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Well I unfollowed you. You're too slow. Even if people stick up for you, you're not very good...

Okay. I’m only posting your bullshit so other people can see it and laugh at how stupid you’re being. I don’t normally get mad at Anons, but you are being very rude and not understanding at all. It is disgusting.

I have anxiety. I am nervous 24/7. I ask myself if I am an annoyance, or perhaps a burden to people I love. Why? Because I’ve had a pretty shitty past and people haven’t been too nice to me. So it transferred to here. I am too nervous to ask more popular blogs to rp or plot. Well it’s my problem. I’m opening up more slowly, but SLOWLY. I’m going at my own pace so I’m not uncomfortable.

Let me get something straight with you. No one will change just to make you happy, okay? That’s not right and it’s not how life works. This is a fun rpblog that I run. Don’t like it?

Fuck off.

That simple, Ma Cherie! :D now leave me alone.

It is interesting how people feel the need to rush through life as a way to prove maturity. People will rush into relationships, love,sex, marriage, education, careers, etc just to show that they are grown. As a person who is grown, I find myself understanding that there is maturity in saying “I’m not ready.” There is also maturity in saying “I want to wait.” And there is maturity in saying “let me take some time to prepare.” Being in tune with where I am and making decisions based on my own needs and not the pressure to prove that I’m grown, that I have it all figured out, that in perfect is important to me.
I move at my own pace. I move at the speed that works for me. I move in a way that doesn’t cause me to be impatient with God or myself. I have learned to be still, or wait, or take as much time as I need.

Daddy Devil  { Dominance }

<– [Prologue] | [Submission] –>

Words: 5,630

Genre: Smut/Demon!AU

Warnings: Daddy kink, bondage, bdsm, etc.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM NAMJOONNNNNNNNNN!!! Love of my life, seriously. I have some many feels towards this man, ahhhhh

Anyway! Please enjoy this story! I’m not sure if there will be more following this, but if there is, I’ll be writing it at my own pace, whenever I feel like it, so ^^ fair warning~

In the meantime, please enjoy! It’s been a while since I posted the prologue, so if you need a refresher, or haven’t read it, I suggest you go and do that~ <3

You’re too tipsy to deal with anyone else tonight. Dragging your friend’s home from the bar had been trouble enough—especially when multiple male demons had paused you along your route to flirt and offer companionship for the night. Somehow you’d managed to convince them to turn down the strange offers, and had finally managed to shove them through the front door of their apartment building. You hadn’t even bothered walking them up to their floor, too fed up and tired and horny (you blame it on the alcohol) to even think about wasting another second on their drunken asses.

Managing to hurriedly walk home to your own apartment, you tumble inside and lock the door behind you. Third level rarely has many crimes, but you can never be too safe—especially when the residents of each level are allowed to travel freely…for the most part.

Dragging yourself through the tiny kitchen of your studio style flat, you pad into the main area and pull your tight fitting shirt over your head, shivering as the soft fabric brushes over perky nipples. Despite your minds weak protests, you’d decided to be a little…adventurous in your evening out, and had ventured around town without a bra. It excited you—like your own little secret…unless someone was sharp enough to notice, but at that point they’d earned the treat of knowing anyways.

Sighing blissfully, you sensually coast your hands across your chest, gripping the soft mounds. The artificially made moonlight illuminates every inch of your body, but on the third story of the building with no one else around, you can’t be bothered to draw the curtains, far too occupied by the way your vagina aches for more with each tug of your nipples between your fingers.

Head lolling back, eyelashes fluttering against your cheeks, you continue to pleasure yourself, crafting an imaginary scene behind your eyelids to aid the growing pool of heat between your legs. Immediately, like all the other times, a tall, dark figure comes to mind. You can’t see the face of the man, but his body is sinful—his hands possessive as he grabs at you. You imagine him feasting on your breasts—all tongue and teeth—his vocabulary sinful as he stakes his claim, making you his.

“Fuck…,” you breathe hotly, your panties becoming soaked, and you hurry to undress yourself. Looping your thumbs under the band of your pants and also your panties, you tug them down in one fell swoop, kicking them from around your ankles and tossing yourself onto your bed.

One of your hands coasts down the expanse of your chest and stomach, migrating between your thighs. Your wetness immediately covers your fingers as you pull apart your folds, clit throbbing with anticipation.

Digging your heels into the messy sheets, you arch upward, a wanton gasp leaving your lips the second your fingers touch your most sensitive bud. Rubbing the swollen area slowly, you dip your digits down towards your opening, coating yourself in your wetness.

