sorts of things like that.

No matter what I do I cannot stop eating them. I’ve tried various things like only allowing myself fruit or cheese, or one unhealthy snack a day, or things like that but I CANNOT stick to it and I am so mad at myself about it!!! And I pack my own snacks and I am absolutely snacking when I’m not hungry at all. And it’s not even boredom or unconscious. I know I am not hungry, I know it’s counter to my weight loss goals, I’m aware I’m doing it, and I just keep on doing it.

The only time I was able to avoid it was the six weeks I did keto. I definitely don’t want to go back to something so restrictive (and meat filled!) but I need to find a way to stay away from the snacks.

Thoughts?? Suggestions? Help?????

I'm still planning to conquer the Christmas get together tomorrow...

So, even tho we had an unscheduled dinner tonight (which was yummy) I’m still ready to stick to my dinner plan of one plate and small portions at the after work gift exchange Christmas party.

I am going to bed now but I have a salad and the rest of my brussels sprout dish packed up and ready for lunch tomorrow. Low points for the win. 🙌🏼



A font pack by @ingthing​!

Never hand-draw your own “objection” bubbles again! Inspired by that one lawyer game.

Free for non-commercial use. 

Do not redistribute/repost!

A pack of 68 high-resolution PNG letters and punctuation marks PLUS a bonus Kura’inese SATORHA! and a big, blank speech bubble to fill!

I also plan on introducing a Telegram sticker set (free for use, of course)

If you use this font in your work, it would be nice if you sent me a nice message! It took me a long time to make this, and I’d love to expand it but I like to be encouraged!