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"Oh I know what this is! It's called BROMANCE!"
Nanako Dojima
"Oh I know what this is! It's called BROMANCE!"

for those of you that thought i was joking

this is actual dialogue that happened when I partnered Yu with Yosuke.


i was asked for the actual video of this, so i recorded it… 


so i finally finished that persona 4 wip i posted like way back in dec… for the persona zine which is? on hiatus right now? but as soon as the organization gets going again, i’m gonna post another preview!

thanks all for being patient with me even though i don’t draw that much cries;; i know my art is boring but i’m trying my hand at more bgs and painting these days – gotta work hard and push myself!! ><)9

Wildcardshippingweek Day 5: Comfort/Cat(s)

“You invited me over to meet stray cats…?”

“I thought it might cheer you up. You’ve been so quiet lately, and this always makes me feel better.”

“…thank you.”

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Inktober Day 15 (Give it up for day 15!)

“I am a shadow, the true self. What, are you sick of yourselves too? Very well, then let’s begin the special operation!”

Naoto’s shadow is my favourite shadow, design-wise and all. I’ve kinda just given up on sketching things out in pencil first since my new black pen is kinda crappy, so I’m really proud of how this turned out.