However, before you get the chance to touch your clit and pleasure yourself to your release, you’re interrupted. There’s a tap at your balcony window, and your eyes shoot open, blood running cold when you see a man sitting there, smirk on his face.

And not just any man…its Jungkook.

“Yah!” you screech at him as he innocently tugs at the glass door wall, happiness apparent on his features when he finds that it’s not locks. Sliding it open, clearly not caring of your state of undress or the fact that you’re bounding to your feet, haphazardly wrapping the white bed sheet around yourself, Jungkook steps inside.

“Maybe I should hang around your apartment more often,” he comments teasingly as he glances you up and down, and you scowl, knowing that he can tell how red your face has turned.

For the most part, you’re unfamiliar with Jungkook, but you know him. Everyone does. And for the most part, in return, he knows everyone. It’s his job to keep track of third level residents, after all, so he’d made a point to become acquainted with everyone. So, in the most basic sense, you know him. You’d encountered him maybe about a dozen time during your stay, and none had been unpleasant—in fact, you’d actually sort of taken a liking to his fun yet somewhat shy personality. But now—with him approaching you slowly, hidden intent marking his gaze—you’re wondering where that dash of shyness went, and if you’d ever known him at all.

“Y/N,” he beckons, voice calm. Jungkook extends his hand towards you, and your heart thrums, fingers twitching at your side because even though you have no goddamn clue as to why he’s here, he’s…tempting.

But you hold your ground, not giving in, your eyes narrowing at him.

“Why are you here?”

Jungkook grins and rolls his eyes. “You ask too many questions.”

Before you can blink, Jungkook is suddenly chest-to-chest with you, your nipples poking through the sheet and pressing into his sculpted chest.

“Hey–!” you begin to protest—because that’s the first damn question you’ve asked!—but Jungkook silences you with his lips, his tongue lapping up your surprised gasp and contented moan. Sadly, your contentment doesn’t last long—shattering the moment Jungkook grabs the end of the sheet you’re using to shield yourself and tugs—hard.

His strength obviously inhuman, you’re sent spinning and are only saved from sure disaster to yourself and your apartment by the fact that Jungkook grabs you—his hands steady on your waist as he waits for your head to stop spinning.

“You asshole!” is the first thing you cry, pounding your fist against his chest, knowing that he probably doesn’t even feel it. Having the balls to laugh at your futile efforts to detach yourself from him, Jungkook slips his hands down your sides—causing you to shiver—and grips each of your ass cheeks. He then proceeds to lift you up, leaning backwards so your chest is pressed flush to his, and without warning launches backwards and flies from your apartment window.

“Jungkook!” you scream, goosebumps prickling your skin as the night air rushes over you. Down below you can see buildings and a few scarce people in the late hours of the night, but that doesn’t fix your embarrassment in the least. Jungkook—the goddamn little shit of a guardian—is holding you by your ass, naked, and flying you over the entire damn city.

“Yes?” he finally responds, humor in his voice, and you match his gaze, eyes ablaze.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” you hiss in a harsh whisper, not wanting to be seen or heard, dear god. “Put me down this instant!”

“Yeah?” he grins, licking his lips, and all of the sudden his grip on your ass disappears. You startle, eyes going wide as you fall away from him.


Before you can even finish there’s a strong hand on your ankle, and you squeal as you flip upside down, hair falling down towards the fading city below.

Jungkook!” you scream, attempting to clench your legs together, but it seems Jungkook has already gotten a perfect eyeful of your attributes, his teasing gaze now filled with undeniable hunger.

“I’m jealous,” he says, flipping you with ease, cradling you in his arms as if you’re a princess. “But He’s already asked for you, so I can’t lay my claim.”

You blink, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. What the hell is he talking about?

“What? Who asked for me? What the fuck is going on, Jungkook. You literally just came into my home and stole me away—while I was naked, mind you, which is unkind—to me and everyone, considering no one needs to see what it is I’ve got going on.”

Jungkook snorts a laugh. “What you’ve got going on, Y/N, is something I wish I’d noticed sooner—”

“Oh hush. You’re a baby.”

Pausing, Jungkook’s gaze darkens, tinting with dominance, his eyes flashing a hypnotic color of red.

