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Why is there discourse about Captive Prince? From what I've seen, it looks lovely. :(

It… gets lovely. The thing is it deals with effects of sensitive issues (bc I’m tired of people calling them ‘problematic’ in this context) like non-con, slavery and pedophilia and Tumblr lives with the mentality that everything that isn’t pure fluff completely detached from real life issues and problems is ‘problematic’ (and other less ethical descriptions). 

I like a coffee shop or soulmate AU as much as the next person, but corruption and degeneracy are an interesting read, no need to be pretentious and purist. 


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side

i’m betting everything

Pairing: Keith/Lance
Words: 23429
Chapters: 1/1

A summer of dates between a prince and a boy who works in a coffee shop.

“I wanted to see you.” Keith’s eyes widen a little, and he ducks his head, but not before Lance sees the smile tugging at his lips. “This is the part where you say ‘Me too, Lance,’” Lance prompts him, although he’s ridiculously charmed by Keith’s awkwardness.

“Of course I wanted to see you,” Keith says, rolling his eyes.

Read it on AO3 here.

Everyone: *having fun with their OCs*

Me, continuing to latch on to one canon character after another: if you can’t make your own walking human disaster, store bought is fine

What an awkward boy.
…Protect him

Making YouTube your fulltime job

Okay, yes I totally just googled that picture, but that’s not the point lol.

So, everyone should know by now you can basically get a job as a full time YouTube which is great and all but the question is….how? How do the famous YouTubers do it sooo fast? Do they bribe people to advertise their channel or something? These and so many more questions go through my head as I’m struggling to top off my own channel. At first, it was the partnership thing with YouTube but once you get on there’s no guarantee that you’ll become famous just like them. Now let me back up. I’m not saying I want a bigger following for the money or the fame or the partnership. Matter of fact, I’m already partnered for my 2,580 subbies and I’m quite happy that I even came that far. The point is, I want to grow to have that interaction. You know, have people give there different opinions about your videos and give you the criticism that you need to get better at what you do. Right now, I have about a few people that actually keep track of what I do and I’m wondering…HOW DO THEY DO IT? And also, how were they balancing out their regular jobs with YouTube? Because I find it so hard especially owning a dog and having noisy neighbors to record and edit a decent video. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe…just maybe they’re consistent but they’re also probably either buying advertisements, collabing/got connections, or buying views and/or subscribers till it looks pleasing to the eye. What do you think? Repost this if you think the same.  



Im all about that heely life except I’ve never owned a pair and I already trip over air walking


No more to you at this present, mine own darling, for lack of time, but that I would you were in mine arms, or I in yours, for I think it l o n g since I k i s s e d you.

happy birthday @boleynqueens!!!


Today’s Good Morning Post (4/17/17): You may be relied on a lot, or expected to shoulder responsibilities that are not truly yours. It’s hard to recognize subtle emotional manipulation, or abuse of your support. Remember that your own mental health comes first. It isn’t your job to take care of others who, possibly too often, are unwilling to help themselves. Step back and assert your self worth. It may be a difficult first step, but in the end, things often work out better for you and your loved one.

Killer Avenue;

||My first time writing for the SOA fandom. My first time putting up my fanfiction on Tumblr in general. So here you go, enjoy. *Note that I am kinda doing my own thing when it comes to the storyline and what not. Thanks, and once again enjoy||

•you can also find all my stories on my username is Coltofcarrie•


Jax didn’t know why Unser had called him down to the sheriff’s station. When Unser hand anything about anything he would go to his mother, Gemma, or possibly even Clay. Seeing as he was technically on Samcro’s pay roll. Yet Unser had called him, told him specifically to come by, not let his family know.  And that in itself had the blonde a little worried. So after dropping Able off at TM with his mom, he let her know he had to go grab something and he’d be right back. She had no questions for him, at least she didn’t speak of them. Gemma did give him a look though,  one he knew to well, like she was suspicious.

As soon as he stepped into the building his baby blues found Unser chatting with a few of his deputies.  Almost like he felt his stare, the older man looked up. He subtly sent his men away, and headed towards Jax. “There’s something for you in cell C. I’ll tell you this, I was just as surprised as you will be..” Jax was even more confused by Unser’s cryptic sentence. He raised an eyebrow, the sheriff just shook his head and pointed him in the right direction. Sighing, Jax shoved his hands into the pockets of his baggy jeans and decided to just go with it. He made his way towards the back of the building where the cells were. His vision became more clearer when he walked towards cell C. It wasn’t empty. Not at all. His eyes widened, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Like he was in the desert and was witnessing his first mirage.  

