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different anon- what if i don't like the flag in the sense that i literally just wish they used a slightly different shade of brown? it's so yellow based and i wish there was a touch more red in it i know i'm powerless to change the official flag but is it okay to change the tones on the ones i make/own for my own work

Just don’t white wash and it should be fine

315lb Squat PR

Guys, I’ve finally done it! I PR’ed my squat at 315lbs beltless! I’ve been chasing this for such a long time, and honestly, it wasn’t even a grind to hit the one rep. The last time I attempted it, I was wearing my belt, but my core de-stabilized, and I lost it. 

I wasn’t even planning on PR’ing today, but I was doing sets of three, and next thing I know I’m at 295 with no struggle at all. At that moment I was like holy fuck…can I do this??

Today was a perfect example of being my own inspiration. It doesn’t really happen that often, but it did today. I was so pumped that after that I killed the rest of my workout.

This week has kind of been an emotional roller coaster, starting off pretty shitty but with things working out in the end. I had a great weekend at Philly Pride, but then I was feeling pretty nostalgic about everything and really missing people. Then I royally fucked up at work on Tuesday and was pretty upset about it. In typically me fashion, I was the hardest on myself. I always am…I always expect better from myself. In the end nobody made a big deal out of it. I just need to learn from my mistakes.

Since then, things have been going great. Lots of positive vibes going around and lots of small work-related successes to celebrate. My only wish is that I can thrust this feeling onto the people I love who are struggling right now. I know what they deserve, and they only deserve the best. I hate that I’m powerless to help, but I hope that I can inspire them to keep pushing just as they did for me.



random mirror shot lang sa cr ng Jollibee????? bakit ba iba talaga dating ng mga cr :( hahahaha dude my cousin owns the t-shirt that i’m wearing (kinuha ko lang sa cabinet niya) that’s why it looks so big on me tangina i’m like a gangztah

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I know she and David have always been flirty or a little bit inappropriate (making sex jokes). It’s how they are with each other. My only problem with Gillian is that she continued trolling fans with gillvony on social media while she was dating PM. (It is a fact based on her twitter timeline) What message was she sending? Social media is mainly for fan. She doesn’t really need social media to tease David. She kept giving fans wrong ideas and played with fan. (1/3)

And people are surprised some fan might felt played? If it was David who was dating another woman, I would be disappointed but I would not be upset with David at all. I would admit it’s 100% my own fault. I don’t know what‘s going on between them but one thing I am certain David doesn’t want fans to believe in Gillovny. His strong and harsh denials and the lack of responses to those flirty tweets show it. (2/3)

For the past 7 months every time I try to make peace with it by telling myself that she was just having too much fun and she meant no harm. But those “loyal” fans say Gillian can do no wrong and it’s all those crazy Gillovny fans’ fault or pull down David in order to make GA or PM look good. It just makes me angry all over again. Those fans are not helping!(3/3)


I completely see where you’re coming from. It feels like you’ve been burned because she led you to believe in Gillovny based on her sexual jokes surrounding David, etc. David has never led us to believe in Gillovny so if he were to move on at least he did it honestly, is what you’re trying to say. I totally get that and it’s a valid point though I disagree to an extent.

My feeling is that she didn’t intentionally lead us on. She didn’t consciously think, “okay I’m going to say this funny sexual thing because I want them to think I’m dating David”. I think based on how she always acted when she was WITH him, the funny, sexual things that she said on social media were just the side of her that he brought out. She also acted like that at events and appearances where they were together. That’s what makes me believe that she was just a happy, giddy woman and it reflected when she was on social media. She was just being herself - the self she is when she’s happy with David.

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People need to remember too a lot of artist labels get free stuff so just cause they something that's worth like 1k doesn't mean they rich. Even then, people can spend their money however they want like my bro doesn't own lots of clothes and they all cheap but his gadgets are probably like worth more than 50k in total. He for sure ain't rich but he's got money to spend for sure

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sorry to bother you, but do you have any tutorials you would recconmend when it comes to making gifs or edits? i wanna learn how to work better with photoshop ( i have cc ) but i'm getting a little overwhelmed when it comes to where to begin

hi :) it’s no bother at all, i can remember when i started making gifs it was very overwhelming. when it comes to gifmaking there are countless tutorials out there. you can look through my gif tutorials tag and my psd tag. i made an extensive tutorial on how to make gifs from start to finish here. (but it’s like three years old) apart from my own i don’t really know of any specific tutorials but if you’re a beginner, this one is a great start, and if your looking for help or inspiration with colouring, you can check out this awesome tag. it i hope that helps a little bit :)

My fellow space-loving asexuals! I wanted some cool ace stuff so I made a logo for us based on a certain famous space agency! (it’s to remind you that you’re out of this world ♥︎)

If you want to buy it as a sticker or t-shirt etc you can find it on my redbubble here

being a biologist working in the chemistry building is weird because everyone knows me on sight and will say that they’ve defs seen me around, but no one knows who i am or who i work for, and people in my own lab don’t know i’m not in the chemistry department and get very confused when i talk about things like committee meetings, but on the other hand, none of the biologists not in my direct cohort know i’m a biologist and get confused when i show up to like, department events, so i’m basically just an unknowable science cryptid haunting the hallowed halls of higher learning with my ice bucket