“If you ever come back to third level and are returned to my domain, I promise I’ll show just how wrong you are…”

You gulp, thighs tightening as the threat tugs on the orgasm which you had been unable to reach just a few minutes earlier. You want to ask him what he’d do—because dear god the thought is suddenly so wonderful to imagine—but more importantly…

“Why would I not come back to third level?? Jungkook, where the fuck are you taking me?”

“To your daddy devil.”

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I don’t hate you. I’m not angered or bitter about the way we put an ending to the things we shared. I just feel hurt. More than I’m ever going to openly admit to you. But as much as it hurts now, I know that I will get to a day where it doesn’t matter anymore. I will get to a day where I bid you farewell and keep you away in a place where you can’t hurt me anymore. That’s a place I want to reside in. A safe place. A place where my heart isn’t freefalling into the pit of my stomach for you. A place where I can heal at my own pace and stop worrying about all the ways in which you’ve mastered the act of moving on before me. It feels like a contest. Who can forget quicker and you are winning at that. I am tired of dragging my feet towards places where my knees only know how to grow weak. I am tired of fighting you. I don’t want to fight you anymore in this. I have loved you and I have lost you but in some strange ways, I have won. I am braver than I was before, more resilient about love, less naive than I used to be, less scared because I know that heartache isn’t something people die from. I’m not afraid of trying again. Someday I will.

Usual Mornings (Lin-Manuel Miranda)

The light from the early morning sun shined through the curtain gaps, rays of sunshine hitting the walls. Little dust specks flew around the room, entertaining me for a moment as I rested against Lin’s chest. His breaths steady as could be, matching my own pace.

“Lin, get up babe.”

He groaned, gripping my body close to his as he played with my hair.

“Lin, it’s eleven-forty!” I whined as I rolled on top of him, laying flat on his body.

“Sh, trust me, if we sleep for a little more we will be okay, mi reina,” he responded sleepily. I puckered my lips, then slowly began to kiss his cheeks and neck.

He opened his eyes slowly, squinting towards my physical appearance. He smiled and threw both arms around me and kissed my forehead. “You look so fucking hot after sex, eres un pedazo de arte,” he says happily. (You are a piece of art.)

A blush appeared on my cheeks, regretting the decision of waking him up. I squirmed around, laughing as I tried to get away from him. Lin chuckled heavily as he flipped us over, his legs straddling my body.

His hands were planted on either side of my head, looking down to my body. “Fuck, (Y/N). You look so bueatiful. Your hair sprawled out like that, that red tint on your face? How your eyes shine even with no direct light. You look great in the morning. You are so gorgeous, how are you even with me?” He asked me, tucking strands behind my ear.

“Te amo, so much,” he said, kissing my lips passionately. (I love you) I blushed as I wrapped my arms around his head. We pulled away slightly, our foreheads touching as I mumbled against his plump lips.

“I love you too Lin.”

“Something sickening to stomach in this life is the fact that we are all going to learn and grow at a pace that will hurt people. But right now I am writing to tell you that I am furious with my own pace, furious that I could be holding the candlestick of a microphone for this many years and let it burn this far down without shining a hell of a lot more light on the truth of what I know white is. You know what white is? White is having somebody tell you you’d be a pleasure to hang, having a whole lot of people agree, and not even thinking to lock your fucking door that night. White is knowing that if somebody is going to be hung, you are not the one. White is having all of Eric Garner’s air in your lungs.

No matter how queer you are, no matter how anything you are, if you are white, you have Eric Garner’s air in your lungs tonight and that means your breath is not yours to hold. That means our exhale is owed to mercy, to the riot of our unowned hearts, to the promise that who we weep and fight and tear down the fucking sun for will not only be our own faces in the mirror. To knowing that we cannot be married to apathy without wearing the rings of the fucking poplar tree. When our country is still lynching and still calling the hung bodies shade, when our country is right now rolling a red carpet from the blood that pours and people are dying for us to notice our footsteps are red, our silence is not a plastic gun, it is fully loaded. It has lethal aim.”

—  Andrea Gibson, A Letter to White Queers, A Letter To Myself

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oh my god i love ur writing so much ur things w zen have me melTING AAA;; do u think u could write fluffy (but also kinda rough/needy it that makes sense) smut for him sometime?? if u dont take requests pls ignore this!! (im on mobile so i cant tell, im sorry)

oh gosh requests~~~~ i most definitely do requests, but at my own pace ahaha♥♥♥ obvs R18 for this one, but there’s some story before the smut (as i always like to say, prose before porn), so all the smut is a little later (skip to there if that’s all you’re here for - i know i’m guilty) i don’t know if this fits the brief but pls judge me i need it


From the moment the two of you met in person, you had been testing him. Suggestive phrases, seductive looks (whether intentional or not), and even the most modest of your clothes had made him realise just how badly he had it for you. Zen considered himself a good guy - he was a flirt, sure, but he would never, never overstep someone’s boundaries. Especially not yours. He adored you too much; he wanted to cherish you, shower you in love and affection, and, most importantly, take time. You had made it clear to him that you… Wanted him… And, oh boy, that didn’t make things any easier, but he knew that he didn’t want to just rush.