“Holy shit!!!”

Hearing his voice, Adrianna’s head snapped up from being between her knees. He brown eyes landed on the prodigal son. Her older brother Jax. She slowly stood up from the ground and walked closer to the bars, her slim fingers finding themselves around the cool metal. “The black sheep returns to Charming…what a plot twist.” She teased, tilting her head to the side. Jax took in her appearance. Her dark brown hair pushed out of her face and tied up into a messy bun at the top of her head. Her facial features could slice open any man’s heart. She was taller now, taller than he had expected her to be when they grew up. But one thing that remained the same were those big brown doe eyes. Those still got to him. He still couldn’t believe what he was seeing. 

Adrianna had left 5 and a half years ago, right after graduating highschool she escaped as she liked to  all it. Went to college from what he remembered from the letters she would send. That was another thing, she barely remained in contact with anyone. Sending about 1 letter every 6 months to let the family know she was still alive. That she found a piece of everyone in her daily life some how or some way. But she never came home. Never visited. Not on holidays. Not for any reason. It was as if she was just some fairytale some days. 

“How? Why?” He questioned. 

Adrianna sighed as she stared at her big brother, she leaned the side of her head against one of the bars, ready to finally be out of the cell. Unser slowly crept up on the kids, feeling the awkward tension in the atmosphere. “Picked her up in a rag tag bar causing trouble. Could you believe that? Didn’t think it was her I was seeing..but she had that look in her eye. One just like Gemma.”

“I wasn’t causing trouble!” She demanded. “I just don’t put up with classless men….the pool stuck was just there by chance…”

Jax looked between the two, his confusion only getting worse.  "The other two got away" Unser continued. 

“Other two?"Jax questioned,  now focusing on his sister. 

"Stilettos are hard to run in. You can’t blame a girl…”

Sighing Unser shook his head. “No charges are being fild so you can take her home whenever you’d like…..good to see you again kid.”

Leaving the siblings alone, Adrianna huffed in frustration. “Okay delinquent, take me home.” Jax snorted, rolling his eyes. “Says the one behind the bars.” He confirmed. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and stepped forward, his eyes searching hers. Letting out a small laugh, he placed his forehead against hers. 

“Let’s get you home.”


Motorcycles lined one of the outside walls of Teller-Morrow that evening. Though it was dead silent as they drove into the parkinglot, Adrianna could only imagine the kind of ruckus that was going on inside. It had been 6 years since she had even seen the place. Seen the people. What did they all look like now? Aging? Was Bobby still wise? Chibbs still funny? Would her mother smile when she saw her? Gemma Teller-Morrow was a tough woman. Hard to understand. She loved fiercely and her throne as the queen of, well everything, was something she held dear to her. Almost as much as her children. 

Adrianna buried her face into her brothers back as he pulled up next to the other bikes to park. He had yet to question her more about the previous jail situation, something she was grateful for, the whole ride had pretty much been silent. 

“You’re not getting out of this one you know? Sooner or later mom’s gonna find out you were in the town’s jail. Sooner or later. Just not from me.” He stated looking over his shoulder his baby sister. He gave her a small smile. Yeah he was beyond pissed at the way she left and do easily stayed away. But he was happy that she was here. That she was safe and in one piece. “Come on, you look hungry ”

Adrianna gave Jax a pat on the shoulder before climbing off the bike and taking in a deep breath. It literally was now or never. She had never in a million years ever dreamed of coming back to Charming. But life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. Things can go your way all the time. That was just the way things went. 

Jax led the way, his sibling falling in toe. Her stomach felt like it had bubbles in it. Her chest felt tight and somehow heavy. She shouldn’t have been nervous. The only reason for nerves was because she had done something wrong. In the back of her mind did she know she was in the wrong to leave? Maybe. But she would never admit her wrongs, just like her mama.

Jax opened the door, stepping inside first. The whole gang was here, relaxing around the club house. Even Kozik and Happy were around, getting ready to join the Samcro team down in Charming permanently. His eyes quickly landed on his mom, who had laid down his son Able who slept soundlessly wrapped in a blanket on the couch. 

