my own work :d

part of my final was to draw a bunch of characters and their props, so I finally got around to rendering my Pillars of Eternity ranger and her wolf, Azil.

Plz ignore my huge signature on her foot. I felt like I had to put it there because of all the plagiarists in my class. =_=

Sherlock’s favorite part of their morning routine has always been watching John make breakfast. Before he would find excuses to be in the kitchen while John went through the motions of getting ready to start the day. Sometimes Sherlock had an experiment that needed tending, sometimes he used his petulant side to his advantage, but he would always position himself for the best view. Now, he doesn’t need an excuse as he watches his lover prepare breakfast. Sherlock watches unabashedly at the rise of the shirt, revealing the low dip at the base of John’s spine, as John reaches for an item Sherlock intentionally set just out of reach. He smiles at the soft sounds John’s bare feet make as he pads around the kitchen, humming to himself as he goes through his routine. John is of course aware of the undivided attention he has. It used to embarrass him, now he just ducks his head and grins at knowing.
Most mornings, Sherlock is able to resist the tug that smile does to him. But some mornings, like today, he can’t. Swiftly he rises from his chair and pulls the mug out of John’s hand, setting it on the counter with a loud thunk. John’s grin widens and he pulls Sherlock into a deep kiss, his hips on Sherlock’s waist. They spend unknown minutes lazily enjoying the feel of each other’s lips, slow kisses, lingering sighs, happily taking the moments in. There’s no case waiting, no need to rush. Eventually, John’s stomach rumbles, reminding them that, yes they do need to actually eat. John pulls back with a giggle and Sherlock smirks at him, before he returns to the table to enjoy his view.



…So of course instead of working on projects I SHOULD be focusing on, I get distracted and crank out some random stuff. :D

Evening sketch somewhat based on the construction drill that was working near our studio today. Instantly saw something like this in my head and felt the need to doodle it up!

[Construction vehicles in general make for great inspiration for weird creatures..!]

cindysbluejeans  asked:

you started listening to taz!? i just started a few days ago and im Obsessed! who's your favorite? what are your thoughts?

it’s SO GOOD i lov me some good good mcelroy content. i’m only on episode 4 or so, so they’re not super fleshed out yet, but i adore taako