“Heeeeelloooooo… Earth to Zen?” You were still calling him that, even now the two of you spoke more in person than on the app.


“You’re staring.” Specifically, staring at that one spot on your neck. Your gorgeous, gorgeous neck. “Zen?”

“Ah!” Snapping out of his daze, Zen shook himself - he must still be exhausted from the party. “Sorry, ____… Just… Thinking.”

A knowing smile crossed your face, and you sunk further into his chest. “Mm, me too. Today’s been a blur.” You paused, and Zen took the opportunity to admire how you nibbled at your bottom lip as you thought. “At least we’re home now, hm? Away from all of those people.”

Whilst Zen considered himself a people person, he couldn’t help but hum in agreement at what you were saying. Being alone with you, relaxing on his sofa, in comfortable clothes and not having to worry about judgements from others was, after the week he had experienced, heaven.

“Hm.” Although he wanted to relax completely, Zen was still not feeling quite at ease. Your mention of ‘other people’ brought some rather… Unpleasant memories to head.

“What?” Zen adored the concerned frown on your face as you turned towards him - he just wanted to kiss the crease between your brow away, forever. “That didn’t sound like a ‘Yes, ____, I too am comfortable’ noise, just now…” You settled your chin against his chest, and Zen felt certain you could now feel his heartbeat, which had picked up quite a bit - he just had a perfect view down your fairly low-cut pyjama top… “What’s up?”

“I hated how those reporters treated you.” Word vomit, Zen thought to himself. He had thought that, being an actor, he’d manage to keep his mouth shut when he needed to, but it was different around you. Before you could retort, he continued, “How they were saying that you were 'eye candy’, and that I was only dating you to 'make me look better’.” His heart rate had picked up again, but for quite a different reason now. “And how one… One of them had the audacity to ask if we’d had sex yet!” He didn’t quite catch the grin on your face as you watched him flush as he mentioned that. “I mean, really… Have some decency, right?”

“Zen?” Your voice was level, and Zen glanced down at you, perched in his lap. He hadn’t really realised that you had moved all the way around, but now, you were closer to straddling him than just cuddling him. “We have time, now.” He knew precisely what you were implying, and he also knew that his feelings were written all over his face. “I mean, I’d understand if you wanted to wait longer, we’ve only known-”


“Yes, you want to wait, or yes-”

For the first time in a long time, Zen wasn’t entirely sure if he could trust his mouth. Well, to speak, at least. He chose to answer your question with a kiss - your mouth moulded perfectly to his as he pulled you closer, pushing himself up, as close to you as he could get. He felt you grasp onto his hair, melt into his mouth, and heard you sigh into the kiss. As much as he could already feel blood rushing south, Zen knew that he didn’t exactly want to do this with you for the first time on his sofa.

“Hey,” your head unwittingly followed his as he pulled back, your mouth seeking his own. “We should…” His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat - you were making him feel like a pubescent teenager… “… Move? Maybe? Uh… The bedroom.” How he had managed to lose all his confidence, he had no idea. Thankfully, you got the message, and, grasping his hand, led him through the hallways.

It took you no time to re-attach your mouth to his, but this time, Zen felt a little more bold. Prying your lips open was easy enough, resisting the urge to just take you when you moaned into his mouth was less so. Quietly praising himself for making the bed this morning, he backed you down onto the pillows - whilst he may be on the verge of falling to pieces, there was no way he wasn’t going to savour every inch of your body. Hastily, he reached for the hem of your top, breaking contact with your mouth only momentarily to pull it over your head. He squeaked - actually squeaked - when he got it off, “You’re not wearing a bra?!”

“I’m not- What?!” The look of incredulity on your face would have made him faint, had he not found a different distraction. “Zen, no one wears a bra with pyjamas. We were about to go to bed. How did you not realise that earlier?”

“Can I?” He was like a child in a sweet shop.

“Please do.”