“Where you been boy?”

Clay called out, the others finally noticing him. The president of the club found it odd that his step-son had randomly vanished earlier, not giving anyone any information. “Ayy Jackie-boy, ya take some time to put on fancy dresses. Opie said he saw you a few days ago playing with some lipstick.” Chibbs spoke, trying to lighten whatever mood Clay was about to start. Adrianna listened on from just outside the door, still behind Jax. 

‘Now or never’

“Well he sure as hell ain’t borrowing any of my lipstick. They're​ expensive, and we all know that the prince of Charming has trashy taste..”

Adrianna spoke up, stepping into the club house for the first time in years. She looked around it, deliberately skipping all the faces looking at her. “No fucking way! Where you been doll?!” Tigs questioned as he abandoned his beer and headed towards the girl, he quickly scooped her up in his arms. For the first time in a while, Adri let out a laugh. Which caught her brothers attention.  She had seemed different when he first saw her. He just didn’t know how. Hearing her laugh made him grin. 

“Put 'er down, stop hoggin’” Chibbs swooped her into his hold as soon as Tigs let go. The others swarmed around her, Bobby, Opie, Piney. She smiled at them, genuinely, glad to see their faces. 

“Your mother is going to flip her shit when she lays eyes on you..” Clay spoke in all the commotion, stepping in front of Adrianna as the little crowd split up a bit. “Our little college grad.” He stated, motioning with his large hand for her to come hug him. Taking a deep breath, the dark haired beauty gave him a smile as well, though not nearly as genuine. Though Clay Morrow helped raise her, he could not compare to her real dad. He never would. Through out her life, Adrianna always thought Clay was a little fishy. 

She just wanted to see her mom.

|Happy’s POV|

It wasn’t often that the clubhouse wasn’t jumping, or at least full of some sweetbutts. But it a Tuesday afternoon, things were a bit slow. Not that the Tacoma Killer was really complaining. He was still exhausted from their last ride, the knuckles on his right hand still a little bruised. 

So here he was sitting at the bar with Kozik, both of them nursing their favorite beers. For the passed hour, Happy had been tuning in and out of his surroundings. Only bearing witness to when Juice tripped over something and flew across the room. He was ordering around the prospect about another drink when he heard cheering behind him. He slowly turned his head over his shoulder to take a glance, that’s when he saw her. She had to be the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid eyes on. Everything about her was perfection.

But it wasn’t something out of the fairy tales. It wasn’t something romantic that could be written in a book. No it was something more powerful than that. A desire. She was so caught up with all the other members that she had no possible way of knowing….but from the moment that she had stepped foot into TM, she was his.

Only his.

He watched on as the other members of the Sons hugged and kissed her, smiling ear to ear. “Come meet the other members,” Tigs told her, taking her back into his arms. Happy completely turned around, noticing that Kozik was doing as exactly as him, staring. As she got closer, happy subconsciously licked his lips. 

“Now this is Juice, right there behind the bar…you need a drink, he got you."The​ curly haired man said, pointing out to a tanned skin man with a mohawk who gave her a little wave. "Then we got Kozik right here..” Tigs didn’t give him enough time to respond before he turned Adrianna towards the last Son. 

“And this right here, is Happy.”

They stared at each other for a moment, not really saying much. Happy picked up his beer and brought it to his lips. He grunted in response to his name bring revealed. Not wanting to give her too much attention. 

“Happy huh?” Adrianna mumbled pulling herself away from Tigs. “How cute..” she stated looking away and at all the mugshots hanging on the wall.

Kozik busted out laughing at the look of horror on Happy’s face. “How cute…” He mimicked. Happy snarled at his Tacoma charter brother before standing up and glaring at the woman in front of him. She definitely needed to be taught a lesson. And he sure as hell was willing to give it to her. He gripped the bottle of his beer tightly, eyes turning into slits. His mind quickly wandered to having the brunette bent over his knees receiving the spankings she deserved for disrespecting him.

Tigs tried to stop whatever was about to come out of the Killa’s mouth, but he was far too late. 

“Listen here little girl,” he started, an unpleased look settling on his face. “You’re about to learn a lesson real quick! I’m gonna pl-”


That particular voice shut him up real quick. Her little girl? Shit.

