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god but reyes agonizing over the decision to tell scott who he really is, what he’s really been up to; all the things he’s been involved in, as the charlatan

but then he remembers what scott said about him, to zia: reyes is a better man than you think. how scott meant it. earnest and thoughtful and genuinely believing that reyes is a good person, despite being an exile and a criminal and a willingly player in whatever games go on in kadara. reyes is a better man than you think and he talks to keema nonstop, talks her ears off about him

reyes is a better man than you think and it’s what’s in his head when scott sees him in that cave with sloane, when he realizes who reyes is and what’s going on, and reyes is a better man than you think when scott confronts him with ‘why didn’t you trust me’

and all reyes can say is ‘i liked how you looked at me’ and ‘i was afraid that would change’ and he can’t really even look at him when he says that, because scott thinks he’s a good man and it’s really not that he doesn’t trust scott or didn’t think he deserved to know, but how good it felt to have someone believe in him and think he’s a good person

and just god i love them


precious unicorn strikes again… + a regretful(?) jongdae lmao

I don’t even know. I was taking a walk today and this idea popped into my head. I swear I’m still writing the bookstore AU, too. Also, *pops confetti*, I hit 2k followers today! Who ARE all you guys? Anyway, this fluff/ridiculousness is for you. ~1.6k words, rated G. Sterek, of course.

now also on AO3

The whole thing starts with Stiles really, really craving a meatball sub from the place across the street.

“God, someone shut him up,” Erica groans. They’re all kind of at their breaking point by now; they’ve been camped out in this meeting room all day, brainstorming. “He’s been talking about the same goddamn sandwich for seven and a half minutes now, and it’s making me hungry.”

“If only our ad campaign were about sandwiches, Stilinski would have it in the bag and we could all go home,” Isaac sighs.

From across the table, Derek rises abruptly to his feet and storms out. (Or maybe it’s just that Stiles always interprets everything Derek does as stormy. With those eyebrows, it’s hard not to.)

Stiles assumes he’s just gotten so fed up with them all that it’s either storm out or kill someone, and he’s just grateful Derek chose Door Number 1. It’s a good day not to get killed by Derek Hale.

Only, fifteen minutes later he comes back in. With a paper bag from the deli.

As soon as he gets within grabbing distance, Stiles practically collapses across the table in his haste to reach for it. “Oh my god, is that what I think it is?”

Derek holds it up over his head. “Who says this is for you? Maybe all your talk inspired me to go get a meatball sub of my own.”

“Oh, please. Like anyone with your abs eats meatball subs.” Stiles leaps to his feet on his swivel chair—because screw safety, Derek will catch him if he starts to topple over—and snatches the bag out of Derek’s grip. Derek doesn’t fight him for it very hard.

“Why don’t I get a meatball sub?” Erica whines, thumping her head down on her notebook. “Doesn’t anyone love me?”

Derek shrugs and takes his seat again. “You didn’t ask.”

“You just like Stilinski better,” she grumbles, and Derek just shrugs again.

Meanwhile, Stiles rips into the bag and takes a huge bite out of the gloriousness that is this sandwich. He can’t help throwing in a few theatrical moans just to taunt Erica, and she suitably rewards him with a glare of death across the table.

“Mmm,” Stiles says. “Derek, I love you so much, dude. Marry me.”

Instead of the grumpy eyebrows he expects, Derek meets his eye, leans back smugly in his chair, and says, “Okay.”

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Ok but guys this whole scene actually makes the events of free! even more painful. Makoto struggles through the whole movie to understand his own feelings, he wants to understand himself and his reasons for swimming, and then we have this scene where Makoto finally finds his answer… he loves swimming, and he wants to share that with Haru, he wants to swim by his side, and Haru tells Makoto that it’s a given they’ll swim together… always. Until years later where Makoto starts to realize Haru is drifting away to a place he can no longer reach… and he can’t do anything but let that little boy he grew up with, go.


i’ve seen a lot of lapis redesigns going around so i thought i’d put my own sub par design skills to the test and make my own design for her

lapis’ design has always been pretty boring to me and i actually much preferred her duller/darker color palette from when she was first introduced so i went with some more muted shades of blue and tried to add some more details to her design without going too over the top. also made her a bit chubbier bc who doesnt love fat gems.

i messed up and forgot to draw her gem in the back view but i promise its there,,,,,,,somewhere. more on what i changed+added under the cut!

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Light In The Hallway (AJ Styles x Reader)

Context: When the children don’t want him to go back on the road, can AJ find a way to bring comfort?

**A/N: ** I can picture AJ singing this. His voice would probably been very soothing. The song inspiration is “Light in the Hallway” by Pentatonix.  I haven’t wrote an AJ fic in a while so here goes. (The sequel can be found here.)

**Warning: ** You feel things. I’m aiming for this to be very angsty. 

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“Close your eyes, lay your head down

Now it’s time to sleep

May you find great adventure

As you lie and dream

If you’re scared of the darkness

I will calm your fear

There’s a light in the hallway

So you know I’m here….”

      It was a little after eleven at night when we heard two pairs of small footsteps from a few doors down the long hallway. I lowered the volume on the television and AJ looked over at me. We both knew what was coming in the next few moments.

     “AJ, I can do it.” I whispered to him, softly kissing his lips and listening for the footsteps as they came closer. “Love, it’s okay. You can lay back down.”

     “No, baby.” He answered, pressing his lips back to mine. “You handle it every time I leave. Let me do it just this once. I’ll be the one to calm them.”

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If I'm running late, you're gonna be late too.

First time posting my own story on this sub, after following for a while.

This happened last week. I had just got out of class, and the professor had insisted to make us stay for the 15 extra minutes he needed to complete the discussion of the topic of the day. I live relatively far from my university and I need an hour and something for commuting. I had an appointment after class and was running late for it since the professor had made us stay, so I was walking pretty fast on the sidewalk, dribbling any people in front of me when I could, in order to get to the station on time for my train. The sidewalk was quite small, with a width that was barely enough for two people, and had a fence on the side facing the road, so i couldn’t step off the sidewalk, surpass the people in front of me and then step on the sidewalk again. Since it’s this small, it is commonly accepted to walk one behind the other and leave space for people walking in the opposite direction and/or for people (like me) who are walking faster than you.

At one point I reached a group of four girls. They were occupying the whole sidewalk and walking really slowing, ignoring everyone around them. All of them were also smoking cigarettes. I approached them from behind and politely asked “excuse me, could you move a bit and let me pass?”. I got no reply. I tried asking again, but again no reply. They did notice me tho, because they kept looking back to check if someone was behind them and “accidentally” exhaled their cigarette smoke in my face. Note that while I have nothing against people who smoke, I absolutely hate people who smoke in my face because I start coughing really violently, I just can’t stand cigarette smoke. Anyway, they showed no sign of letting me pass. I was pretty much furious at that point, because I was gonna be late because of them. Being really close to them, I could hear them talking between each other. They had a train to catch but were quite early for it, so instead of taking a bus to the station they decided to go there by walking. Except they didn’t know the course… so they had the courage to ask me, the person closest to them, who had repeatedly asked them to let me pass, how to get to the station. This is where my petty revenge kicks in. I know that the station was a 10 minute walk from there (in fact, the station was my destination): you just need to turn left, cross the road and you’ll find the station right in front of you. Instead, I told them to turn right and walk for about 10 minutes, then turn left on a certain street and after another 10 minutes they would get there. They didn’t even thank me (figured as much), and happily followed my instructions by turning right.

I hope you were late for your train, assholes.


“I guess we don’t have an advantage with Karasuno’s captain missing.”

HQ!! S2E18