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have some TEW artdump cuz i have nothing new worth its own post and i hate this game

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i watched psycho-pass when i was 15 and i recommended it to my brother like a month ago. he keeps asking how i could cope with all the morality questioning

oooh yeah that’s a good question! :o I don’t remember exactly when I watched it, but it was maybe my freshman/sophomore year of college? And it really fucked me up when Makishima showed up, because he forced Akane to either commit a sin for the sake of good, or allow her own complacence to let something horrible happen. While he is very clearly a bad dude, his mindset and principles made sense! I agreed with a lot of what he said and I genuinely understood why he felt it was necessary to purge society, and that was quite jarring for me! It was the first time I had ever sympathized with a villain and been able to see life from his shoes. That was pretty scary, but also really interesting. 

A lot of anime/books/movies’ villain characters are evil to such an exaggerated extent that it’s hard to understand why they’d ever choose the evil side. But Makishima (and Psycho Pass s1 as a whole) helped me understand how someone can believe so strongly in fundamentally “good” values that they end up pursuing those values even if it calls for hurting innocent people. Anyone can be a villain, and Psycho Pass is what taught me that. It’s a pretty heavy message though; I’m really dense, so I’m convinced the message of the show would have gone completely over my head if I had watched it as a high schooler.