Adrianna turned around, finding her mother standing in the doorway of the clubhouse. Her sunglasses pushed to the top of her head. She looked the same, almost. Minus the light blond streaks in her brown locks. Adrianna gave her mom a sad smile, "Hi mommy…” She said softly, as the two crossed the room towards each other. Wrapped up in a hug, Adrianna sighed contently, giving her mom a small squeeze.

“You know what this means don’t you?” Clay spoke out, seeing how happy his old lady looked. “We gotta throw a party tonight!!”

The rest of the Sons cheered in agreement. Ready to drink and fuck the night away, then again, weren’t they always. Pulling back from her mother, Adrianna gave her a look. Hoping that she would disagree with Clay. She was in no mood to party, especially not with the Sons. She might have been know as the princess of SAMCRO, but she was far from the lifestyle. She got out. Well at least she thought she had. Yet here she was again. Back where it all started. 

Back in the shithole. 

“Let me pick up some food, I’ll head to the store with Juice…wouldn’t want my baby girl to party on an empty stomach.”

Gemma smiled, a smile all to familiar. She was glad to have her daughter back. But she had so many questions. So many. But she supposed that they could wait till another time. 

For now. 


The party had been in full swing for about 2 hours now. Empty bottles had called creveces home, and all the crow eaters collective smells seemed to blend with the odor of smelly sweaty bikers. At first Adrianna had enjoyed her time trying to reconnect with everyone. But it didn’t take long for her to feel out of place once again. So she found herself sitting on the arm of a leather chair in the corner, drink in hand. 

“You don’t look like you are having fun…”

Nursing her drink, her hazel eyes found some guy standing in front of her. He had a kut on, and shaggy brown hair, but Adrianna had never seen him before not that she would really know anyone. 

“Tacoma charter…” He stated practically reading her mind. Nodding her head to acknowledge him, she continued to drink from her bottle. Not really entertaining him. Ignoring her demeanor, he stood directly in front of her. “So, where are you from? They don’t really have that good looking crow eaters here, so you obviously came from some where else…not that I mind…”

Her eyes widened. This guy was serious wasn’t he? How did he even get invited let alone make the journey across the club to conversate with her? “Go away…..” She mumbled. His eyes went dark as a look crossed his face, one of disgust.

“You dumb bitch…you are what I want tonight!” He grabbed her by the arm and yanked her up, hard. Pulling her close to him. “So be a good little girl and get on your knees.. now!”

Jax was sitting with Opie and Chibbs, tossing Chex mix into his mouth. Out of the corner of his eye he could see sudden movement. 

“Ayy looks like Jared is getting angry again..” Chibbs mumbled and a shot. 

“Tell me again why we give him alcohol??”

Jax laughed and looked over, his laughter shutting down. That dumb bastard had his little sister in a tight grip. 

“Son of a bitch! I’m gonna kill him!” Pure venom in his voice. He stood up, Opie and Chibbs mirroring his actions. Before Jax could even step away from the table he noticed one of his brothers storming over towards his sister. 

Adrianna glared up at the dope infront of her. Fire in her eyes. Her Ruby red lips parted to spit venom, but she never got the chance. 

“Let go of her or else I’ll be getting another smiley face tattoo.”

The voice was cold, dark…and though she only heard it one time earlier that day she knew exactly who it was. 


Jared let go of her arm but didn’t step back. He took in Happy’s frame and smiled. “Happy…brother. You gotta wait your turn…unless you’re down to share. Just no crossing swords.”

That was the 2nd strike. 

“My old lady doesn’t like small dick, now get away from her!” It just came to him, not even thinking. Adrianna’s eyes widened but she took the chance to step closer Happy who instinctively wrapped his arms around her. Jared looked like he had seen a ghost that or he was in the process of shitting himself. By now more than just Jax had noticed what was going on, the music had been cut. 

Clay stumbled out of the room they called church, to see what was going on, his old lady coming up behind him. 

It was a sight to see, her little girl wrapped protectively in the arms of the Tacoma Killer. She tilted her head. A smirk on her lipstick smudged lips. 

“Listen Happy, I didn’t know man. I mean you of all people, having an old lady…. everyone would be talking about it…besides she looked more than a little willing.”

A growl erupted from his chest, Happy wanted nothing more then to murder this dude and see the life vanish from his eyes. Slowly. 