Your breasts were perfect. Perfect for you, perfect for him. He couldn’t resist running a thumb across the peaks of them, watching your nipples harden beneath his touch - as he paid more and more attention to them, the more sensitive they seemed to become; without even his mouth, he could already see your chest heaving as your breathing deepened.

“You should make noise if you need to, ____…” He took your left nipple in his mouth, eagerly sucking on the bud, mindlessly squeezing the other between his fingers. He finally heard your sweet voice as he nibbled, not too gently, on your nipple - Zen knew he could do this all night as a particularly forceful bite caused you to arch your chest into him, but your bucking hips reminded him that he had other, equally sweet, things to focus on.

“R-regaining some confidence, huh?” You rested back on your elbows, observing as Zen travelled further down your body. He grinned up at you, toying with the waistband of your pyjamas.

“I’d like to think so…” He tapped at your hips and you raised them, allowing him to pull down your trousers. “After all, I’ve got proof that what I’m doing is working well…” Despite his words, he was quite grateful that you were wearing panties - he wasn’t sure his heart could’ve handled a shock like before. He kissed the spaces beneath your kneecaps, working his way up. He barely had the patience to tease you, but he wanted to savour this. Just as he reached the apex of your thighs, he gazed back up at you. “You’ve soaked these right through…” He could feel his cock throbbing painfully as he took in the scent of your sex - knowing he could get you this wet was making him impatient.

A long finger poked at the fabric covering your sex, and you collapsed back onto the bed, barely holding back your moans. “All because of you…”

He didn’t want to waste time. You were confused as he pulled away, and immediately less confused as he begun to undress - you hadn’t even realised he was still fully-clothed, despite your own state of undress. It didn’t take long before he was stood before you, utterly naked, and you barely had time to drink in his - remarkably - good figure before he was kneeling between your legs, taking your panties off, and matching your state of undress to his. You desperately wanted to have some more fun with that unreasonably attractive cock of his, but that could wait.

“Ah… Fuck.” You barely heard him mutter beneath his breath as he looked at you - whilst some parts of you wanted to hide everything away, you knew that this was Zen. Whilst he was Mr. Perfect himself, he would never, ever judge your body. Especially not now, judging by the look on his face. Whilst you knew that he would love to pay a little more attention to your pussy, today wasn’t the day - he was only there for a moment before lunging over you to the bedside counter; it took him no time to find what he was looking for, and he was back over you once again. 

“____…” Unconsciously passing his tongue over his lips as he looked down at you, Zen took a deep breath. “This is all… Very sudden.” The packet crinkled in his hand, and he looked down at you once more. You were the most gorgeous, incredible, beautiful person he had ever seen, and there was no way he was ruining this. “So, if you’re sure-”

“Hyun, please.” You ground your hips up against his hard member, reminding him of your wetness - reminding him that he did that to you, so, yes, you most definitely were sure. Your eyes were dark, pupils blown, face flushed, and your lips red and swollen; knowing now that this is what he was treated to for pleasuring you, Zen knew it was going to be even harder to resist taking you every night. As if before wasn’t enough of a struggle…

But for tonight, he was more than ready. Rolling the condom over himself, Zen took the time to position himself - he knew you were more than wet enough - before grinning down at you, and finally, finally thrusting into you. Inhaling sharply, he took a moment to revel in the feeling of being surrounded by your walls, pulsing and throbbing around him. You were so, so perfect. You fit like a glove tailored just for him; there was no way he was ever living without this. He needed this.

Zen barely had the conscience to make sure you were comfortable, but once you had - enthusiastically - confirmed that you were, he saw no reason to hold back, allowing himself to simply fuck the person he loved. He loved feeling you wind your legs around his waist as he thrust deep into you, his head coming to rest in the crook of your neck as he groaned, savouring the feeling of your nails on his back. He didn’t feel restricted, embarrassed, awkward… He just really, really wanted to make you his.

Zen felt his teeth sink into the skin of your perfect neck - he wanted to mark you, show off to the whole world that this wonderful, incredible person was all his. You returned the favour; the feeling of your plush lips sucking on his skin drove Zen wild, and he felt his cock throb deep inside of you as your hands tangled in his hair, seeking grip as your moans grew in volume. Your whimpers when he stopped thrusting to stretch your leg over his shoulder were almost enough to send him over the edge, and he exhaled shakily as he looked into your eyes once again.

“Hyun…” He almost growled when you said his name, slamming his hips against yours, sheathing his cock inside you once more. The desperate need for you was taking over him, even as he grew closer to the end. Your moans were only growing louder, and Zen caught a glimpse of you sneaking your hand down to rub at your clit, obviously sensing how close he was to the end.

