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what about confused Allura and Coran a bit after they get Matt back because they’ve never seen the kind of relationship he has with Shiro. They just run around and act like idiots together and fight like Lance and Keith but it’s good natured and they seem to enjoy it???? But Lance and Keith don’t… And they spend a lot of time together and touch a lot but it’s not like how Matt and Pidge do it so?? They’ll goof off when not being paid attention to like Lance and Hunk but it’s so not Shiro and?? Just what is this? Alteans don’t have this dynamic they are mega confused


“Delirious, It’s been an entire week. Why won’t you say anything? Even Luke is starting to worry about you.” Evan said with concerned expression written on his face. “I’m here to help you. Please tell me what is wrong and we will solve this problem together.”

Once again Evan got no response making him worry even more. For the next two weeks Evan tried to get the clown faced man to talk, but sadly nothing had worked. Everyone in the asylum was getting more and more concerned about the now mute man. 

A new beginning... (1/11...ish)

hey there everyone! it feels like years since I’ve posted a fic, and it feels weird to publish this. For the past 8 months or so I haven’t posted any new fic or updated my WIP Sparks, and I feel really bad but I’ve just really haven’t felt inspired even though I really wanted to write, added to the fact that my current and new (well it’s been 8 months it’s not totally new but who cares) job that takes most of my time and energy. 

I’ve been wanting to get back to writing but since i have zero inspiration, my dear friend @phiralovesloki gave me some good advice to help me get back into it, which led me to try and rewrite an old story of mine. I decided to rewrite one of the first fics I’ve written three years ago (the writing was aaaaaawful, seriously it’s dreadful). I’m improving the story and I’ll probably end up changing a few (a lot?) of things, and let me reassure you, my writing got a lot better since! I still hope you’ll enjoy it. Now I’ll shut up and let you read it.

Thanks to @ultraluckycatnd for editing the story! 

Summary: Financial problems leads Emma and her brother David to seek a roommate, which leads Killian to occupy their spare bedroom. 

Rating: M for some swearing, and eventually smmmmmut.

AO3  |

The evening had been busy and hectic, which made Emma appreciate the soft gust of wind as she walked out of the dinner. Monday nights at Granny’s were usually calm, which gave her some time to study in between clients. Maybe it was the nice warm weather that spring brought after a very cold winter that made people want to go out and have a meal outside of their houses. She was grateful for the tips; she usually didn’t make much on Monday’s, but the downside was that she was starting her week exhausted.

Emma debated with herself for a moment, pondering on whether she hailed for a cab or if she took the bus back to her apartment. Walking was out of the question, because her feet were killing her. The cab was quite tempting since she would be home in no time, but it meant spending some of the extra money she made tonight. With the financial strain that her and her brother had been going through, spending that extra money wouldn’t be wise. Emma sighed as she tried to muster some of the energy she had left and did the wise thing as she walked towards the bus stop. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to wait too long for the bus to arrive.

After what felt like hours (it was really fifteen minutes, but her tired state was playing tricks on her mind), Emma finally arrived at her apartment complex and slowly climbed the stairs up to her floor. Once she entered her apartment, she dropped her bag as she freed her feet from the pressure of her shoes and walked directly to the living room. She fell next to her brother on the couch and sighed with relief as she let her aching muscles finally relax. Her head slowly rolled to the side when David groaned as he closed his laptop, and she noticed that he looked tense.

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Hiya! Can you please draw Modern!Peggy with C2 and Modern!John Laurens (My story behind this is that they found out that their YouTube channel got 100,00 subscribers) Your art is amazing!! Keep it up! <3

This prompt is too cute!! <3
Also, you didn’t specify which expression you wanted for Laurens, so I just used one that I thought would work well.

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Finally I made my story’s characters (ocs) line up!

In order my oc’s are: Lani Ramírez Zamora, Ramsey Saliba, Caia Armstrong, and (Twins) Adonis and Alec Olson

  • Me, an INTJ: these INTJ stereotypes are terrible. They make me look like the coldest person on earth.
  • Also Me: No fuck that, I'm not working with you. I'm doing this work on my own. It's less trouble. I don't deal with people. Don't get near me. Do you even know what personal space is? I'm not glaring at you this is my normal look. No I'm not mad. Your idea is terrible. You didn't even plan that ahead did you? Oh you did? Then you didn't rethink it over to think of the possible chances of failure. I swear I--

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OC ART MEME: Lani Ramírez Zamora in 9!! I'm in love with her <3

9. Draw the OC with 3 different expressions

AWEEEEEE THANK YOUUUU, I know who wouldn’t fall for mi bebé❤️

Why Assignment Two is my fave. Forever.

(Personal Opinion)


-It’s the scariest story with the scariest effects and the scariest villain, and Sapphire and Steel probably had the least control over the situation among all the stories, that they had to take such drastic measures

-Really small cast

-Tully’s just the cutest human in the series everr

-Best dressed. (Steel in the tux, Sapphire in that elegant, elegant dress with the thing around her neck and her hairstyle was my favourite)

-Steel kissed Sapphire TWICE.


-Steel admitted his love for Sapphire.


-Steel showed us just how much of a jerk he can be

-The scenes where he chewed Tully out and mocked the Darkness were actually pretty funny. There IS humour in the show.

-BOTH Steel and Sapphire SANG in that assignment and you will never see it again.

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Coffee shop AU? (For the fanfiction trope ask.)

Oh I think a Coffee Shop AU would be really really cute for OTP: Kill It With Fire (my OCs Cor and Farryn)

  • Farryn come into the coffee shop every day with her laptop to write
  • She’d bring her own tea from home most days because she’s a very nearly broke college student
  • She’d only get coffee on special occasions
  • Cor is the overly friendly barista who knows everybody who’s a regular at the Coffee Shop by name
  • Except for that one girl who never orders anything
  • After a couple of months he just can’t stand it anymore and goes over to talk to her when he’s on break
  • He has an entire one-sided conversation with her and she doesn’t hear a thing because she has headphones in
  • Cor just likes to talk so he didn’t realize until like five minutes in that she didn’t even notice he was there
  • He feels really awkward and just goes back to work
  • His coworkers laugh at him
  • He gets offended and says something stupid about how if he wanted to he could get her to date him within a week
  • His coworker tells him to prove it
  • Look where your big mouth landed you Cor
  • Also in every AU Farryn has to get her scars somehow
  • This is a rule
  • So there’s bound to be some angst there
  • I just haven’t figured it out yet haha

….. Now I want to write this oops


Aaron Tveit at the Grease: Live! after party