Adrianna bit her bottom lip, her face burried in Happy’s chest. She wrapped her own arms around him and hugged him tightly and that’s when she felt it. His gun. She took a deep breath and swiftly grabbed it, turning around and cocked it mid movement and aimed it Jared’s forehead. All that could be heard was Gemma’s gasp. 

“Get…the fuck..out…” Adrianna breathed, her hand steady. “Or in five seconds your brain matter will ruin my fucking party!”

Happy had never been so turned on in his life. He slowly licked his lips absorbing every inch of the Princess of SAMCRO from behind. 'God damn.' He thought. 

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Jax interupted, coming over and gently wrapping his hand around his sister’s wrist. “You are not a killer….I think you’ve had enough to drink” he said softly easing the gun out of her hand. Adrianna sighed and let him take the piece, she looked down at the floor for a moment. 

“Thank you Jax! She is fucking crazy!” Jared added.

Jax nodded his head at him before he glared and punched him full force in the face, not even bothering to watch him fall.

Adrianna sighed and turned walking off not wanting to bother with the commotion any more. She walked towards the rooms in the back and looked for her big brothers room. 

Which one would it be?

“You can lay down in mine if you need a break." 

Happy came up behind her, still on protective mode. Adrianna raised an eyebrow watching him open the door to a room. She debated on whether or not this was a good idea.

"I promise little girl, no funny shit.”

She gave him a small smile before walking into the room he opened up. “How kind….killer..”

The way his nickname rolled off her tongue caused something to awaked inside him. He tried to remind himself that she was the daughter of Gemma. Practically his 2nd mom. But those thoughts were faint. Barely even there.

Adrianna slowly strutted into his room. It was surprisingly clean, and smelled good. She slipped out of her shoes and walked towards the bed. “I literally put a gun to someone’s head….my first 24 hours here and I pulled out a gun…” She mumbled crawling onto the bed. She took a deep breath and sat in the middle of Happy’s bed. Her legs folded underneath her. “Thank you…you stepped in and saved me…my hero.” She teased. 

Happy stared at her expressionless. He could tell she had a few drinks by the way her eyes were hooded and her face was flushed. He slid off his kut and walked over to the bed. 

“Or, from what I have heard, my killer….” She continued looking up at him, watching each subtle movement. 

“Lay down little girl and be quiet.”

Grinning at him she rolled her eyes and laid back. “if it was any other time I would tell you to suck a dick…” She whispered her eyes slowly closing.  

Happy stared at her laying form. She was so beautiful, something he didn’t deserve. And yet he was hooked on her already. He pulled a blanket over her and headed over towards the door not giving into what he wanted. He hit the lights and went to step out. 

“Hey don’t I get a good night kiss?!! That’s no way to treat your old lady!!”

Happy chuckled and shook his head. “Go to sleep little girl, don’t make me come back in there.” He threatened before closing the door all the way. 

Adrianna smirked, and rolled over onto her stomach her thoughts jumbled until one thought popped into her mind. Happy.

“Ahh fuck…”

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  • Villager: You killed my father!
  • Regina: Whoa, whoa, slow down there.
  • Regina: The Evil Queen did that. Not me, Regina. She's gone though so we're good.
  • Charming: That arguement didn't work when Grumpy tried it, it's not going to work here.
  • Grumpy: (in jail) I'm telling you it was drunk!Grumpy who peed in Granny's roses. Don't punish sober!Grumpy for his actions!


@dirkjohnweek Day 5 - Pranking!!

Ah yes, the classic pie to the face. Who has time for fiction-analysis with that much white stuff in your face??

Not Dirk.

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Heeeeeey i really like you blog^^ can you write a scenario where you and jungkook fight because he get jealous (happy ending:)) thanks🌺🌺

Originally posted by bangts

Of course!! Thank you so much for the nice comments. Hope you enjoy~~

Words: 1009

“See you tomorrow, Hobi.” You waved goodbye as you opened the door. Hoseok mimicked you with a wave and you left the dance studio covered in sweat. You’d just finished dancing for over 2 hours, leaving you exhausted and wanting to crawl into a bed next to Jungkook and just sleep.

On the way home, you decided to stop by a convenience store to pick up a few things you thought Jungkook might like, as well as a fresh water bottle for yourself.

When you walked in the door, you heard feet pad along the hard surface of the floor and stop right in front of you. Jungkook stood with arms crossed and a pout plastered on his face.