“____…” He barely recognised his own voice, at this point, all husky, dripping with arousal. “I love you, so, so much.” He was panting for breath, deep, rhythmic thrusts marking his imminent climax.

“Hyun… Oh-” A particularly carnal moan cut you off as Zen thrust perfectly into you, and all you could do was cling to him, desperate for something to ground you. You were just as close as he was, teetering on the edge of bliss, barely able to keep your eyes open as he looked down at you, gaze feral. You didn’t even have the time to see your climax coming - it hit you like a typhoon, wave after wave of sheer ecstasy washing over you as Zen continued to thrust, riding out the spasms of your walls around his cock until he could no longer bear it, reaching his own blissful peak.

It took Zen a while to come down from the high of his climax - he had never, ever experienced anything quite like it. He loved you. God, did he love you. He loved you more than he had ever thought was possible… Maybe now, he could try acting in some soppy romance dramas. He finally understood how someone could love another person more than they loved themselves - not that it had taken sex for him to realise that, but… It helped.

“Hey, Hyun.” He liked hearing that name come from your mouth. “I love you, too.” Your voice was quiet, and throaty, but Zen heard you loud and clear - like a siren, singing a song to entice.

You loved him

Zen couldn’t help the goofy smile that spread across his face as he wound his arms around you, pulling your bare body as close to his as he could. You were both sweaty, and hot, and very, very naked, but he didn’t care. He gazed into your eyes, before kissing you once more. You were quickly becoming the most precious thing in his life, and he’d be damned if anything tried to separate you… So, for now, he wanted to be as close to you as he could; mentally, and physically.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get to take as much time as I wanted,” Zen laughed somewhat sheepishly. “I just… Couldn’t help myself.”

“Well…” Zen knew what the glint in your eye meant all too well. “We’ve still got all night, no? And morning, and… Day.” Your lips brushed his, and Zen felt as though he had butterflies in his stomach. “We, my love, have the rest of our lives.”

You were, apparently, never going to stop testing him. Not that he had any complaints.

Still on my posting hiatus, but!!! I’ve been working on a thing for a while now, and I think it’s finally ready to be public. And before anyone says anything - yeah I know it has been made before, by several people, but I wanted one of my one I could update and conform to *my* game, ya know?

So anyway, here it is: my pose database.

I struggle A LOT with keeping up with pose codes and such, and specially, finding them, so I’m taking full advantage of the tagging system here so I can make my life easier.

This was going to be a private blog, but I don’t see why I can’t share. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I know I’m on and off in drawing, but I figured I need to go in my own pace right now before I can sprout posts like crazy again. Anyway, this drawing is dedicated to my boyfriend, who I have been with for a while now. Its both of our characters from FFXIV after they had gotten married in the game lol. He’s been the best unexpected thing in my life, wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.

FYI, I am taking commissions! So please check out details and send me a message in case you’re interested! :) Thanks for the support! <3

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UT, US, UF, SF, Ink, Error Sans reactions to finding out their SO is pregnant with their baby? (The Fluf)

Ooo! Here we go! (We got the other two also, btw. I’m just gonna do them at my own pace) ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s basically bluescreening. He’s not ready to be a father, but at the same time he’s happy. He’ll probably hug you hard. Not too hard, but it’s clear he doesn’t want to let go.

US Sans

He’s buying everything that may be needed for raising a child, including whatever books he can find, a crib, and literally anything else he can find. It’s a good thing this little skeleton has a lot of G on him. He already has a list of names in his mind for the child.

UF Sans

He’s breaking down. He’s hyperventilating. He can’t raise a child! He’s tried! Look at how Edge turned out! He’s a failure as a role model! He’s a failure as everything! Who thought this was a good idea?

SF Sans

He’s quick to try and figure out how to help you. He’ll sometimes bring over Puppy to help as well. He’s gonna do the best to be a good father. Definitely a better one than his. He’s also compiling a list of potential names.

Ink Sans

Wait, what, no! He’s glad to hear this but like, he’s never home! It’s not fair to the child. He’ll do his best with all of this, but the amount of time he’s gone is so small that he’s just not sure what to do.

Error Sans

He’ll need to reboot first. He’s not sure how the heck to take this. Should he be happy? Angry? As frustrated as he is??? Honestly, he should’ve just kept a closer eye on the souls during to prevent anything. Now what?