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i cant believe lance and keith looked at each other like this.. omg


“My father built our empire on the backs of resemblance. The universe can no longer doubt our strength. Each ally gained only makes us stronger. All those who continue to stand against us… will be crushed.”

I fixed it :D


My Own Private Idaho (1991) directed by Gus Van Sant


no matter how many times i replay this scene, i’m always in awe at how devoted he is to mc


My Own Private Idaho (1991) directed by Gus Van Sant


Daydream Generation Screencaps

(aka I wanted to test my bluray rip by screenshotting it)


onetrappedunder  asked:

Bendy, since you are a demon , do you have any memories of how hell is like? Or if there is even a hell? Do you think that Ink has it's origins there?

“Maybe my ink has its ‘origins’ in real life Hell, but I kinda doubt Boris, Bianca or Betty have any Hellfire runnin’ through their veins. Nice folk, ya know?

Look, okay, seriously, I don’t know much for sure, so take all this with a pinch ‘a salt, but I thought about this a lot, and I’m pretty sure the Ink ain’t from Hell. Ain’t even sure there is a Hell (though probably yes, right? I mean me an’ Alice are kinda living proof of that stuff, maybe?)

The Ink has something to do with er…

The um… ‘Other side’?

Me and Alice are Hell and Heaven-y, but we’re not the poster kids for the Ink. All toons are made of Ink, and they sure ain’t all bad like me. I know the Ink is magic, but just coz it’s black don’t mean it’s black magic. Got it? It just is. It ain’t good or bad.

I’m still figuring it out, but I dunno if there even is any answers for real, so don’t hold your breath. All I know is the Ink ain’t evil. Dangerous, but not evil. (It’s only evil the way I use it!)” -BTDD