“What took you so long?” He demanded, not allowing you to walk by the front door without an explanation. Simply, you raised the plastic bag you were carrying and shook it in front of his face.

“I bought you some ice cream.” You shoved past him, walking to the kitchen to drop off the bag and pack it away in the freezer. Jungkook followed close behind, pressing forward with accusations.

“You know I don’t like it when you’re alone with guys…”

“Jungkook, it wasn’t just any guy I was alone with! Hob- Hoseok is your friend, too. You know how much money it would cost to pay for a dance instructor 1 on 1?”

He didn’t believe anything you were trying to tell him. Jungkook shook his head back and forth so furiously you thought it would fall off.

“Hobi? You were about to call him Hobi? Already with the pet names and you’ve only been dancing together for 2 weeks?”

“It’s a nick name, you call him that too! Why can’t I?”

“Are you even hearing what I’m saying?” He snapped loudly, coming closer to your face.

“All I’m hearing is jealousy right now. Please, enlighten me with your wise words, O mighty Jungkook.” You retorted, scowling at him.

He burst out laughing, a sarcastic laugh that you hated. It was mean and filled with anger towards you, which only made your mood worsen. “Hoseok likes you, why else would he tell you it’s fine not to pay? Why are you so blind when it comes to guys, are you really that stupid?”

Stupid? He just called you blind and stupid. In one sentence. “Excuse me? I thought you trusted me enough to let me do my own thing once and awhile.”

“Oh my g- trust doesn’t even matter in this issue! It’s the fact that you have no clue at all that Hoseok is in love with you. You’re my girlfriend, not his. Why do you want to spend so much time with him?”

“Do you really have the nerve to ask me if I’m listening to you? Are you listening to yourself, Jungkook? You’re making up stupid lies to get me away from my own friend. I know I’m your girlfriend, but why does that mean I’m not allowed to spend time with other people I care about! We fucking live together, I see you every day.” You were yelling now, and Jungkook was leveling his voice with yours. It wasn’t unlike him to yell when he got mad, but it just kind of scared you when it was directed towards you.

“You really are blind! Do you even care about me, anymore? Why are we even together if you don’t care about me?”

“Who said anything about not caring?” Your voice dropped dramatically. Now, it was barely a whisper. He’d shot pretty low, there. Of course you cared about him, more than anything. He was only say things to hurt you, now.

“Are you really that much of an asshole? I’m in love with you, of course I care about you!”

“Are you cheating on me?” He asked, 100% serious. How the hell could he even think that? He really didn’t trust you at all.

“Who would I ever cheat on you with? Do you really not trust me at all, to be asking these questions?” You couldn’t help it, you were crying. Jungkook was the worst. Without waiting for an answer, you left the kitchen and went straight to your room. You locked yourself in there, ignoring Jungkook. You didn’t want to talk to him anymore, so you stopped replying to him altogether.

You hadn’t even realized you’d fallen asleep until your eyes snapped open and you saw light rush through the blinds. It was barely even 5:30 AM, but you decided to get up anyway.

Unlocking the door to your bedroom, you opened it slowly. Jungkook was laying on the floor with a blanket covering half of his body. He was sound asleep, and if you hadn’t of looked at the floor, you would’ve tripped on him.

Sighing, you leaned down and shook him softly.

“Get up, your back is going to be ruined. Jungkook, get up.”

He stirred, opening his eyes slowly. When Jungkook saw you, he cringed back into the floor. Sleepily, you took both of his hands and hoisted him upright. Groaning, Jungkook cracked his back in 3 places.

“I told you,” you mumbled going into the kitchen to get him a hot pack. 

“I should’ve slept on the couch.” Jungkook whined in his sleep filled voice.

“Where does it hurt?” You wondered, turning him around and peeling open a hot pack. You poked him in places on his back, picking up his shirt high enough.

“Ow,” he turned, eyes wide. “You did that on purpose!”

“Maybe,” you didn’t look at him, before turning him around again and slapping on a hot pack.

“(Y/N)ah,” Jungkook’s voice was quiet, and you pulled down the back of his shirt.


“I know you’re not cheating on me.” He began, turning around slowly. “I’m sorry for accusing you.”

“Stop getting so jealous,” you commanded, placing both hands on his cheeks. He nodded, leaning into your hands so his face looked squished.

“I love you.” He promised, kissing the palm of your hand.